What Every Wife Needs To Know About Her Breast Size And Her Husband

For many men, much of their “manhood” is associated with the size of their penis.

For many women, much of their “womanhood” is associated with the size of their breasts.

Through the years, I’ve had a lot of wives say to me, “How would you guys feel if your penis was sticking out of your chest where the WHOLE world could clearly see what you had?”

Well, it’s a valid point…but whether male or female, size is the WRONG characteristic to be focused on. ANY time a man or a woman is focused on the size of their intimate parts, THEY ARE ON A TRACK OF UNHAPPINESS…and they will CONTINUE to be on that unhappy track UNTIL they change their focus.

The PROPER focus on an intimate part is one of PLEASURE. That’s a key part of what God designed intimate parts for. So, what’s sexually exciting about breasts are their ability to RECEIVE pleasure and to GIVE pleasure.

But here’s the thing, there is essentially only ONE dimension by which a woman can RECEIVE pleasure in her breasts — the feeling dimension.

Conversely, she can use her breasts to GIVE pleasure in TWO dimensions:

1. The first and LESSER dimension is the visual dimension. No matter who he is, a man LIKES looking at his woman’s breasts — regardless of their size — AS LONG AS THEY ARE PRESENTED IN A SEDUCTIVE / SEXUAL CONTEXT. I believe I can speak for most guys…a woman running around with her breasts hanging out like she just got through breastfeeding…or is about to breastfeed again…in a totally non-sexual state…is about as unsexy as a man running around the house all the time with a limp penis. In that model, the body just becomes disgusting and people around you are thinking, “Put some clothes on!” But, when you add in the sexual element, then suddenly, male or female, running around the house naked doing some routine chore can be very, very sexy. So, the rule is, if you aren’t sure if the sexual element is present or not, keep your clothes on.

2. The second and GREATER dimension is the pleasure dimension. If you want to see a man get aroused and excited, simply put a woman in front of him who is OBVIOUSLY enjoying feeling sexual pleasure without any embarrassment or reservation. YOU can be that woman. When your man sees you pleasuring your breasts…and OBVIOUSLY enjoying that pleasure…or when you involve your man in pleasuring your breasts…and you OBVIOUSLY enjoy him pleasuring your breasts, then I PROMISE YOU, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL TO HIM. All that matters is the fact that your breasts give and receive pleasure.

So in a nutshell, when a woman confidently enjoys receiving the pleasure of her breasts being stimulated for herself, and she enjoys giving the sight of her breasts in a sexual setting to her partner, and she enjoys giving her partner the ability to observe and/or participate in the pleasure of her breasts, then in that model, both the man AND the woman are going to be happy and the size of her breasts are totally irrelevant and immaterial.

But, if you are a wife who isn’t willing to step into the receiving and giving of pleasure dimension with your breasts, THEN, there’s nothing else for your guy to derive any satisfaction from except their “size” and “shape”.

And the trouble is, if you are “competing” in the realm of size and shape, that’s a hard game to win because there’s always some woman around who has bigger and more shapely breasts (whether real or fake) who can draw your partner’s attention.

Conversely, if you are operating in the realm of “pleasure”, then it is EASY for YOU to win because there’s no competition around to draw your partner’s attention…and because you are triggering arousal “buttons” that are as hard-wired into your man as is breathing. It’s a sure-fire response.

One last thing…in reference to #1 and #2 above, this is the reason so many husbands like to watch porn…they get to see in porn what they do NOT get to see in their marriage…they get to see the visual side AND they get to see a woman who thoroughly enjoys giving and receiving sexual pleasure (even if it is an act).

When a wife sees the women in porn, they are usually quite intimidated…they “think” their husband is comparing their body to the porn starlet’s body…and they “think” they are inferior in size and shape…and that’s the biggest reason why many women have such strong feelings against porn.

But, what they don’t realize is that in the man’s mind, what excites him has very little to do with the porn starlet’s body size and shape and almost EVERYTHING to do with her OBVIOUS enjoyment of sharing sexual pleasure.

And guess what, as a woman, YOU can enjoy sharing sexual pleasure as well or better than anyone else in the world — especially in your husband’s world. And I promise you, if your husband is a normal man, if YOU surrender yourself to REALLY enjoying sharing sexual pleasure with him, he will have ZERO interest in porn or any other woman. He’ll be completely happy with what he has in YOU.

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  1. My wife of 21 years had very large (natural) breasts. She has such a small body and they were what everyone saw when she entered the room. We decided this summer to get her a breast reduction. She is so happy now, and so am I. I didn’t need my wife to have big boobs, I just wanted her to be happy with herself. When she is happy with herself, she tends to be more romantic. Size doesn’t matter, what matters is what one thinks of him/herself!

  2. “But, what they don’t realize is that in the man’s mind, what excites him has very little to do with the porn starlet’s body size and shape and almost EVERYTHING to do with her OBVIOUS enjoyment of sharing sexual pleasure. ”

    EVER SO TRUE Calle. I’m ashamed to admit I watch porn sometimes (I’m not married -not that that’s an excuse!), but I realize indeed that the major draw for me to say women in porn, strippers and such- is really just the woman who OBVIOUSLY enjoys her sexuality, and has no qualms or inhibitions about showing that to her man (or ANY man in those contexts, unfortunately), and who makes the man know that she enjoys doing sexual things with him and for him -and takes pleasure in what he’s doing to her too. And as you said Calle: even if it’s an “act”. So so true.

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