Thoughts of Wife’s Previous Lovers Bothering You?

There are men who sometimes think about their wife being with previous lovers and it generates strong, unpleasant, unhappy feelings within them. For some men, it’s so strong that it “hurts” or even makes them “sick”.

The word we use for these feelings is “jealous”.

However, here’s what a man needs to know…he must first “do” something in order to “feel” jealous. Specifically, HE MUST USE HIS MIND AGAINST HIMSELF! He must use his mind in a non-useful way.

In other words, he must use his mind to imagine scenarios where in comparison to himself, those previous lovers:

1. Were better lovers
2. Had a larger penis
3. Generated greater pleasure in his wife

Or, he must use his mind to imagine “sickening”, “revolting” scenarios that have to do with other men’s:

1. “Dirty” hands on his wife
2. Semen on or in his wife’s body
3. “Slobbering” lips on his wife

There are other non-useful scenarios a man can imagine about his wife in relation to her previous lovers but the result is the same: the man FEELS unhappy and he REPELS his wife.

Knowing that what’s important to a woman is how the man in her life makes her feel about herself and him, there’s no way a man dwelling on these non-useful scenarios can make his wife feel good about herself or him.

And so, she will eventually leave. That’s why she left all those previous lovers too.

A woman wants a man who has it together in his own head so that he can take both of them to happiness now and in the future.

What she doesn’t want is some guy who’s stuck in the past and dwelling upon the other men that she’s been with. What she doesn’t want is some guy who is a “project” that she has to try to “hold together” so he doesn’t “fall apart”. What she doesn’t want is a guy who’s constantly drowning in self-pity that she constantly has to “rescue”.

She wants a man with love in his heart – not jealousy – because she wants to be loved. She wants a man who desires her – not who’s thinking about her and men she’s been with before – because she wants a lover. She wants a strong, secure man – not some mental and emotional weakling – because she needs a man whose strength can counter-balance her weakness.

A woman knows for sure that a man who is jealous-turned can never be a source of love and happiness for her.

If you tend to be one of those who feels jealousy over your wife’s previous lovers, here’s a viewpoint for you to consider…

All those previous lovers made her what she is now…a woman who can REALLY appreciate a good MAN. That’s why she’s with YOU. She had HIGH HOPES that you were going to be that man!

Are you going to disappoint her? Are you going to let her down and “show” her that she hasn’t found the “man” yet and that she needs to continue looking?


Will you become the ATTRACTIVE MAN who is a source of love and strength for her so the two of you can enjoy a happy life?

Really, how long do you expect you can continue to be the weakling who’s too weak to even control his mind and direct it to be positive and useful before you lose your wife?

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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