How do I get my wife to be loving, warm, friendly, open, intimate, affectionate, and sexual with me?

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How does a husband get his wife to be loving, warm, friendly, open, intimate, affectionate, and sexual with him?

How does a man get out of the situation where his wife will barely interact with him?

How does a man put an end to the arguing, fighting, pouting, cold-spells, and silent-treatment?

How does a man get past his wife using flimsy excuses just to avoid intimacy and sex with him?

The answer is that he has to learn how lead, manage, and handle his wife…and, he has to gain a deep understanding of his wife…so that he can then create a positive response in her towards him.

Now strangely, the typical guy will do the learning, development and growth required to enjoy success in every area of his life…except in his marriage. The result is that he gets to struggle and suffer in a relationship year after year that ranges from unpleasant and dissatisfying to downright awful and miserable…which also means that the other areas of his life is far less satisfying than they would be if he had a good marriage relationship with his wife.

Next, at some point, after being in an unpleasant, dissatisfying, not-very-sexual relationship with his wife for several years…and after having dealt with all the frustrations and irritations of his marriage for a long enough period…the typical husband starts wondering if he should just divorce his wife and find himself another woman.

That is, he starts wondering if his life would be better, happier, and more satisfying with another woman.

Well, let me give you the answer right here: It won’t! In fact, it will only make his life worse!

Here is why: HIS mode of operation will reliably create…within a few months…the same kind of response in ANY woman that he hooks up with.

“But wait!”, you say, “I know my wife is cold to me at home…but the females at work sure are warm and friendly to me…so it seems like a relationship with one of them would be way better than what I have at home, wouldn’t it?”

Well, it probably would be for 1 – 6 months…which is about how long it would take ANY of those warm, friendly females at work to get past the fantasy that they were playing out in their mind that was causing them to be warm and friendly…and to start reacting and responding to YOUR mode of operation.

And, once ANY of these females reach the place where they are responding to YOUR mode of operation…well, THEY WILL start behaving and acting JUST LIKE YOUR WIFE DOES RIGHT NOW!

At that point, you will have all the fall-out and baggage of your former marriage…and you will be stuck in ANOTHER dissatisfying, not-very-sexual marriage…and that is why I say you would be worse off than you were before.

So, another woman is definitely NOT the solution. The solution is to LEARN HOW to create good results with your current wife.

Bottom line, WHEN a man learns how to lead, manage, and handle his wife…and he understands the female ways and mind of his wife…such that he knows how to invoke a positive, turned-on response in his wife towards him…that is when he will get to enjoy a happy, satisfying, fulfilling, affectionate, intimate, and sexual relationship with his wife.

But until he knows these things, he will continue to be in a dissatisfying and not-very-sexual relationship with her…or at least until one of them ends the marriage.

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