Get Your Wife To Love You More

Husband, what if there was a way to create a stronger feeling of love in your wife towards you?

Would that interest you?

If yes, here is just one of the many techniques I teach men on how to do exactly that…get your wife to love you more.

This one is a simple one…but don’t let its simplicity fool you…

Establish an EQUAL balance of power in your marriage!

In MOST marriages, one spouse generally holds a higher percentage of the power while the other spouse holds less. This mismatch in power results in a loss of love in BOTH directions.

If you are a husband who holds a higher percentage of the power, then you are BLOCKING your wife from giving her all to you. YOU ARE THE BARRIER to her love and passion.

On the surface level, it might seem kind of nice to “get your way” most of the time…but you would be wise to become aware of and recognize just how much you are limiting your wife from opening up to you in the realm of affection AND intimacy.

Your wife cannot completely and totally surrender to you if she’s always afraid that you’ll take advantage of her…if she’s worrying about whether you’ll consider her interests and well-being…if she’s fearful that you’ll use your power to short-change or even injure and harm her in some way.

A woman who feels less powerful typically feels a loss of control and a persistent concern for herself and her future. This is NOT how you get a woman to put her “SEXY” on.

Further, because you perceive yourself to be the more powerful person in the relationship, you naturally hold and exhibit…you project…whether you mean to or not…an air of superiority and condescension that is essentially the antithesis of love, trust, and respect…which means you are not sending out your best love and therefore, your wife cannot give you back her best love.

It IS an infallible Law of the Universe that you WILL get back what you give out.

Now, let’s consider the inverse scenario…

If you are a husband who holds a lesser percentage of the power, then once again, YOU ARE THE BARRIER to your wife’s love and passion.


It’s because she can’t look up to…and admire…and be attracted to…a guy who is less powerful than her.

If she has to be the one who is the leader in the family…if she is the one who has to set the direction…if she is the one who has to make the choices and decisions…if she always has to be the strong one…well, what does she need YOU for?

She doesn’t! You’re just a drag and a drain on her…and that’s why she doesn’t feel much love and affection for you.

But, when you are the strong man…when you are the man who is a leader…when you are all the things I teach that makes a MAN…and yet you establish an EQUAL balance of power in your marriage…so that you do NOT look down on your wife…but rather you treat her as a complete partner and equal…and you do NOT look up to your wife…as someone who is superior to you or more capable or more desirable…THEN, you give your wife a very powerful, inspiring, and compelling reason to feel love for you and to be affectionate with you.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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