Phone Help

Solution-Oriented Relationship Help…

Telephone-based relationship help with Calle Zorro:

  • Individualized
  • Solution-oriented
  • Direct-approach

Together, we will take your specific situation and I will actively counsel, advise, guide, and direct you towards the satisfying outcome you desire in the fastest, simplest, easiest, most direct fashion possible.

If you have had experience with traditional marriage counselors, I must warn you that I am very different. I do not care about “how come…”.  I don’t care about “whose fault…”.  I have NO interest in psycho-analyzing someone, mumbling a bunch of psycho-babble back to them, and ultimately never really providing them with any real help.

In other words, I have NO INTEREST in “helping” someone re-experience everything that has been bad in their marriage so they can be even more unhappy about it.

I ONLY care about helping you and your spouse get to the point where you can begin enjoying life to the fullest TOGETHER – in as FEW sessions as possible.

I don’t want you hanging out with me. I want to get you and your spouse hanging out TOGETHER…having fun together, getting “naughty” together, showing any children you have what a happy home and marriage you have together.

That’s what I want for you. If that is what you want for you too, then get yourself an hour or two of phone help time and let’s get started on fixing your situation…

$26.55 USD Per 15-Minute Increment

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