Husband Warning: Does Your Wife Have a Guy-Friend?

Does your wife have a guy friend?

If you are a married man, this article may save you significant grief…

Let’s start by asking, “Why does a wife cheat on her husband?

Reason #1 is that her husband doesn’t know what her needs are and so therefore, he doesn’t meet her needs…which leaves her looking for fulfillment in some other man besides her husband.

Reason #2 is that her husband fails to think and operate in a way that’s appealing, attractive, and sexy…so she goes looking for a man who thinks and operates in a way that IS appealing, attractive, and sexy to her.

Reason #3 is what I want to talk about in this article…and it typically goes something like this…

* The wife has a guy-friend.

* Usually, the guy-friend was a “friend” before the husband met his wife…but not always.

* Usually, the wife denies that anything intimate or sexual has ever happened between them.

* Sometimes, the guy-friend is several years older…or younger.

* Usually, the wife claims they are “just good friends” or “he’s like a big brother to me” or “he’s like my favorite uncle” or even, “he’s like the dad I didn’t ever really have”.

* The husband doesn’t want to come across as insecure or jealous or a “prude” so he accepts that his wife’s guy-friend comes over to their get-togethers and parties…and that she goes off to lunch or dinner or other activities…alone…with her guy “friend” on occasion.

* The husband trusts and assumes that because he is honoring his wife and marriage that she is doing the same towards him.

And then comes the surprise…

Somewhere along the way…often it’s 5, 10, 15, or even more years later that the husband DISCOVERS that there WAS more to the guy-friend than just “friendship”.

But what did the husband expect? The guy-friend was CONVENIENTLY “there” for the wife. There was a CONNECTION the wife could go to in the guy-friend for CONSOLATION during hard times, tough times, and especially during husband-problem times.

While the husband was busy making a living and providing for his family, another man was COMFORTING his wife…and CONNECTING with her.

So, the very thing that the husband’s “gut” warned him about in the beginning became a reality.

That’s why I advise men to mandate the rule: ONLY couple-friends are allowed…no individual opposite-sex friends allowed…PERIOD! No exceptions!

And, should a husband make exceptions…should a husband let his wife bulldoze him into making an exception (which goes back to reason #2 on why wives cheat)…then he better get ready because the day will come when he’ll get to enjoy the not-so-pleasant consequences of having made that exception.

Now, if you’re in a situation where your wife has a guy-friend like I’ve talked about, then I advise you to immediately become the kind of man who understands what his wife’s needs are and who thinks and behaves in a way that’s appealing, attractive, and sexy to your wife…so that she loses all interest in the other man because her interest is now on YOU.

You can do that at the link below.

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