Wife Avoids Sex. Why? And, How Do I Get Wife To Want Sex?

Wife avoids sex

On a regular basis, husbands call me up and say to me, “My wife avoids sex.  Why does she do this and what can I do to get her to want sex?

Moreover, these husbands tell me about:

  • All that they do for their wife.
  • What a good dad they are.
  • How they are a good provider.
  • When they do have sex with their wife, she always has an orgasm.
  • Etc.

For these kinds of reasons, these husbands cannot figure out why their wife avoids sex.

By their reckoning, their wife ought to want sex far more than she does.  By their reckoning, their wife has every reason to be happy and sexual.  Consequently, the fact that their wife avoids sex just does not make any sense to them.

So, why is it that a wife avoids sex with her husband?

Well, there are 12 “husband sins” that sexually turn off a wife towards her husband which in turn causes her to avoid sex with him.  Those who have purchased my Wife-Seducer Segment #7 have an in-depth explanation of all 12 of the “husband sins” that cause a wife to avoid sex.  But for here on this free blog, here are the most basic 5 of the 12 “husband sins”:

  1. From the wife’s perspective, it feels like her husband has defined sex as equal to love and therefore, the only way to express love is to have sex.
  2. As far as the wife can tell, her husband thinks everything in their marriage is perfectly okay if she gives him sex…even when things definitely are NOT okay. As far as she can tell, giving sex to her husband blinds him to how dissatisfied and unfulfilled she is in their marriage and in her life.
  3. From the wife’s perspective, her husband seems to be oblivious to her many duties and responsibilities…he seems to be blind to the substantial loads and burdens she carrys on behalf of their family.  From her perspective, it seems as if her husband thinks she ought to be able to fulfill her duties and responsibilities…and carry her loads and burdens…as if they were nothing…and be idly sitting around thinking about having sex with him.
  4. From the wife’s perspective, it feels like her husband is extremely selfish and inconsiderate.  For example, he seemingly has no regard nor recognition for when she is exhausted from a long, hard, draining day because there he is like a horny little teenager grinning and groping her for sex.  Of course, at some level, she understands that her husband basically views sex as the answer to every problem in life.  But, that does not change the fact that she is exhausted and simply does not have the energy for sex…let alone passionate sex.
  5. From the wife’s perspective, when her husband does do something with her or for her…it is only because he is trying to manipulate and obligate her into having sex with him.

So, why is it that a wife avoids sex with her husband? The main reason is because her husband thinks and operates in an unattractive manner…he commits too many of the 12 “husband sins”.

Why is it that a wife avoids sex with her husband? Another reasons is because she does not want to be sexual with a guy who has done little to nothing that is ACTUALLY romantic with her.

Why is it that a wife avoids sex with her husband?  Still another reason is because giving sex to her husband feels very much like she is rewarding his unattractive and bad behavior.

Why is it that a wife avoids sex with her husband? At the core, it is because he has done nothing to develop himself into a man who understands how to lead THEIR male/female relationship into a mutually-satisfying and fulfilling union.

In other words, as her husband operates, interacts, and relates to her in substantial relationship / female ignorance he thinks and acts as if he is an awesomely attractive man…and that just disgusts her.

So, on one side is a husband who THINKS he is a great husband.  But, on the other side is a wife who FEELS and EXPERIENCES the turn-off and repulsion of her husband who commits most if not all of the 12 “husband sins”.

Now, in many ways the husband IS a good man…and his wife can see that:

  • She can see plainly that her husband loves her.
  • She sees that he is a good man.
  • She knows that he is dedicated and loyal.
  • She knows she can rely on him being a good provider and dad.
  • She knows she never has to worry about him running off and doing family-destroying things.
  • She can see in his eyes how much he longs and yearns for her…how much he adores and desires her.

But, because he commits most if not all of the 12 “husband sins”, he is just so UNATTRACTIVE that she cannot bring herself to give him what he wants.

In other words, on one hand, she has a “good and loving husband”…and on the other hand, she has a “needy and repulsive husband”. The result is that because of the “repulsive” part of her husband, she knows she is doing a very poor job of honoring and satisfying the “good” part of him…which causes her to feel a tremendous amount of conflict, guilt, anxiety, depression, and so on…which further causes her to just avoid sex.

And the EXTREMELY frustrating thing for the typical wife is that she DOES WANT A LOT OF SEX…just like her husband does.  The problem is, she just cannot bring herself to be sexual with him because of his unattractive and repulsive way of thinking and operating.

That brings us to this…

How does a husband get his wife to stop avoiding sex with him and be more sexual with him?

Well, STOP committing the 12 “husband sins” and you WILL find that your wife becomes a far more sexual woman.

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