Is Your Wife Faithful To You? Find Out With This Quick, Easy Test.

In the final analysis, “life” proves time and time again that a man SHOULD remain faithful to his wife and a wife SHOULD remain faithful to her husband.

And, when a man and woman are happy in their marriage relationship, it’s relatively easy to be faithful.

However, in order for a marriage relationship to be happy, EFFORT – that is, management effort, maintenance effort, support effort, and giving effort – is required by both the husband AND the wife.

But, it’s so easy to let that effort “slide”…to put it off until some future time when you “feel like it”.

It’s easy to feel like, “I’m just not in the mood to put in the effort right now – I just want to take it easy and relax – besides, it won’t hurt my spouse to put in the effort for BOTH of us today.”

And of course, the marriage relationship becomes less and less happy as time goes by.

Soon enough, it becomes easy for a man to look about and see attractive women all around. It’s at this point that a man is TEMPTED with the notion of finding something “easier” – something that will “give him what he wants” but doesn’t require any management, maintenance, or support effort.

There are plenty of other similar thoughts that go through men’s minds – and you don’t need me to tell you about them…

What I want you to realize is that we men can get so NARROW – so SELF-CENTERED – in our thoughts, viewpoints, and interests that we are often “blind” to the TEMPTATION we PUSH our wife into.

Consequently, we often don’t even realize just how tenuous our marriage relationship really is.

Here’s the thing…a wife wants and NEEDS her husband directing attention and desire towards her.

But, she rarely gets it – because that would require CONSCIOUS EFFORT from her husband.

Now, imagine with me now this scenario…

Your wife drives to a nearby town to spend the night with a childhood friend. After a nice visit and a pleasant dinner, your wife’s friend asks your wife to go to with her to a nearby bar just to listen to a band she really likes – and the band’s only going to be there for one night. Reluctantly your wife goes…and she hasn’t been there five minutes until a nice-looking guy who’s at least 10 years younger than her asks her if he can buy her a drink – even though she obviously has a wedding band on. Soon, another man asks her to dance with him. Shortly thereafter, a couple of guys “move in” to your wife and her friend’s space and start up a fun conversation of jokes and interesting stories – all while covertly – yet clearly – expressing a sexual interest in your wife and her friend. Certainly, your wife never went with any intentions of hooking up with some strange man…but it’s just so much fun…all the interest and attention…knowing that someone is attracted to her…it all feels so nice and warm…how wonderful it is to feel like someone who’s special and wanted…


How confident are you that your wife will remain faithful and loyal to you?

Have you given your wife the kind of time and attention she needs such that you know your relationship is safe?

Have you directed MANLY desire at your wife such that she ALREADY feels desirable, attractive, sexy, and pretty and isn’t interested in some other man trying to give her something she already has?

Or, is your marriage relationship such that there’s a high probability your wife would succumb to all the interest, attention, and desire that’s being shown to her?

Is your marriage relationship such that your wife has “done without” for so long that she would be too weak to resist the temptation?

I don’t think there’s any need to go further with this “test” as you probably already realize there’s some effort you need to go put into your marriage relationship.

Remember this… It’s HARD to sell someone something they already have plenty of!

If you’re already meeting your wife’s needs, it’ll be hard for some other man to sell her on him meeting her needs.

Special Note: If this raises feelings of jealousy within you, you’re already pushing your wife into the arms of some other man. You can try to control her all you want. She’s already on her way out. But, if this motivates you to put some loving, positive effort into your marriage, then you’re on the right track.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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  1. Yes, yes, but what if you did all those things and she still cheated? What if its about her and nothing about you? What if its “her” feelings of insecurity, esteem or self worth. What if it had to do with her childhood, or mental state, or selfishness (believe it or not women can be selfish, self centered and controlling too). Then what?

    Now just imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Does it justify the man cheating because his woman were all these things to him? Jealous? Controlling? Insecure? What if “he” went to the bar and some attractive young ladies came up to him and started grinding their butts on his crotch. Trust me pal, if he were in a completely perfecte marriage, some degree of faithfulness is going to be breached that night.

    Best thing to do in any marriage is to put one’s faith in Jesus Christ (who that you say? Look him up). Eliminate any options to be put in any funky positions and “talk”. Communication is the best fixture for ANY marriage.

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