I Wish I Had A Hot, Sexy Wife. Do You Really?

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Men by the millions are right now thinking to themselves, “I wish I had a hot sexy wife” … but they aren’t willing to “pay the price” to have one.

They aren’t willing to pay the price of learning what they need to learn. They aren’t willing to pay the price of doing what they need to do. And so, because of their unwillingness to pay the price, they get to do without…and they go home to a cold, unhappy wife who is eventually going to get fed up with their unwillingness to “pay the price” and leave for a man who HAS “paid the price”.

Think about that. These men want their wife to be a hot, sexy wife…and their wife really does want to be this kind of woman. But, these men aren’t willing to become the kind of man that makes it possible for their wife to be that kind of woman with them…and so, their wife is put in the position where she must go find another man that she can be a hot, sexy wife for…if she is ever going to get to be the kind of woman she really wants to be.

Moreover, these men are going to pay through the nose when their wife leaves them.

Statistics reveals that the average “price” of a divorce is around $10,000 — not to mention ongoing payment of alimony, child support and other losses suffered through the division and disposal of assets. That’s why 1 in 5 men who go through a divorce end up bankrupt.

Further, when you consider that 1 out of every 2 men goes through a divorce at some point in his life, I’m wondering…isn’t it better to be that one guy who willingly invests a few $20’s in learning how to get his relationship working well for both he and his wife so that he can AVOID being the “other” guy who gets forced to pay thousands later on?

I’ll give you this one for free…

The man who enjoys success isn’t really concerned about the cost. He’s only concerned about getting what he wants and the cost is incidental. He knows that whatever the cost is, he will have completely forgotten about it within a few weeks – if not days. But, he’ll get to enjoy HAVING what he wanted for the rest of his life.

And so, his point of view is NOT “how much does this cost?” Rather, his point of view is, “What will this give me?”

Which point of view do you think is more useful? We all get to pay the “price” sooner or later. The question we must all ask of ourselves is this…

“Can I afford to foolishly wait until “later” when it’s way more expensive…or should I just be smart and pay “sooner” when it’s way cheaper?”

The smart guy will hit the links below and take the cheaper route…and get to..

Enjoy a hot, sexy wife!

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