How To Get Your Wife To Notice And Pay Attention To YOU

There are few things that impress a woman more than a man who has outstanding manners.

Now, that may at first seem rather ho-hum…why would a woman be so impressed with a man who has outstanding manners?

It’s because outstanding manners demonstrate to a woman that this is a man who respects himself and who is thoughtful, considerate, and respectful of others…and that’s pretty much what every woman’s “dream” man is like…a high-quality man with a high level of self-respect for himself who is also thoughtful, considerate, and respectful towards her.

And so, when she encounters a man with outstanding manners, she is essentially encountering her “dream” guy…and that will always get her attention…she’ll always take notice of such a man.

Might you be interested in being your wife’s “dream” man?

If so, let me give you a few “starter” items that you can consider as potential improvement opportunities:

  • When someone extends thoughtfulness towards you, what do you do? Do you write them a thank-you note? Do you voice your appreciation? Do you do anything at all?
  • How aware are you of quality, beauty, craftsmanship, integrity, skill, love, wisdom, and all things that come about as a result of concentrated, applied human thought, intention, and effort? Whether it’s a small child’s work, the wisdom of a senior citizen, or the person who’s doing a fantastic job in their business, do you even notice? Do you let them know that you recognize their gifts and talents that they are sharing with the world? Do you “light them up” with your awareness of them?
  • When you are eating, how civilized and classy are you? Do you plop both elbows on the table, hang your head over your plate and start shoveling food in? Do you smack, belch, or fart at the table?
  • What about cleanliness? Do you wash up and clean up before you join the company of others? How clean are you when you go to the table? How clean are you when you go to bed? What do your fingernails and toenails look like?
  • What about appearance? With clothes or without them, how do you look? Are you neat, trim, and groomed? Or, are you haggard, unkempt, tacky, and gross? After all, if you respect and appreciate yourself and others, you’ll always strive to have a pleasing, appealing appearance, won’t you?

In what other ways might you be able to demonstrate personal class and personal value through improved manners and mannerisms?

In many ways, what I’m talking about here is being a gentleman. And, being a gentleman means being a man who ACKNOWLEDGES the life-force, the uniqueness, the goodness, and the value of BOTH himself and every human being he encounters.

For a well-known example that you can model, check out a few James Bond 007 movies and pay close attention to his excellent and genteel manners and social graces.

I can assure you, when you start behaving and operating with these kinds of outstanding manners every time you are around your wife, she will quickly begin to notice you as being a man who is a cut above others…as a man who is worthy of her attention and devotion.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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