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Customer Testimonial
Hello Calle Zorro,I’ve been receiving, reading and applying the strategies in your newsletters on a regular basis and wanted to take the time to just say, “Thank You” !

I very much appreciate your wisdom and insight into the everyday, “real-world” issues related to sex, friendship and the various problems that plague many marriages today.

You’ve helped me see my marriage with “fresh-eyes”, make necessary adjustments (based on your new information) and after 30+ years, enjoy the thoughtful, sweet, “sex-filled” marriage I’ve always dreamed of.

I used to refer to my marriage as “perfect from the waist up” and didn’t realize my wife’s non-sexual response was a reaction to me based on conditions I had created over the years. But thanks to your thoughtful approach I was given a most precious gift, the keys to a wonderful, happy, sex-filled marriage.

Thank You, Best Wishes and God Bless.

–– Andy T

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