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About Calle Zorro:

Calle Zorro helps men create a happier, more affectionate, more intimate, and more sexual marriage relationship by teaching and mentoring them on how to be more attractive, desirable, appealing, and sexy to their wife.  Mr. Zorro helps husbands become the kind of man their wife WANTS to be married to, close to, and intimate with.

Mr. Zorro is the author of multiple eBooks including:

  • How To Create A More Sexual Marriage
  • How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide
  • How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac
  • How To Be the Best Lover Your Wife’s Ever Had
  • The Marriage Turnaround Guide
  • How To Be A Man Of Purpose And Money
  • The Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling System

For more information, contact Calle Zorro by phone directly at (918) 814-3480 or by email at

Press Releases

Relationship Expert Suggests Anti-Pornography Video Is Dangerous
January 15, 2009
You know the belief that pornography destroys? According to Calle Zorro, founder of, “pornography is not what destroys marriages and lives”. Rather, he states that porn and especially so-called “porn addiction” is merely a “symptom of a bigger problem.”

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