Husbands, 5 Tips For Getting More Loving

5 tips to more loving

Husband, here are five tips you can use to get more loving happening in your marriage:

1. Help your wife transition from “Mom”…the woman who cares for, looks after, and takes care of others…to “lady”…to “lover”.

A woman CAN use her mind in such a way that she gets herself in the mood for closeness and intimacy…but if you’re wife is like the average woman, you’ll wait a LONG TIME before she gets there.

It’s not that she doesn’t want closeness and intimacy…it’s that she has too many other things on her mind…and closeness and intimacy gets crowded out.

That means YOU have to be the man who helps her “clear” and “refresh” her mind so that she can get back in touch with her intimate side.

Bluntly, it is too hard for your wife to be more loving if she is stuck in “Mom” mode and you do nothing to help her get out of that mode.

2. In many ways, the average wife is like the “Energizer Bunny”…she just keeps going and going and going…and she won’t ever let herself stop…until she is emotionally and physically drained…and that’s usually about when her husband shows up and tries to initiate intimacy.

So, what should a husband do instead?

First, he should stop letting his selfish little head drive him into the INconsiderate mode of operation that is such a turn-off to a woman…and he should move up to his heart…and let consideration and compassion enhance his sense of timing.

Second, he should take the lead in creating times, places, and spaces where his wife CAN stop…and relax…and clear her mind…so that she has the OPPORTUNITY to connect with her sensual nature and to be more loving.

The thing is, YOU KNOW THIS. You already know that you need to do this for your wife…and yet only one or two men out of a 100 actually puts the effort into making it happen. In fact, many men do just the opposite…they ADD to the work, load, and burden their wife carries…so that she has even LESS opportunity to connect with her sensual nature.

3. Don’t let the bedroom be the ONLY place you make love with your wife. There are other rooms in the house that if used, add an element of excitement to lovemaking. More than one woman has reported to me that it was fun to make love on top of…or up against…the washing machine…WHILE IT WAS VIBRATING from the wash cycle.

Similarly, don’t let bedtime be the ONLY time you make love with your wife. There are other times of the day that if used, add an element of excitement to lovemaking.

Putting place and time together with a little bit of creativity…and you can end up making love in the back of your pickup truck…at noontime…under a shade-tree…or some equally “interesting” combination that really gives your wife a thrill.

In short, it is hard for your wife to get into more loving if you are too routine.

4. For most females, when they were between the ages of 16 to 21, they had a LOT of romantic, sensual, intimate, and sexual thoughts going through their head at that time.

So, anything you can do to mentally link a woman back to a high-school or college type of setting…or state of mind…is likely to resurrect and revive the same kinds of thoughts NOW that she had back THEN.

With this in mind, if a you were to add a bit of high-school fantasy talk…as you were leading your wife into making love in the back of your pickup like I mentioned previously, it would likely create a very HOT encounter for the two of you…and hot encounters lead to more loving.

5. One of the most powerful things a man can give his woman are reasons why he loves her…is attracted to her…finds her beautiful…is into her…etc.

Typically, the average guy tells his wife, “I love you”…and that’s it. He doesn’t say anything else…and that leaves his wife wondering “Why?”…”What is it that he loves about me?”…”Does he really love me…or is he just saying that because he’s supposed to?”

Certainly, a wife can use her imagination to conjure up possible reasons why. But, her conjured up reasons will NEVER have the same punch and impact on her that it will when YOU put your reasons why into words.

So, when you go to say, “I love you” or any other complimentary statement to your wife, add the word “because” to it and finish out the statement with something specific, significant, and meaningful.

Try it…and notice how it impacts your wife when you say, “I love you because…”

And just so you know, when your wife is feeling a strong sense of love towards you, that leads to more loving.

So there you have it…five easy tips to getting more loving.  If you will use these tips on a regular basis, I am confident that you will find they lead to more loving happening between you and your wife.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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