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How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 7 – How To Be A MAN Who Is Attractive And Desirable To His Wife)

How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 7 – How To Be A MAN Who Is Attractive And Desirable To His Wife)

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How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 7 – How To Be A MAN Who Is Attractive And Desirable To His Wife)

This is a powerful, advanced-level eBook that is uniquely designed to reprogram a husband into a manly, masculine, confident, powerful, secure MAN who is attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy to his wife. This is for the husband who is tired of always wanting his wife while she virtually never wants him. This eBook is 200+ pages of intentional revamping and rewiring so a husband is able to create in his wife the desire for him that he has for her. If you have never had the opportunity to learn first-hand from a MAN who really understood women and how to get them desiring him, then definitely get this eBook.
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This is a powerful, advanced-level digital book that is uniquely designed to reprogram a husband into a manly, masculine, confident, powerful, secure MAN who is attractive, appealing, and desirable to his wife.

This is for the husband who is tired of always wanting his wife while she virtually never wants him.

This digital book is 200+ pages of intentional revamping and rewiring so a husband is able to create in his wife the desire for him that he has for her.

Inside this digital book, a husband will find out why the most commonly recommended marriage advice of “learn to communicate better” may well be the absolute WORST advice he could ever receive and act upon — and what he ABSOLUTELY MUST DO INSTEAD if he wants a SEXUAL wife.

A husband will discover dozen’s of “twists” and “reversals” like this one that the average husband doesn’t have a clue about but that the husband who gets lots of sex knows ALL about.

It really is all in the “knowing”.

Bottom line, this digital book is for the husband who wants to become a “Man’s Man” and who wants to create an “I want you!” response in his wife towards himself.

Note: When you get the above digital book, you also get access to the private “WifeSeducer7” forum where Calle Zorro and other men discuss the content and application of this digital book.

Now, if you want more information about this product, here is the long description…

Inside this digital book, you will find real answers and powerful solutions. For example:

  1. Undoubtedly, you already know that confidence is mandatory if you want to be attractive to your wife. But how do you REALLY "get", "have", and "do" confidence? Well, by the end of this book it will be crystal clear to you and people will be calling you "MR. Confidence".
  2. What is the one thing you absolutely must understand about your wife if you want to succeed with her sexually? If you do not know, you have zero chance of her feeling any real attraction or desire for you after your first 6 - 12 months of marriage. Sadly, the majority of men do not understand this one concept which is exactly why they have a wife who is a good friend but not much else. But, in this book you will get this little-known, even less-used secret and have a wife who is a lover to you instead of just a friend.
  3. It is no secret that the typical husband wants more sex with his wife. But, do you know what the top 5 mistakes are that he makes ... that CAUSES his wife to avoid sex with him? You better know so you can AVOID making these mistakes ... and GAIN access to your wife's sexual nature that she has mostly kept hidden away.
  4. What is the secret to having the kind of personal power that triggers a sexual response in your wife?
  5. How does a man overcome a disadvantaged childhood and become a highly attractive, desirable man?
  6. So, the typical husband wants more sex with his wife ... but she is not offering it up for free ... so he initiates a conversation ... and what is the end result? Less sex, right? Or even worse, his wife gives him some "pity" sex once or twice and then cuts him off sexually even more than before. Obviously, this was not what the husband wanted ... so he goes back in for another conversation ... and his sex life spirals downward even more than before. Some husbands stay stuck in this backfiring model their entire life. But not a wife-seducer. The wife-seducer has a very, very different way of interacting with his wife. Find out how to interact with your wife in a way that causes HER to WANT more sex instead of less.
  7. How do you abolish those self-defeating, undermining fears and insecurities that cause you to lose out with your wife sexually?
  8. Here is a super important one for you: on one level, the typical husband cares a lot about what his wife thinks of him ... while at the same time he is mostly oblivious to the other level that invokes a sexual response in his wife. In contrast, the wife-seducer could care less what his wife thinks of him because he is focused on taking care of the level that invokes a sexual response in his wife towards him. Would you like to start interacting with your wife on the level that invokes a sexual response in her?
  9. Do you know what it is that a wife-seducer does to his wife's mind that causes her to start fabricating sexual scenarios in her mind? Would you like to get your wife fabricating sexual scenarios in her mind about you and her?
  10. Why is it that the typical husband is constantly in the position where he has to try to get sex? And, why is it that the wife-seducer never has to try to get sex because he is just always getting it? Well obviously, the wife-seducer has positioned himself in a very different way ... and would you like to position yourself in such a way that your wife wants to give her sexuality to you?
  11. Do you realize that the husband who wishes his wife was more sexual with him actually has a wife who is angry at him because he is not the kind of man who can bring out her sexual nature for the two of them to share and enjoy together? That is why this man's wife is so disrespectful, resentful, bitter, spiteful, and hateful towards him in the area of intimacy. That is the surprising shocker that the wife-seducer understands. He understands that the more a woman talks and acts as if she does not want or need sex, the more she needs a man who is strong enough that he can create a sexual environment for her to enjoy with him. The question is, do you choose now to become a wife-seducer who is strong enough to create a sexual environment for you and your wife to enjoy?
  12. How do you separate yourself from the herd of husbands who get non-sexual results with their wife? What exactly needs to happen? What precisely needs to change? Find out inside this eBook.
  13. The typical husband's "seducing" attempts are generally nothing more than manipulative, coercive, guilt-inducing tactics designed to pressure and force his wife into being sexual with him. Of course, his wife rejects his seduction attempt and resents him for it. In contrast, the wife-seducer has a very different way of seducing his wife ... a way that causes his wife to love him, desire him, and sex him ... and she thoroughly enjoys every minute of his seduction. So how about it? Are you ready to get your wife liking, wanting, and enjoying you seducing her?
  14. The typical husband wants his wife to be hot and horny but he has no idea how to get her feeling this way. In contrast, the wife-seducer knows the secrets that cause a woman to be sexually turned on. So, do you want to know the secrets that go hand-in-hand with your wife being hot and horny?
  15. If you look at what really is, it is apparent that the typical wife really does not care about what her typical husband wants. It does not matter to her if he is happy, satisfied, or fulfilled. It especially does not matter to her if he gets the sex he wants. In fact, more often than not, her attitude shows evidence that she does NOT want him to have any of these things that he wants from her. In other words, her husband's needs have zero priority to her. In contrast, the wife of a wife-seducer places TOP PRIORITY on making sure her husband is happy, satisfied, fulfilled, AND sexed. The question is, are you ready to become the kind of man your wife gives top priority to?

Now, everything I have just listed out comes from the first 50 pages of this eBook ... and there is another 180 pages of pure wife-seducing content that I am not even going to mention just because it would take up too much space here.

But, consider this: you either find out how to cause your wife to feel attraction and desire for you ... or you default into causing her to feel non-sexual towards you. Those are the only two options that exist in a husband / wife relationship.

Here is the deal: you alone get to make the choice as to which option you want in relation to your wife. But, if you decide that you want your wife to feel attraction and desire for you, then you want to get "How To Be A MAN Who Is Attractive, Desirable, And Sexy To His Wife" right now.

Customer Testimonial

"Dear Calle

I just completed reading the “Wife Seducer” segment #7 in your series.

WOW! This segment alone has the ability to change many marriages. But together with the rest of your system, I can’t imagine any woman resisting a man with this knowledge. Your insight is just simply AMAZING.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. You have not only saved my marriage, you have taken my life to a place I never thought possible.

Before I had found your system, my marriage had been through a couple of extremely difficult years. The constant arguing and belittling of each other had left both my wife and I feeling that there was just simply no way to save our relationship. Neither of us wanted to end our marriage, but we simply did not have a way to get out of the downward spiral that we had been living. Your system brought us back from the brink of divorce, to a place that we are once again happy with each other. My marriage is now built on mutual respect and admiration. Even the sexual part of our marriage that had been missing for years has returned. Unfortunately, for myself, even though things seemed to be so much better, the experience of those few years had left me feeling that I had somehow lost a part of my masculinity. I felt that even though she had a newly found respect for me, she still felt that she was a step above me. She had the power to take it all away any time she wished.

When I finished reading the “Wife Seducer” segment #7, I had found the answer I was looking for. It gave me back that piece of masculinity that I had felt I somehow lost. Over the last few weeks since reading this segment and applying the knowledge within it, I now feel like a complete man. I have regained the strong masculine attitude that attracted my wife to me to begin with. I am now filled with a confidence and strength that my wife cannot resist. This strength has not only affected my wife, but all the people in my life. My family, my boss, and many of my employees have not just noticed the change; they have complimented my newly regained strength. A few of my closest friends have made the statement “It’s good to have you back, It’s about time”.

Calle, as always, I cannot thank you enough for what you do. You have truly turned my life around. God bless you."

-- Rick Jungst


Customer Testimonial

"Over the past few years I have read dozens of books on the subjects of marriage, masculinity and attraction. I wish that Calle had published Wife Seducer Segment 7 years ago so that I could have saved all of that time and money. This one book has made 90% of what I have already read obsolete.

There is over 220 pages of life changing advice crammed into this one book. It encapsulates all of the major subjects discussed in other books on masculine energy and sexual attraction, and then goes even further. You cannot help but be changed by this book. After your first reading you will feel a huge increase in your masculine energy, you personal power and your confidence. You will know that you ARE a wife seducer.

If you are tired of feeling powerless in your marriage then you need to read this book. If you are tired of sexual rejection then you need to read this book. If you want to reclaim your masculinity then you need to read this book.

If you are still not convinced then consider this. When I started reading Wide Seducer Segment 7 I had not had sex with my wife in three months. Within 48 hours of starting this book, I had one of the best sexual experiences of my married life, and I I made it happen using the techniques described in this book.

This is powerful stuff."

-- Louie Black


Customer Testimonial

"After 25+ years of mostly happy marriage, drift set in. The conflict and distance between my wife grew more and more toxic. Seemed like I was climbing Everest and losing my way. I felt tired, frustrated and angry. Hopeless. There didn’t appear to be a future for us. Being a “nice” guy wasn’t working. Neither was being a jerk. That “no matter what” commitment we made a long time ago started feeling more like a curse than a blessing.

Surfing for some ideas on marriage improvement, I ran across Calle’s material.

All of it is good, but the breakthrough for me was Wife Seducer 7. Putting the big ideas from this book to work must be a little like stumbling into Everest base camp to find oxygen, a hot meal and a little shelter from the storm.

WS7 gave me real insight for managing the biggest monster on the mountain: my fears, uncertainties and doubts. And renewing my trust that no matter what happens, a higher power is in control. Visualizing good things has an amazing way of making good things happen. We’ve taken a step back from the abyss and reconsidered. A lot of good remains. Smiles laughs and tenderness, long MIA, have made a comeback at our house."

-- Vern H.


Customer Testimonial
"By page three I knew I hit the jackpot with your writing - again!"
-- Howard Sherman

Safe & Risk Free Guarantee
The spectrum of my marriage-help products is altogether a marriage success program and this marriage success program is completely SAFE and RISK-FREE for you to buy. I GUARANTEE I will provide you with the information and support you need to create the marriage you want or I will give you your money back. Here is my specific guarantee:

This MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM … this SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring (eBooks, private online forum, and three phone / email sessions) … will either give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT … or I will completely refund every penny of the money you paid for this program.

Here is specifically how it works: Get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. Read through the eBooks needed for your specific situation. Get involved in the private online forum. Use the three email / phone sessions to talk with me personally. At that point, YOU WILL HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT.

But, if after you have covered all three of these bases (eBooks, private forum, email / phone mentoring), you still do not understand how to create the marriage you want, then you should ask me for a refund – and I will promptly issue one to you.

As you read through this MONEY-BACK, RISK-FREE, GUARANTEE, I hope you realized that this IS safe for you to buy. You can only win in this deal. Either I help you clearly understand how to create the marriage you want or you get a full refund.

And, I will provide you RIGHT NOW … UP FRONT … IN PUBLIC … with the phone number you would call in order to request a refund if this three-part system fails to give the information and support you need to create the marriage you want: (918) 814-3480

Now, on my side, this guarantee is real and I absolutely stand behind it. But, let’s make sure we are both staying grounded in reality…

If your marriage has been deteriorating for years … and you are just now coming to me … because your wife has started sleeping in a different room … or she is talking about separating … or divorcing … or she has ran off with another man … or you are already separated … then I obviously cannot guarantee you the kind marriage you want with your wife if she is already departing or estranged.

Now, if you are in this situation, I CAN tell you that IF ANYTHING will bring your wife back into an affectionate, sexual relationship with you, IT IS THIS SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring.

And, I can tell you that most of the men who have came to me with a crumbling marriage WERE able to recreate an affectionate, intimate relationship with their departing or estranged wife by applying my teachings.

But again, if you are in the late stages of a crumbling marriage, I cannot guarantee you that we will be able to create the relationship you want with a departing or estranged wife.

You would know I was lying to you if I told you anything otherwise.

But, what I am guaranteeing you is that this system of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring will enable you and empower you to create the kind of marriage you want … whether it is with your current wife … or, if it turns out to be too late with her, another woman.

Stated differently, I cannot guarantee WHO the woman will be … but I can guarantee you that I can and will help you create an affectionate, sexual relationship with A woman.

I am guaranteeing you that I will provide you with the information, support, and help you need in order to create the kind of marriage you want.

Moreover, I will give you my very best. I am serious about helping you. I am NOT playing games. This is NOT a hobby or some mere side interest. I am NOT just a marketer pitching a product. I am NOT some guy playing entrepreneur.

Helping men create a happy, sexual marriage IS what I do … it is what I have been doing for a long time … it is who I am … it is my God-given calling and purpose … it is a key part of why God placed me on this earth … and gave me the unique experiences, gifts, and talents He has given me. And, it may well be that divine intervention has caused your path to cross with mine right now … at this specific time.

On your side, get this ONLY if you are going to give it your best too.

Now, notice specifically that this is NOT a “tire-kicker” guarantee. This guarantee does NOT cover buying the program, flipping through it briefly, and then asking for a refund.

If all a guy wants to do is flip through something, then he should go to a bookstore, find the section that contains books on marriage, flip through a few of them, and then leave. It will not cost him anything other than time and travel costs … and he will go home to the same kind of marriage relationship he had before he walked into the store!

So, understand that refunds will only be given in the event that you have, (1) went through the entire set of eBooks, (2) participated sincerely in the private online forum, (3) redeemed your three coaching phone calls / email exchanges with me personally … and, if after all of that, you can honestly say that you still do not understand how to create the kind of marriage you want, then I will absolutely refund your money.

Of course, I have made sure that the ONLY result you can get from this program is a clear understanding of exactly how to create the kind of marriage you want … which means do not get this program unless you want to create the marriage you want.

Another point to clarify: as stated, what I am guaranteeing is that this marriage program will give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about how to create a great marriage. So, disagreement with something I say within the program … or disagreement with some stance or belief that I express within the program … is NOT a valid reason to request a refund. Whether a person agrees with the content is immaterial to its legitimate articulation of marriage principles that are proven to work. So, know up front that no refund will be given for reasons of disagreement over the program’s content.

Moreover, non-use or non-implementation of the program on your part is NOT a valid reason for a refund. This program contains the information that a man needs … along with the support a man needs … in order to be able to create the kind of marriage he wants. Therefore, no refund will be given to a man who does not avail himself of this information and support.

Bottom line, if you genuinely want to create the kind of marriage you really want to have and to enjoy … if you sincerely want to be a man who gets great results with his lady … then get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. From there, do your part … I will do my part for you … and YOU can enjoy the awesome results for the rest of your life.

How Much Time Do You Have Before “It” Happens?

Take a moment to consider the element of time … how much time do you have before something bad happens in your marriage?

What I can tell you is that many men THINK their marriage is in great shape … or that it is in better shape than it really is … and they do not realize how bad things really are in their marriage.

Here is what happens: a woman will generally ACT as if everything is okay all the way up to the point where she crosses over her “threshold” … at which point she does a complete 180 turn-away from her husband and a total rejection of him.

Of course, there are “signs” of underlying problems and imminent danger before a woman blows up on her husband: depression … severe mood swings … aloofness … a decline in sex … or a loss of passion in sex … and many others.

But, because a woman will often continue giving sex to her husband in spite of the issues and problems she has with him inside of herself … because a husband is still getting what he wants from his wife … he ignores … or does not see … the “signs” … and he continues on as if everything is perfectly okay.

And then one day … out of nowhere … some LITTLE something or another will happen … and his wife shocks him with the news that she wants a separation or a divorce … and now, the husband has the huge, difficult, up-hill, failure-is-highly-possible battle of trying to win his wife back when she does not want to be with him nor does she want anything to do with him.

Here is the next thing I must tell you; when there is a lack of emotional AND physical intimacy between you and your wife and when your relationship is steadily eroding away, then you better do something quick to fix and repair your marriage.

Either that, or you better get ready because the disaster of a divorce or an affair is imminent.

Now, you might think that “your” wife would never do that to you … and yet … roughly speaking … statistics prove that out of every two men, one of them is going to experience a divorce.

However, that does not mean the other guy got off without incident. While the exact percentage cannot really be determined, many of the men who do not go through a divorce will experience the bitterness of their wife cheating on them.

Imagine your best friend standing beside you … ONE of you IS going to be the “one” who ends up dealing with a divorce or the betrayal of a wife who has cheated on you.

The question is, will it be YOU or will it be HIM?

Well, if you care about protecting your interests, then YOUR only “protection” is two-fold:

  1. Make sure you know what your wife’s needs are and meet those needs on purpose better than any other man who crosses her path in life.
  2. Think, behave, and operate in a way that is more appealing, attractive, desirable, and sexy to your woman than any other man she knows or meets.

Only when these two criteria are satisfied is your marriage relationship … your home … your family … your children … your future … “safe”.

So again, I ask … is there any urgency to you being able to satisfy these two criteria?

Well, I can tell you that you BETTER be the best “choice” your wife has because if you are not, there IS a ticking “affair-bomb” or “divorce-bomb” with YOUR NAME on it!

When your wife looks around at other men and compares them to YOU … and she DOES DO THIS … you BETTER be such a man that she realizes YOU really are her best “deal”.

And, to make sure you understand this, your wife is NOT rating you based on how successful you are in your career … or how much money you make … or what kind of house and car you have provided her with … or what kind of father you are.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you realize it or not, your wife is assessing, rating, and judging you based upon how good you are at turning her on and invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in her towards you.

And, if you are not consistently invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in your wife, then your marriage relationship is in very real danger … particularly the closer your wife is to menopause.

To go a step farther with this, it is common for me to get a call from a guy who thought his marriage was safe … because he was so successful both socially and financially … but now, he is freaking out because his wife just ran off with some pot-bellied, slob of a guy who still lives with his mom and who has not held down a job in years … and he cannot understand how his wife could trade him for such a loser.

Well, these men just found out the hard way that their wife does not use the criteria to rate and assess them that they thought she did. More accurately, these men found out that a wife generally does not base her opinion of her husband on the criteria that he thinks she uses or that he wants her to use.

So, is this urgent? Yes, it is pretty urgent!

Point blank, do not cheat yourself. Do not put your marriage in any greater marriage risk than it is already in. Instead, say “Yes!” to this offer of help. Get the happy, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, loving, affectionate, and highly-sexual marriage relationship that you really do want.

Are You Hesitating Because Of The Cost?

It is quite odd how many men can spend and waste huge amounts of money on all kinds of frivolous, meaningless things and never think a second thought about it. And yet, when it comes to something important, life-improving, and future-altering, these very same men can become the world’s greatest procrastinators and get hung up over TINY amounts of money.

So, if you are hanging up on the cost of these marriage-improving products, then expand your time-frame beyond the constricted time-frame of just right now … step back and consider the longer-term … do this and realize that this is an INsignificant amount of money compared to the GREATER enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure that comes from having a happy, sexual marriage … one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

But, You Should Pass On This If…

There are some who should just pass on this offer of marriage help. Check and see if you are one of them:

#1: If an occasional Bible reference is something that you do not agree with or appreciate, then this is not for you.

While the subject matter I write about is all about creating an affectionate, intimate, and sexual marriage, I do come from a Christian frame of reference.

On the flip side, my teachings are NOT the watered down, keep letting your wife misbehave and abuse you … while you just love her … kind of fare that you find in standard Christian marriage relationship books. My materials are about creating REAL results in your marriage as quickly as possible.

Bottom line, if you hate God, hate the Bible, and hate the Christian belief system, then you are not going to like this program … and you should search elsewhere for someone whose belief-system is more like yours.

#2: If you are the type of guy who thinks he already knows everything and nobody can teach him anything, then do not waste your time getting this. There is no benefit in you going through this program trying to convince yourself the whole way through that you already know everything there is to know about male/female relationships.

Similarly, if you are the type who is big on how much you know … and not much on applying what you know … then you should just save yourself the hassle and skip this.

If you are not open to learning … if you are not ready to receive … and to implement … then there is no sense in wasting your time or mine. I am serious about helping men create the kind of marriage they want … and if I am going to help you, then you must be open, receptive, and serious about increasing your skills and abilities too.

You can be sure that creating the kind of marriage you want is NOT a mere academic exercise where all you have to do is answer a few questions on a test about something you have heard about before. If that is what you want, then this is not for you.

#3: If you want everything to be your wife’s fault and nothing to be your fault, then you will not be happy with this.

The fact is, there are issues on both your part AND your wife’s part … and we have to start with your part first … then we can deal with your wife’s part second.

But, if you are not ready to accept responsibility for your side of the equation … and to start making improvements on your side first … then you should pass on this.

Similarly, if you want to hold on to excuses for not stepping up and becoming a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants, then skip this because it will mess up your game-playing.

If you are not ready to develop yourself into a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants … if you are not ready to step up to the responsibilities and rewards of being a high-caliber, attractive, desirable man … if you want to hold on to the excuse that you do not know how to get good results with your wife … or any other such kinds of excuses, then you should pass on this because you will have no excuses by the time you finish this marriage program.

#4: These eBooks are NOT the work of a graphical artist where you get a fancy cover page and more pictures than there is content … and if that is what you are looking for, then this is not for you. But, if you want to get working answers to your questions about your wife, if you want to get real solutions to your relationship problems with your wife, if you want to change the entire course of your personal life with your wife, then you definitely want to get this now.

Take me back to the top of this page where I can order…