Beware of a negative pressure that may be building in your wife towards you…

Calle Zorro - beware of marriage problems building

Here is a private question for just you:

How is your love-life now compared to when you and your wife first married?

Contrasting your current situation with how it was during your first year of marriage, has the quantity and quality of affection, intimacy, and sex coming from your wife towards you increased, decreased, or stayed about the same?

If it has remained at a high level or increased due to positive reasons that you understand and can repeat, then definitely keep doing what you are doing.

But, if the quantity and quality of affection, intimacy, and sex has decreased…

Then YOU have got to do something buddy!


Before something seriously bad happens!

The longer you go without getting your wife turned on and lit up towards you, the more she will come to believe that she can never be truly happy with you, and the more she will feel pressure inside of herself to go find someone else to share her life with.

Make sure you get this point of reality…

If you and your lady’s personal life is rolling along at about the same ho-hum level it has been at for a while…or if it is getting worse…THEN YOU ARE IN A DANGEROUS SITUATION WHERE YOU COULD LOSE THE PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT REALLY ARE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU…and the potential of you losing these people and things is far greater than you could ever imagine.

If you don’t believe me, just ask any one of the over 10 million people here in the USA who end up divorced every year…people who did not want a divorce…but they got one whether they wanted it or not. (Source:

10 million…that is a pretty big number of divorces…and that number more or less happens year in and year out.

PLUS…add on the MILLIONS of men whose wife doesn’t file for divorce…but she steps out and has affairs with one or more other men…and now, these husbands are struggling through the most hurtful, painful, ego-crushing betrayal that a man can ever face.

The point is, YOUR marriage is NOT guaranteed…YOUR marriage is NOT secured…UNLESS YOU PROACTIVELY DO SOMETHING TO SECURE IT!

Of course, a guy can be the proverbial ostrich and stick his head in the sand and just pretend like everything will always be okay…but common sense and observation both confirm that is a foolish strategy.

Now, jumping to a new topic: it may be that you have spent money on other programs that were supposed to help you fix your marriage…and it may be that these other programs gave you a few good ideas or techniques…but they were ultimately a waste of money because they lacked both the substance and the support you needed in order to really fix your relationship with your lady.

Well, IF that has happened to you, then I am sorry about that…and I can’t help how other vendors have failed you…but I CAN make sure that I come through for you in both substance and support.

I CAN make sure that with my program, you get what you need in order to create the kind of relationship with your lady that you REALLY want to have with her.

In terms of substance, my program will plainly reveal how to fix and overcome everything that turns-off, divides, and disconnects your wife from you affectionately, intimately, and sexually.

Moreover, no matter what attitude, mindset, or misbehavior you are dealing with in your wife, my program will reveal how to handle and overcome her issues and obstacles that are blocking you from having the kind of relationship with her that you want to have.

In terms of support…I will work with you personally…and other men who have already turned their marriage around with my program will also work with you personally…and together, we will all work with you for as long as it takes for you to create the kind of relationship with your wife that you really want…whether that is a week, a month, a year, or longer.

Once you get my program, there is no time limit and we have the knowledge needed to go as deep as your situation needs us to go. And so, we simply work together until you are enjoying the kind of relationship with your lady that you really want to have with her.

Okay, I am going to close with this…

There are two types of men who get my program:

1) One type of man gets my program while his marriage is still more or less okay…but he recognizes and acts upon the wisdom of SECURING his relationship with his lady…and MAXIMIZING the affection, intimacy, and sex he enjoys with her.

2) The other type of man gets my program because he is in emergency / crisis mode…because he has just found out that his wife has cheated on him…or that she wants a divorce…and even though there were signs and signals months and years before…he foolishly ignored all those signs and signals…he just kept procrastinating…he kept doing nothing to really fix the problems between he and his wife…he acted as if everything would continue on okay…until the day that he got the shock of his life.

Now, YOU KNOW that being proactive and wise is the right choice…and YOU ALSO KNOW that procrastinating and being foolish is the wrong choice.

So, make the right choice…create and secure the kind of relationship with your lady that you really want to have with her.

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