When Your Wife Does Not Give You All You Want From Her

Consider this for a moment…what if you stopped fretting about everything you want your wife to be for you…all that you believe she is not…and instead, you started focusing on becoming a man who is inspiring to your woman…how much good could such a shift make in your marriage?

How much more would your wife WANT to give you all that you want from her…that she now resists giving you?

The answer is, you can never know until you give it a real try.

The philosopher Emerson once said, “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”

Think about this quote from your own perspective…how many times have you wished that someone who was successful in areas you consider to be important would simply CARE ENOUGH ABOUT YOU to be an encouragement and an inspiration to you?

Plenty of times, right?

It’s the same for your wife…except more than any other, she wishes her HUSBAND would care enough about HER to be an encouragement and an inspiration to her.

And, while we are asking questions, consider this one…

How many times have you felt like you’ve given “everything” to your wife and yet she STILL doesn’t give you back what you want?

Again, the answer is probably plenty of times, right?

Here’s what I must tell you…you’ve given to your wife everything except that which SHE wants from you!

You’ve given her what YOU wanted to give her. You’ve given her what you felt she SHOULD want. But, all those things that SHE has told you she wanted…all the requests that she’s asked of you through the years…well, you just brushed those aside…and kept giving what YOU wanted her to want…instead of giving her what she asked of you.

I hear the “wife-blaming” all day long from those guys who have an unhappy marriage…the one’s who get little to no sex…and until these guys decide to get “honest”…until they take a “real” look at themselves in the mirror…until they decide to take responsibility for their outcomes in life…until they learn how to create the reactions in others towards themselves that they want, they will CONTINUE to have a marriage that is becoming more and more unhappy and more and more sexless…until their wife FINALLY gives up on them and moves on to some other guy who gets it.

Now, consider this…the very fact that you are here reading this article probably means that you KNOW your wife is drifting away from you…and I’m telling you that the longer you wait to make the shifts and changes in YOU, the more likely it is that YOU are going to lose everything…wife, children, circle of friends, money, assets, possessions, EVERYTHING!

It’s something to think about…for a few moments…and then DO something about your situation.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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