Husband, Do NOT Try To Seduce Your Wife This Way

Do NOT Seduce Your Wife This Way

There is a pervasive “seduction strategy” that too many husbands foolishly use to try to seduce their wife … and I am here to warn you: do not try to seduce your wife this way…

The problem of how to get their wife to be more sexual looms large in the mind of many husbands.  And eventually, these husbands start looking or asking around for a solution.

That is usually when they hear…from both women and other men…advice that goes along these lines:

  1. Want more loving from your wife? Your three best bargaining chips are cleaning, cooking, or buying her something.
  2. Women love seeing a man do chores. Plan on starting 30 minutes before she gets home.
  3. A wife is most attracted to her husband when she sees him doing dishes or folding laundry.
  4. The five most important words a husband can say in his marriage: “Honey, I’ll do the dishes.”
  5. Your wife won’t be as cold towards you if you are cleaning.
  6. A wife is less likely to say “No” to sex if she regularly sees her husband cooking and cleaning.
  7. The most romantic thing a husband can do is clean the house.

If you have been married very long, then you have undoubtedly heard some variation of this advice.

Moreover, you have most likely used this advice as a “seduction strategy” to try to get better intimacy results with your wife.

And, other than perhaps an initial success or two when you were first married, you have found out that it does not work.

Even worse, the more you try to use this advice…this “seduction strategy”…the more it does NOT work…and the more it works against you.  That is, the more you try to use this advice…this “seduction strategy”…the LESS affectionate, intimate, and sexual your wife becomes towards you.

Bluntly, trying to seduce your wife by being a house-maid for her is NOT going to work for you…and it WILL make your marriage relationship LESS affectionate, intimate, and sexual!  So, DO NOT try to seduce your wife this way.

Burn this truth in your mind and remember it.

Now, let’s back up for a moment and then we will go deeper into why you do NOT try to seduce your wife this way…

A husband absolutely should take care of his “fair portion” of the tasks and chores that are required in the upkeep of a home and family.

What constitutes a “fair portion” for a husband depends upon he and his wife’s circumstances.  If a husband and wife both work full time, then the “fair portion” for each one is 50% of the tasks and chores.  If a husband works a full time job and the wife works an easy part time job, then “fair portion” might be more like a 30/70 split or even a 20/80 split if the husband’s job is particularly demanding.

Having said this, keep in mind that caring for young children is typically a full-time “job” all by itself because young children require so much time, attention, interaction, involvement, and management.

So, if a husband works a full-time job while his wife stays home with their young children, he should understand that his “fair portion” is still 50%…or at the very least 40%…of the household tasks and chores…because his wife has a full-time “job” in caring for their children even though she does not work outside of the home.

The point here is that the tasks and chores required for the care and upkeep of a home and a family is something that must be split fairly between a husband and a wife…and children as they become old enough…and these tasks and chores are just something that everyone in the family is responsible for doing.

Now, coming back to the topic at hand…what a husband should NEVER, EVER do is complete his share of the household tasks and chores…and then do his wife’s share…or some portion of her share…in an effort to get her to be more affectionate, intimate, and/or sexual with him.

Why not?

There are many major reasons including:

  • It is weak…which is unattractive.
  • It is manipulative and coercive…which is unattractive.
  • It sets a relationship frame that works against the husband.
  • It does not build respect, appreciation, or value in a wife towards her husband.
  • It positions the husband in a non-masculine position…such that he becomes unattractive to his wife.

Bottom line, performing household tasks and chores is NOT how an attractively-operating man seduces his wife.  So, DO NOT try to seduce your wife this way.

Let’s come at the matter from this angle:

If your wife was to decide that she wanted to find herself another man to be her lover, do you think she would go looking for some guy who is washing dishes and clothes, folding and hanging laundry, and cleaning and vacuuming house?

No way!  Absolutely not!

In fact, if your wife encountered such a guy in her search for another lover, you could safely bet your last dollar that he would NOT be the one that she would run off with.

What a woman wants in her lover is NOT a house-maid.

So, if your wife would not cheat on you with a guy who is a great house-maid, why would you think that your wife would be interested in getting sexual with you when you portray yourself as being a house-maid to her?

Well, as flawed as this house-maid “seduction strategy” is, there has certainly been many husbands who completely embraced it…and the less it worked, the harder they worked to try to make it work.

That my friend is just plain dumb!

So, one more time…

Do NOT try to do chores and housework as a “seduction strategy” to get into your wife’s panties…because it will not work…and in the end, it will definitely work against you!

Do NOT try to seduce your wife this way…

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