Here’s What You Need To Know About Penis Size and Female Sexual Satisfaction

People the world over assume that certain things are true when in fact there is nothing true about them.

One such false-assumption that causes problems in relationships everywhere is the myth that a bigger penis is better.

There seems to be this persistent, nagging assumption in most men’s minds that a penis that is bigger than their own will provide a woman with greater sexual satisfaction than their average-sized penis will provide.

Men understand that a female’s vagina is designed to expand and so they take this knowledge and jump to a totally untrue premise – that if the female vagina is designed to expand, then greater expansion must – by definition – mean greater pleasure.


Just because something is designed to expand doesn’t mean above-average expansion is pleasurable.

Here’s a test you can try on yourself to prove the validity of what I’m saying…

You’re skin is designed to expand. Try expanding it beyond what’s “normal” and “average”. By expanding your skin beyond “normal” and “average”, you’ll quickly find out that it is anything but pleasurable.

Similarly, when most women think of above-average expansion of their vagina, they don’t think of pleasure, they think of child-birth. You already know that child-birth is an experience that women everywhere describe as anything except pleasurable.

In fact, even with all the maximum strength forms of pain elimination, it is still one of the most painful experiences that most women ever deal with.

So, just because a woman’s vagina seems like it could easily expand more doesn’t mean that greater expansion would mean greater pleasure for her.

Now, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been in a public social situation where a female has become sexually turned on and attracted to a male? It doesn’t matter if the male was you or someone else. All that matters is remembering the scene (and I’m not talking about movies – I’m talking about real life) where you’ve observed a female becoming sexually turned on towards a male.

What was it that turned her on sexually?

She couldn’t see the male’s penis so she had no idea what his penis size was.

This means that it wasn’t penis size that turned her on.

But yet, she was turned on sexually. What was it that turned her on sexually?

Well, in relation to this article, what I want you to realize is that a “normal”, “average”, and firm erection is all that a female needs from you on the physical plane.

Beyond that, everything she needs for maximum sexual pleasure is on the mental plane – on the plane of thoughts and feelings.

So, quit worrying about your penis size, and start learning how to excite her in the world of her thoughts and feelings.

By doing so, you can quickly create a sexual obsession in your lady towards you – and that’s something an above-average penis size could never do for you.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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