Before you have an affair, before you cheat on your wife, reconsider your options

There are countless men who have agreed to narrow their intimate female relationships down to a single woman – usually in the form of marriage – in exchange for the perceived and IMPLIED promise of on-going and regular sex with this one woman.

All too often, what they find instead is that they have legally bound themselves to a wife who’s not very interested in sex – especially after children come along. These men are now party to a sexless marriage.

So, to try to make things better, these men carry out the commonly prescribed treatments…

They buy her flowers and try to be romantic. Only to hear their wife say, “Not tonight, honey!”

“Well, that didn’t work” says the man, so he tries something bigger – like taking her on a vacation to a special place or by buying her that new car she’s been wanting.

And after all that, when the man tries to initiate sex with his wife, she condemns him with something like, “Is sex all you ever think about?”

Eventually, these men despair of ever enjoying even occasional sex with their wife – let alone regular sex. It’s at this point, that these men begin thinking about having an affair. It’s at this point that they start thinking about where to find a mistress.

In truth, most men can honestly say, “I don’t want to cheat on my wife.” For most of these men, their most desirable option is that their wife would become more sexual.

In fact, that’s the question that rolls over and over in their heads, “How can I get my wife to be more sexual with me?”

But, they can never seem to find the answer. And that leads them to their second-most desirable option which is to divorce their wife and go find a woman who wants to be more sexual.

The problem is, there are all these inter-connections – children, extended families, financial commitments, business relationships, religious affiliations, etc. – such that the impact and the consequences of divorcing are just too much for most men.

So, to continue going without sex is not an option. The consequences and ramifications of divorce are too great so that’s not a good option. As far as they can see, their only remaining option is to go against their own morals and code of ethics and seek sex outside of their marriage.

It’s not what they want but it’s the only viable choice they can see. Well, I can certainly understand a man reaching such a conclusion.

But, before you go have that affair…before you go cheat on your wife, I’d like to ask you to reconsider your first and most desirable option…having a wife who has a greater desire for sex.

Let me first ask you a question; can you imagine your wife being in the presence of some other man and being sexually aroused? Is there some male movie star or music idol that you’re pretty certain your wife would get sexually excited if she were to find herself interacting with this man?

If your answer is, “Yes, I can imagine that” – and for most men the answer is “Yes” – that’s great news. That’s great news because it proves your wife is a sexual woman – no matter how non-sexual she may seem towards you at the moment.

The even better news is that you don’t have to be a movie star or a music idol in order for your wife to become sexual with you. All you have to do is be able to recreate those same feelings and emotions within your wife that she would naturally create on her own with the movie star or music idol.

And that my fellow man IS something YOU CAN DO – no matter what you look like and no matter what your occupation is. It’s simply a matter of learning how to do certain things in a certain way with your wife – and you can do that.

Copyright 2018 by Calle Zorro

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