Calle, why should I choose you for marriage help?
What else do you do Calle?
What will my credit card statement show?
How do I buy your eBooks without using a credit card?
Do you have physical books or just eBooks?
Calle, are you a man or a woman?
Calle, what is your religious affiliation?
Is this porn? Does your stuff have porn in it?
Why do you ask for a mailing address?
I would like to sell your books. Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Q: Calle, why should I choose you to help me in my marriage over all the other options that are out there?

A: My primary calling and purpose in life is to help men create a happier, more sexual marriage relationship. I take this calling and purpose very seriously because I’ve seen way too many broken hearts and broken lives — men, women, and children whose world has been shattered — people who’ve lost everything that was most important to them.

That means I’m NOT just an author pitching books at people who are then left to themselves to try to get whatever help they can out of the books.

Now, don’t get me wrong; books are a wonderful medium to convey useful and helpful information about relationships because you can read them as many times as you need in order to really absorb the information. Plus, you can go back and review the information any time you have the need to do so.

But, sometimes you need more. Sometimes a book doesn’t answer all of your questions or address all of your problems. Sometimes, you want help based on the specifics of your unique situation.

And that’s where I’m different…

After you’ve bought one or more of my books, you get access to me. I actually give you my direct email and my direct phone number so that you can contact me and get any specialized help you need.

Now, if you contact me and it turns out that I’ve addressed your problem in another one of my books, I’m going to simply direct you to that book. But if not, then you’ll find — just as other men have found — I will do everything I can — including tapping into my bank of female confidantes — to provide you with a useful, workable, and practical solution to your specific marriage situation.

In fact, just so you know I’m telling you the truth, here’s my direct phone number: (918) 814-3480

If you have any doubts, call me.

And, just so you know, the reason I’m able to freely offer my contact information like this without being swamped with calls is because my books ARE comprehensive.

I’ve helped a whole lot of men and I’ve dealt with a whole lot of situations and everything that works goes into my books. Because of this, I get surprisingly few calls. I guess there’s no need to call me when the books provide the answers and solutions to real-world marriage questions and problems, right?

Q: What else do you do besides help men with their relationships, Calle?

A: All day long, 5 days a week, I use my time to help men create the kind of marriage they want — which is the same kind of marriage their wife wants — and this is what I’ve done for years. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I thoroughly enjoy making a difference in homes all over the world. I enjoy interacting with people everywhere — the research and testing — that enables me to create new books that help men take their marriages to an even higher, more satisfying, more sexual level.

Q: Calle, I can’t tell from your name; are you a man or a woman?

A: I’m all man!

Q: Are your books physical books or eBooks?

A: They are eBooks that come in Adobe PDF format. The overwhelming majority of men want this information in a format they can keep private and it’s easier to do that with an eBook than it is with a physical book.

Q: Calle, what is your religious affiliation, if any?

A: I do my best to live my life in a way that matches and harmonizes with the principles and tenets laid out in the Holy Bible.

Although my eBooks are focused on marriage relationships and not religion, experience has shown me that both anti-Christians and pious-Christians will be “happier” if they avoid my eBooks. Everyone else seems to appreciate the depth, the helpfulness, the clarity, and the realism they contain. Most importantly, they appreciate the results my eBooks give them.

Q: I’m interested in enhancing my marriage but I’m a little put off by the images on your website. Are you about relationships or are you a purveyor of porn?

A: I am definitely NOT a purveyor of porn and I am DEFINITELY all about helping men create the kind of marriage that both they AND their wife want.

Personally, I’d rather not have the images on my website either. However, I’ve found that I am able to help more men (and more marriages) IF I leave the images on my website. I guess the images help men stop long enough to pay attention to the help that I have to offer them.

Incidentally, this is the same reason I use certain words.  Some of them may seem overly direct and maybe even a bit vulgar…but they get men’s attention.  For example, when some men see the word “nymphomaniac”, they are curious enough to take a closer look. Hopefully, at that point, I’m able to inspire and persuade them to take action towards improving their marriage.

Bottom line, the name of my website says it all: MarriedAndHappy.com — because I want married people to be happy…that is what I am about.

Q: Calle, I’d like to get some of your eBooks but I DO NOT want my wife to see what it is that I’ve bought. So, what exactly shows up on the credit card statement?

A: Your credit card statement will show “Life Changing Productions (918) 814-3480” which is my company name and my phone number. It will NOT reveal anything about what you purchased nor will it reveal which website you are purchasing from. It is completely discrete.

Q: How does one purchase your eBooks if they don’t have a credit card…or if they don’t want to use their credit card because their wife goes through the credit card statement with a fine-tooth comb?

A: Easy…two options.

One, use cash to buy a gift Visa or Mastercard at any major retailer for the amount of the books you want and purchase that way.

Two, mail a money order made out to Calle Zorro for the correct amount and mail to:

Life Changing Productions, LLC
3537 Denny Ave #170
Pascagoula, MS 39581

Along with your money order, include a note that specifies which eBook(s) you are purchasing (Catalog) and what email address we should send the eBooks to when we receive your order.

Also, send an email to CalleZorro@MarriedAndHappy.com telling us you’ve mailed us a payment so we can watch for it and make sure your order is fulfilled as promptly as possible.

Q: Why do you ask for a mailing address? I don’t want to receive anything by postal mail.

A: For YOUR security … to confirm that you are the credit card owner, my Shopping Cart requires your mailing address in order to process a credit card payment.

I do NOT use your physical address. I will NOT mail you anything physically and I certainly will NOT mail you third-party promotions.

The same is true of your phone number…I will NEVER call you to pitch you anything. The ONLY time I would ever call your phone number is if you ordered something and gave me a bad email address…in which case I would wait a few days to see if you emailed me and if you didn’t, then I would make a discreet phone call.

Unless you tell me otherwise, I WILL on occasion send out my “Men’s Interest Newsletter” via EMAIL to those who have specifically asked for it and to those who have bought products from me. With EVERY newsletter, I include a link by which one may unsubscribe and those who click that link will NEVER hear from me again.

Moreover, every newsletter I send out via email will contain useful and interesting information that a man can use to improve his marriage relationship. I do NOT send out raw product pitch emails. I will however…along with the useful, interesting information…include a link to one or more of my products for those who are interested in more.

So, bottom line, it IS safe for you to come into my world and benefit from the information I have to share with you.

Q: I would like to sell your books. Do you have an Affiliate Program?

A: Yes. For every person you send who buys a product from my store, you get 50% of the sale price.  If you are good with our Terms of Use, then here is where you can register here for the Affiliate Program

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