What Can I Do To Get My Pregnant Wife To Be More Sexual With Me?

Pregnant wife

Hey Calle, my wife is pregnant and sex is not happening very often. Can your system help me get my pregnant wife to be more sexual with me?

The answer is that it depends. If your pregnant wife is feeling great…if she has plenty of energy…if she has no hang-ups about pregnant-sex…but she is avoiding intimacy and sex with you…then yes, my system can help you.

My system can help you because your wife is avoiding sex with you…not because she is pregnant…but because of her feelings towards you. That is, your wife is avoiding sex with you because you are failing to create attraction and turn-on in her towards you.

On the flip side, if your wife was highly and frequently sexual with you prior to becoming pregnant…but since becoming pregnant, she frequently feels badly…and she is tired most of the time…or perhaps she has a mental hang-up about having sex while being pregnant…then my system is unlikely to substantially change your wife’s sex-drive while she is pregnant.

Let’s go deeper…

Pregnancy hormones can affect a woman in a wide variety of ways. For some women, pregnancy hormones turn them into a sex maniac.  For other women, pregnancy hormones turn them into a “you touch me and you die” monster.  And, there are the pregnant women who are the sex maniac one day and the monster the next day.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways that pregnancy hormones affect women besides the two scenarios of sex-maniac or anti-sex monster.  On an even broader level, how pregnancy hormones affect a given woman in one pregnancy can be completely different from how they affect her in a different pregnancy.

But, the point for here is that a woman’s hormones are in a non-typical state of flux during pregnancy and her sex drive will almost always be affected and impacted…sometimes increasing her desire for sex…and sometimes decreasing her desire for sex.

And of course, there is the mental perspective of a pregnant woman that also impacts her willingness to engage in sex.

In some cases, a pregnant woman’s desire to engage in sex actually increases because she is no longer uptight about becoming pregnant…so she is better able to let go and enjoy sex.

But more often than not, women have mental hang-ups that hinder or block them from wanting to engage in sex while they are pregnant. For example, many pregnant women feel fat and ugly…so that shuts them down sexually. As another example, some pregnant women are of the mindset that having sex while they are pregnant is weird or even taboo…and that shuts them down sexually.

But, hormones and mindset aside…the biggest issue for most pregnant women is that they simply do not feel very well while they are pregnant because of all the draining and uncomfortable baby-growing and delivery-preparation processes that are going on in their body.

And, when a person…whether male or female…truly does not feel very well…their interest in sex drops substantially.

Now, I want to make a point…not to be disrespectful…but for the sake of providing perspective and expanding awareness…

First, I understand a husband asking if my system can help him make his pregnant wife be more sexual. If sex is not happening very often, then it is understandable that a husband wants more sex with his wife…even if she is pregnant.

But now, remembering that the typical pregnant woman really does not feel very well, let’s look at the question again:

Can I use your system to make my pregnant wife be more sexual with me?

Again, no disrespect meant…but the preceding question is really no different from this one:

Hey Calle, my wife does not feel well because she has cancer. Can I use your system to make her horny…so that she will give me more sex?

Obviously, no rational husband would ask such a question because it is contrary to all that is decent and appropriate.

(Now, I am fully aware that cancer and pregnancy are in different classes…but again, this is about providing perspective and expanding awareness.)

In the same vein, no decent husband would ask me:

Hey Calle, my wife does not feel well because she is pregnant. But, I do not care that she doesn’t feel well. All I care about is the fact that I am horny…and I am tired of being horny.  So, I need a way to make my wife horny…even when she doesn’t feel well. Can your system help me get what I want?  Can I use your system to make my pregnant wife horny?

Obviously, no decent husband would ask such a question in these words.  But, because the typical husband doesn’t really understand what his pregnant wife is going through…because the typical husband does not step into a full awareness of what his wife is dealing with…because the typical husband is only thinking about his horniness and his lack of sexual satisfaction…he is in effect asking the same exact question.

And, when you look at the preceding question for what it really is…well, it make sense why so many wives REALLY shut-down and turn-off towards their husband once they become pregnant…and they STAY shut-down and turned-off towards him AFTER the pregnancy is over with.

As a side note here…and for the sake of clarity…my program is NOT about being able to make a wife horny in spite of her health problems, sickness, pain, or distress.

Rather, my program is about teaching a husband how to be the kind of man who is well able to invoke attraction and turn-on in his HEALTHY wife towards him.

Having said that, I have helped a number of marriages where the wife had health-problems BECAUSE she was not attracted to her husband or turned-on by him.  It turned out that these wives health problems were nothing more than a manifestation of their marital unhappiness.

So, when their husband absorbed and implemented my system…and he learned how to lead a happy marriage with his wife…that is, he learned how to attract and turn-on his wife towards him…well, all of the wife’s health problems just went away naturally.

Now, coming back to the main topic of a man’s sex life with his pregnant wife, here is what I advise…

First, recognize that while your wife is pregnant…and while she is recuperating from having been pregnant…that is especially the time for you to show strong love, support, commitment, faith and confidence in her…and to compassionately carry, help, and support her.

And no, there is nothing fun or enjoyable about a substantial drop in sexual activity for 9 – 12 months (if that is how it works out with you while your wife is pregnant).  But, pregnancy is not a fun time for your wife either.

Coming at this first item from a different angle…while your wife is pregnant, that is when you can MOST prove to her that she is blessed to have a husband like you.

Second, NOW is the time for you to be studying and developing yourself…so that when the pregnancy is over with…and your wife has recovered from the pregnancy…you are able to invoke attraction and desire in her towards you so much so that she DECIDEDLY WANTS to resume being sexual with you.

Bottom line, when you have a pregnant wife…and especially when you have a pregnant wife who is not up to being sexual as often as you would like…that is a time for you to be aware of more than just your own horniness…that is a time for you to be more than just a selfish, spoiled, bratty boy…that is a time for you to become FULLY aware of what your wife is going through and dealing with…so that you can show her the love…and give her the patience, compassion, and care…that she needs from you while she is pregnant.

And, while your wife is pregnant, that is the perfect time for you to develop yourself into a husband who knows exactly how to attract and turn-on his wife…so that she can be highly affectionate, intimate, and sexual with you after the pregnancy and recuperation period is over with.

Use this time with your pregnant wife to set the stage for a great future with her!

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