Are You Making The Biggest Mistake Married Men Make?

Biggest Mistake Married Men Make

Fact #1: the typical husband wants an enjoyable, pleasurable, and satisfying marriage relationship.

Fact #2: the typical husband suffers in a not-very-enjoyable, not-very-pleasurable, and not-very-satisfying marriage relationship.

In response to these facts, I am now going to share with you the biggest mistake married men make over and over…

When it comes to men’s level of development, skill, attractiveness, and desirability relative to their wife, they play out a very strange charade.

On one hand, men accept themselves at a lesser level…so much so that they feel little to no need to cultivate or develop themselves to a higher level.

My wife married me…so that means I am good enough…which means I don’t need to do anything to get better” is the excusatory line of thinking that these men subscribe to.

On the other hand, they artificially attribute, ascribe, and credit themselves as being at a higher level…so much so that they actually deceive themselves into thinking they are at a level that is much higher than their actual level.

And here is where the mistake comes in…

Why A Wife Stops Having Sex With Her Husband

These men expect their wife to also accept them at their lesser level…while responding to them AS IF they were actually at a higher level.

These men accept insignificance, low-desirability, low-adventure, and low-value in themselves…and they expect their wife to accept this too…but they want their wife to respond to them as if they were a high-significance, highly-desirable, high-adventure, high-value man.

These men accept themselves as being a couch-potato…and they want their wife to also accept them as a couch-potato…but they want their wife to respond to them as if they were a rock-star.

And for a while…a short period before and immediately after the marriage ceremony…the wife goes along with this charade.  However, by the end of year one, she is far less willing to go along with this charade.  And, by the time the first child comes along…or year 3, 4, or 5 comes along…whichever comes first…she refuses to play along with the charade.

And, when a wife is through playing along with the charade, she ONLY interacts and responds to her husband based upon his ACTUAL level of development, skill, attractiveness, and desirability…and she REJECTS and IGNORES the artificial higher level HE ascribes to himself.

In short, a woman relatively quickly reaches the point where she will no longer play along with the charade…and she will only respond to reality.

This is why the typical husband’s sex-life goes from great to pathetic to worse than pathetic.

It is at this stage that an even stranger phenomenon begins to take place…

The husband REGULARLY gets to see and hear his wife’s unhappiness with him and their relationship.  And, HE is REGULARLY unhappy with the lack of affection, intimacy, and sex.  BUT HE CONTINUES TO ACCEPT HIMSELF AT HIS LOWER LEVEL.

Stubbornness, Obstinance, And Self-Justification Do Not Work In A Marriage

Instead of cultivating and developing himself to a higher level…a level where he and his wife can enjoy a much happier and more satisfying relationship…he just does nothing.

He stubbornly digs in and argues…inside of his own head…in his attitudes and behaviors…and sometimes even out loud with his wife…that she should just accept him as he is…that she should respond to him in the way he wants her to respond to him…and that she should just give him what he wants from her.

Well, it does NOT work!  He does NOT get what he wants.  And there he stays, stuck in a loop repeating the same mistake and getting the same outcomes.

Now, let’s personalize this…

How much longer are YOU going to insist upon playing the charade and getting unwanted outcomes with your wife?

How much longer are YOU determined to hold on to this charade that is not working very well for you?

Another month?  Another year?  Another decade?

Are you going to continue making the biggest mistake married men make?

Well, it is your life.  It is you who gets to suffer.  But, I can tell you that the longer you wait the harder it will be to bring your marriage relationship back to what you want it to be…which means waiting and procrastinating is a foolish thing to do.

The wise thing to do is to cultivate and develop yourself…become the kind of man your wife desires and WANTS to have sex with.  Now!

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