If Your Wife Is Not As Sexual As You Would Like For Her To Be, Then Read This…

For the typical male, it is SUPER important to him that he be able to think of himself as a “stud”.

The typical male has a STRONG need within himself to be able to impress a female with his ability to pleasure her sexually.

IF the typical male has the “sexual prowess” needed to “impress” a female with his ability to satisfy and please her sexually, then he feels pretty good about himself.

Consequently, the typical male makes it his business to find some way to learn how to properly “stimulate” a female’s sex organs…whether through watching porn…reading books…talking with other guys…asking any female that he can get to talk with him about the subject…or just trying to figure it out on his own.

He makes it his business to understand the anatomy of a female’s sex organs and how to stimulate those sex organs in order to produce sexual pleasure within a female’s body…because again, if HE can do that, then that gives him a huge percentage of the feelings that he wants to feel within himself and about himself.

However, the typical male is faced with a very big problem: the typical female does not want just any passing male “stimulating” her sexual organs.

Moreover, even when he commits to a monogamous relationship with a female, she STILL does not just lay out her sexual organs for him to stimulate at will.

He can have perfect text-book knowledge on how to stimulate a female’s sex organs…but he constantly runs into the problem where that the typical female is NOT interested in LETTING him stimulate her sex organs.

He could in fact be the world’s greatest female-sex-organ-stimulator…but he consistently runs into the problem where females are resistant to giving him access to their sex organs…and when they do give him access, it is given “sparingly”.

The root of the problem is that the typical female is only interested in “giving up” her sex organs to a male who understands how to trigger attraction within her towards him. When a man understands how to trigger attraction within a woman, then he understands how to trigger sexual desire within a woman…then he understand how to cause a woman to WANT to be stimulated sexually by him.

Unfortunately, the typical male has no clue about how to trigger attraction within a female towards him.

And, without the ability to trigger attraction within a female, a male has no ability to cause a female to WANT him to stimulate her sexual organs…he has no ability to cause her to WANT to be sexual with him.

In general, the typical male’s ONLY strategy for getting access to a female’s sex organs is to be nice to her, to do nice things for her, and to buy nice things for her…in hopes that all this niceness will “convince” her to want to be sexual with him.

The deal is, this strategy usually works when a female is young, naïve, wanting male attention, and wanting to be in a relationship with a male. But eventually, the typical female realizes that in general, the attention of UNDEVELOPED males is cheap and not very valuable…it is easy to get…and, it is widely available…which leaves the female realizing that she wants and needs something more than attention in order to want to be sexual with a male. From there, it is not long until a female is actually turned off by attention from UNDEVELOPED males…and she specifically does NOT want to be sexual with an UNDEVELOPED male who is trying to get access to her sex organs by being nice, doing nice things, and buying nice things for her.

The problem is that this realization does not occur in most females until AFTER they have been married for a few months to a few years.  This is a key part of why so many marriages start out great in the sex department…and then soon begin to flounder.

So, the typical male faces the problem that he does not know how to cause the female in his life to want to be sexual with him…he does not know how to trigger attraction within her. Even worse, he is doing things in a way that in fact causes her to NOT want to be sexual with him…he is doing things that causes her to become LESS attracted to him.

To come at this from a different angle, the typical male knows the least about the relationship that is most important to him: his personal, intimate relationship with a female.

For the typical male, if you were to organize and rank his level of development in each and every area of his life, you would most often find that his understanding of how to lead, handle, manage, interact with, and turn-on a female is the area in which he is the weakest, most ignorant, and most undeveloped.

In reality, the typical adult male knows no more about creating attraction within a female towards him than he did when he was 13 years old.

Bizarrely, he understands more about things that mean nothing to him than he understands about how to invoke attraction and desire within a female towards him…the thing that means the very most to him. Even more bizarrely, he is stubbornly resistant to expending any significant time or money towards increasing and expanding his understanding of how to invoke attraction and desire within a female towards him.

He stays hung up on the notion that IF he could but get unfettered access to a female…one who would just LET him “stimulate” her sex organs at his will…one who would just freely OPEN herself up to LETTING herself enjoy him stimulating her sex organs…THEN he is convinced he would really be able to show her something…something that would be so great to her that they would both be able to live happily ever after in endless sex.

Even more frustrating to the typical male is that there have been rare occasions when a female opened herself up to deeper, richer sexual stimulation with him…and from all outward appearances, she really did have a great time…she really did seem to enjoy significant sexual pleasure from his “stimulation”…and he JUST KNEW that he had finally opened the secret vault of endless hot sex with her…only to turn around and discover that she was right back to NOT wanting him to stimulate her sex organs…no matter how “nice” he was to her.

And so, the typical guy stays stuck in this loop of using his “nice” strategies to try to get the female in his life to give him access to her sex organs…thinking that IF he can just get access to her sex organs, he would then be able to really satisfy her…so much so that she would just forevermore be opened up to him and her sexual passion and desire would flow endlessly with him.

Of course, this is NOT what happens. This loop that too many guys are stuck in does not work. Not only does it NOT work…it actually causes sexual relations to deteriorate into even worse shape. This loop only makes a relationship less sexual. And yet, all the deterioration does not stop the typical male from trying all the more to MAKE this model work for him.

To be bluntly clear, being a man who can technically and physically give a woman great sexual pleasure is NOT at all what will cause a woman to feel sexual attraction or desire towards you.

All over our world, man after man is scratching his head because even though he is well able to give his lady great sexual pleasure physically, she is NOT interested in letting him give her that pleasure…and she is not interested because she does not feel sexual attraction or desire for him.

To clarify what I mean, here is a little exercise for you:

Picture the grossest, most repulsive, most disgusting female you can imagine…a female so nasty that just thinking about being in a sexual setting with her triggers an urge to throw up within you…

And, imagine that this female has studied diligently so that she absolutely has the technical ability to give you fantastic sexual pleasure…

Imagine that she definitely has the ability to stimulate your sexual organs such that she can give you great sexual pleasure…

Now, do you want to step into endless great sex with this gross, repulsive female?

Do you want to open yourself up to her and give your sexual organs to her so she can pleasure them at her will?

Well, IF you have pictured a female that is truly gross to you, the answer is DEFINITELY NOT!

And, this is exactly how it is for the typical female…

There are males all around her…who are gross and repulsive…not because of how they “look”…but because of how they act and interact.

These males may in fact be nice looking…but the fact remains that they are ignorant, undeveloped guys who are unable to create attraction, desire, or turn-on within her.

The fact remains that these guys operate and relate in a way that is gross and repulsive to her.

And yet, these gross, repulsive guys are leering at her…talking sex-talk to her…hitting on her…doing all the things that undeveloped, unattractive guys do…

These guys are circling her like buzzards over road-kill…just wanting her to give her sex organs to them so they can demonstrate their masterful ability to pleasure her sex organs…

And, the very thought of being in a sexual setting with such a guy is enough to trigger a gagging response within her.

Now, here is what everything I have said boils down to: if your wife is not as sexual with you as you would like for her to be…then that means you need to proactively develop yourself into a more attractively operating, interacting, and relating man…one who possesses the developed ability to create attraction, desire, and turn-on within your wife…so that she WANTS to be more sexual with you.

It matters not how great you think your female-sex-organ-stimulation ability is. Your ability to stimulate your lady’s sex organs pleasurably does NOTHING to trigger attraction or desire within her towards you.

So, LET GO of the idea that female-sex-organ-stimulation talent will get you what you want with a woman…because that idea is NEVER going to work out for you in the long-run.

What WILL work for you however is for you to DEVELOP yourself into a man who can ON PURPOSE create attraction and desire within your wife.

What WILL work for you is for you to DEVELOP yourself into a man who understands the male/female relationship dynamic.

And, the sooner you DEVELOP yourself into this kind of man, the sooner you can enjoy your wife WANTING you to pleasure her sex organs.

It really is as simple as that.  The hard part is that you have to open yourself up to LEARNING how to be a man who understands how to create attraction and desire within your lady ON PURPOSE.

WHEN you open yourself up to this LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT, THEN you will find that your wife opens herself up to you more sexually too.

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