Make Sex More Exciting! Tips For Men

Husband, how would you like to take your lovemaking experiences for both you and your wife to a higher level?

You can do it and all it takes is swallowing a little pride and loosening up a bit. Let me explain…

First of all, for most men, few things are more dissatisfying than making love to a woman who doesn’t move a muscle or make a sound – no matter what he does to or for her.

And yet, based on the feedback of many women, their husband goes through the act of lovemaking in a passionless, expressionless, emotionless, sterile way. Oh sure, he’ll have a bit of a scene when he climaxes but up until that point, there’s just not enough spirit there to really excite his wife.

So, the first thing a husband can do to heat things up during lovemaking is make some noise. Maybe even make a lot of noise. Be expressive. Let your lady HEAR that she really pleasures you.

But, don’t stop there. Let her also SEE via your body language that she really knows how to take care of you just right. And, let her FEEL both from the energy coming from you and from the touch of your body that she’s doing a fantastic job.

Do this even if it’s not true and it will soon enough become true!

To emphasize this point, a dildo is never as good for a woman as the real deal precisely for the reason that there’s no life to a dildo. Think about it from your perspective…would you rather be with an exciting woman who lets you know that she enjoys what you’re doing to and for her or a lifeless blow-up doll?

Well, if you’re a normal man, it’s self-evident that you’d rather be with a passionate woman – just like your wife would rather be with a passionate man.

So, the next time you make love with your wife, SHOW HER SOME LIFE! Rev things up by putting some passion into it – instead of just being the human equivalent of a dildo to your wife.

Another thing that some women complain to me about is that when it comes to lovemaking, their man has gotten LAZY. He just lays back, gets comfortable, and pushes all the work of making the lovemaking experience good onto his wife.

As a man, you know yourself that if you and another man were assigned to a job and you were doing all the work while the other fellow sat idly by, too lazy to do any work, you’d quickly come to resent him, right?

My friend, it’s the same with your wife. If she consistently has to do all the work in lovemaking, she will soon progress to the point where she DOES NOT enjoy it and eventually to the point she RESENTS it.

Sure, if your wife’s a normal woman, she wants to give you pleasure but that doesn’t mean she wants to carry the whole load of having to pleasure you AND herself.

So, take shared responsibility for making the lovemaking experience fun and exciting and it will be the fun and exciting experience it’s meant to be. Take shared responsibility for giving and receiving pleasure and the lovemaking experience will be mutually pleasurable.

Now, let me tie all of the above together…

The best lovemaking is a joint-adventure-exploration. The husband gives and takes. The wife gives and takes. One does something for the other and then the other does something back.It’s a switching back and forth of CONTROL and ROLE.

As simplistic as this may sound, many women complain that their husband does nothing more than “bore in” as he tries to rush both he and his wife to a climax – or even worse, he rushes forward to HIS own climax without regard to hers.

Here’s how a man can apply this “back and forth” concept to create a more memorable, more exciting lovemaking experience for both he and his wife…

As the lovemaking experience progresses, alternate the scene between dominant and submissive and between naughty and nice. Alternate so that you’re dominant and a little later your wife’s the dominant one. Alternate so that at some points, things are naughty and at others they are nice.

So for example, at one moment, a husband can take a position of dominant power while he holds his wife’s wrists over her head with one hand and her chin with his other hand and passionately kisses her. Later, he can shift his wife into a position of power – perhaps as she gets on top of him he switches into a mini-role-play and says something like, “Yes mistress! I am your sex-slave…I love the power you have over me…”

At one moment, a man can tell his woman what he wants her to do. Then, he can shift things over so that his woman is telling him what she want him to do. At one moment, a man can put his wife in the position he wants her in and after a bit, he leads his wife into her putting him in the position she wants him in.

At one moment, a man can tell his wife to get on her knees because he’s going to do her doggy style just like the naughty girl inside of her likes to be done but at another moment, he’s sweetly whispering “I love you'” into his wife’s ear while they make nice, quiet love in the missionary position but then he switches back to naughty by switching them both from intercourse to oral.

This kind of back and forth is a huge turn on for women – and it makes things a lot spicier for men too. This sharing of the control – of directing the action – and the switching of roles is a big part of the fun.

I can promise you this…if a husband and wife will banter back and forth between dominant and submissive and between naughty and nice every time they make love, their sex life will NEVER become boring or stale.

And to all you ladies reading this…leave a comment below and let us men hear what you have to say about this…

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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