5 Amazing Things Women Have Told Me About Their Ex-Husband And Sex

1. “Right after we got married, I caught my ex-husband chatting with other women on a dating site. Of course, I was shocked and upset. Incredulously, he had the nerve to tell me that he was just chatting with some old girlfriends and that it was no big deal. After a big argument, I left the room and he just kept on chatting for several more hours. Even more incredulously, when he was through, he came into the room where I was at all ready to get it on hard and heavy. I told him he better hope whoever he spent all evening chatting with came through for him because after that kind of disrespectful, dishonorable behavior towards me, the only thing he was getting from me was a divorce. I filed the next day.”

Now, as it pertains to you, you probably haven’t done anything so extreme that you pushed your wife into filing for divorce the next day…but, I’m wondering…what things are you doing or not doing that are turning her off towards you sexually…for days, weeks, or even months on end?

I’m wondering…how many times have you jumped in bed with your wife ready to get it on hard and heavy and got rejected?

Do you know why?

You do realize that when she rejected you, it was NOT because she didn’t want to have sex, don’t you? The fact is, she DID want to make love with a man who was able to turn her on…but you didn’t get her turned on…rather, you got her turned off. That’s why she said no.

2. “After I discovered my ex-husband was having x-rated conversations with a co-worker and confronted him about it, he had the guts and the gall to blame me and to say it was my fault that he needed to be close to other women because I wasn’t sexual enough for him. I was blown away! Never mind that I had given him everything he had ever asked for. Never mind that we made love 3 – 5 times a week.”

Back to you…are you finding fault in your wife…and using her as an excuse to behave inappropriately?

Are there things you are blaming your wife for…and killing her affection for you and her desire for intimacy with you in the process?

3. “My ex-husband would come home from work griping about his job, complaining about the traffic, and whining about a dozen other things besides. I guess he thought I wanted to hear all of that. Then, he’d proceed to drink the evening away in front of the television while ignoring me and demanding that I not disturb him. I guess he thought I should be satisfied with that lifestyle. Finally, he would come jump in bed expecting me to be all sexy and hot for him. How in the world could a woman get hot for a man like that? Evidently they can’t because he hasn’t been able to keep any of the women he married after me either.”

Oh, there’s a question for you…are you the kind of man that your wife wants to get sexy and hot for?

Another one…when you walk through the door, what kind of spirit and aura do you dowse your wife and children with?

And another one…are you employing the ignore you / don’t disturb me technique and expecting a good outcome?

4. “I’ve been around the marriage block a few times…and I’ll accept my share of the responsibility for that. I’ve probably seen ALL the ways a man turns a woman off sexually. Really, it’s kind of amazing to me how men don’t seem to get that they squash a woman’s sexual desire. They don’t seem to get that their behavior “inspires” a woman to move on to somebody else. I mean come on, does a man really think that not-so-little things like ignoring me or disrespecting me all the way up to the “big” things like surfing porn and going to strip bars is going to turn me on sexually towards him? I don’t think so! Now, if my ex-husband would have treated me the way he was treating all those women he wanted to have sex with, THEN, he might have got somewhere with me…we might have created something really wonderful. But he didn’t, and now I have a different husband who DOES appreciate me…and with who I have created something really special…and sexual too!”

Ouch!!! Wouldn’t that be a major downer for your wife to move on to another man…and HE be the one who enjoys a highly sexual relationship with her instead of you?

And I’m wondering, how many things are you blind to…that are squashing your wife’s sexual desire?

How often is it that you “bless” your wife with not-so-little turn-off’s…and don’t even know it…all you know is she shows no affection towards you and she turns down most or all of your sexual advances?

5. “My ex-husband’s biggest turn-off was that he would masturbate to thoughts and pictures of other women. Now, I know that people masturbate and I understand that fantasy can play an important part in sexual expression. But, my ex-husband did it all the time while thinking about other women and that caused me to feel like I was not satisfying enough for him or that I was not attractive enough for him. It turns out that I wasn’t the problem though because there were LOTS of men who were plenty interested in ME after I left my ex-husband to his solo fantasizing.”

Hmmm…I’m curious…how many times has your wife caught your eyes and interest wandering towards another woman?

And I’m curious…are you guilty of having too little interest in your wife? How much interest do you think other men would have in your wife if they were to find out that she had left you?

Myself, I decided that I was going to learn how to operate in such in such a way that my wife would be so affectionate and sexual towards me that I wouldn’t have the energy to be interested in any other women. And I have to tell you, it’s really nice being in a marriage relationship like this.

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  1. This is so on the mark! My husband has spent so much of our marriage being there for other women and ignoring me, making me feel unwanted and unattractive. He is definitely one to not know what he’s got until it is gone (and it soon will be). I know he resents that I don’t do many of things that I used to for his sexual pleasure, and mainly because I believe he has been physcially unfaithful (too many lies have been uncovered). The thought of his body part in another woman … well, let’s just say it is a distasteful notion that I want to pleasure that body part with any part of my body.

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