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How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 6 – How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money)

How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 6 – How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money)

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How To Seduce Your Wife: A Husband’s Guide (Segment 6 – How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money)

A wife wants to be with a MAN of PURPOSE. She wants a man who understands what his purpose in life is and who is actively engaged in fulfilling his purpose. And, doesn’t it go without saying that she would also rather be with a successful, prosperous husband than an unsuccessful, nearly-always-broke husband? This powerful eBook answers two important questions: 1) What is my purpose in life? 2) How do I attract more money into my life?
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A wife wants to be with a MAN of PURPOSE. She wants a man who understands what his purpose in life is and who is actively engaged in fulfilling his purpose. And, doesn't it go without saying that she would also rather be with a successful, prosperous husband than an unsuccessful, nearly-always-broke husband?

If you want to be a MAN of Purpose and Money, a MAN who enjoys a meaningful, satisfying life because he knows what his purpose is and he knows how to attract all the money he wants to himself, then "How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money" is for you.

This is a powerful digital book that answers two important questions:

  1. What is my purpose in life?
  2. How do I attract more money into my life?

If you want to be a MAN Of purpose and money … a MAN who enjoys a meaningful, satisfying life because he knows what his purpose is … and he knows how to attract all the money he wants to himself, then this eBook is for you.

Note: When you get the above digital book, you also get access to the private “PurposeAndMoney” forum where Calle Zorro and other men discuss the content and application of this digital book.

Now, if you want more information about this product, here is the long description…

The topic of this eBook may at first seem as if it has nothing to do with seducing your wife ... but I am telling you it has a LOT to do with you being able to seduce your wife.

A woman WANTS to be WITH a certain kind of man. If you are familiar with my teachings, you know that the first two things she wants in a man are:

  1. A man who knows and understands what her needs are and who meets her needs on purpose so that she is free, open, and inspired to satisfy his needs.
  2. A man who thinks, behaves, and operates in a way that is appealing, desirable, attractive, and sexy to her. She wants a man who can handle himself AND her appropriately.

Now, I cover these two things in my "Happy Sexual Marriage Bundles" ... and you should definitely get one of my bundles if you do not already have one of them. But here, I want to talk about the third and fourth things a woman wants in her man: purpose and money.

With regard to purpose, a woman wants to be with a man who is going somewhere in life that is meaningful and important ... and she wants to feel like she is an integral part of where her man is going ... so that she feels like she is going somewhere too.

Look around and it is easy to find a wife who is in the postcard-picture-perfect house ... with the standard society-approved two kids ... a husband who works at a family and friends approved job ... and the thought that screams through her mind nearly every day is, "I want more than this!"

Now, it is not that this wife is unhappy with what she has. It is not that she is ungrateful for all the blessings in her life. The issue is that she realizes she and her husband are not really going anywhere in life.

She recognizes that she and her husband are on a treadmill doing nothing but paying for "stuff". And, what a wife really wants ... your wife ... is to be a part of something with her husband that is significant and meaningful.

A wife wants to be with a MAN of PURPOSE. She wants a man who understands what his purpose in life is and who is actively engaged in fulfilling his purpose. She wants a man who wants her to join in and help him fulfill his purpose. When she has this kind of man, THEN, she has what her heart is screaming for.

Now, stay with me here for a moment ... I am just like you ... you and me both have learned from experience that when somebody starts trying to sell us "financial advice", it is time to make an exit because the person generally cares more about lining their wallet with our money than helping us financially.

So understand, I am NOT here to persuade or convince you of anything financially. I am NOT here to tell you to save money, contribute to a 401k, or any other such common money-advice. I am NOT here to tell you what you should or should not do with your money. If you are like me, you already get more than enough offers for financial advice, investments, and business opportunities by email, newspaper, and TV as it is.

What I AM interested in sharing with you comes WAY BEFORE financial and investment advice. What I DO want to share with you are apparently "secret" concepts because nobody uses them except wealthy people. What I DO want to share with you is how to become a man who HAS money ... and, what you do with the money once you have it is your business and up to you.

OK, let's get back to our topic...

With regard to money, well, it goes without saying that a wife would rather be with a successful, prosperous husband than an unsuccessful, nearly-always-broke husband, doesn't it?

And besides, wouldn't you just rather be a man of means ... not only for yourself, but for your wife and family too?

Well, if you consider the course of your married life ... and all the time, energy, and effort you've expended ... along with the sacrifices you've made ... in the area of money, I would guess the answer is a definite, "Yes!"

Now, all of this is important because if you were to look at the list of a normal man's top-three biggest issues, here is what you would find:

  1. Wife (How do I successfully connect with, relate to, interact with, understand, and handle my lady? How do I maintain an affectionate, intimate, sexual, and satisfying relationship with her?)
  2. Money (How do I get enough money to pay for everything and have enough left over to be able to enjoy life too?)
  3. Purpose (Where am I going? What am I supposed to be doing? What is the meaning in my life? Is what I am doing worthwhile?)

For the first item, I again refer you to one of my "Happy Sexual Marriage Bundles".

But, for the second and third items, I recommend what I am talking about here: "How To Be A MAN of Purpose And Money".

Inside this eBook, you will get clear, practical answers to these two questions ... answers that you can do something with:

  1. What is MY specific purpose in life? No hocus-pocus fluff and stuff ... what is MY REAL purpose in life?
  2. How do I attract more and more money into my life? How do I get money to come to me? How do I become a money magnet? How do I get the money to pay my bills, provide for my family, enjoy life, and live my life on purpose?

In relation to these two questions, I'm wondering:

  • Do you have the INcongruence within yourself ... that many people have within themselves ... that is separating you from YOUR purpose and prosperity? I reveal what this incongruence is on page 4.
  • Do you know what your "talents" are? Well, they are a composite of four specific areas and if you lack clarity in these four areas ... as most people do ... then you will not be able to fulfill your purpose in life. Starting on page 9, you will get absolute clarity and understanding.
  • Are you aware that by answering and acting upon one, single question, you can instantly begin fulfilling your purpose in life? You get the exact question on page 22.
  • Do you know what the difference is between a person who has no drive, ambition, or motivation and one who has unlimited, unbounded drive, ambition, and motivation? The answer awaits you on page 25.
  • Do you understand why people who clearly want and need more money don't have the level of money in their life that they want? The answer is underlined for you on page 31.
  • Do you know the five ways you can start attracting money and other good things towards you? If not, the five ways are listed out for you on page 32.
  • Are you one of those who says you want more money and yet you are actually blocking yourself from receiving it and don't even know it? The middle of page 38 may be a real eye-opener for you.

Any one of the concepts underlying the above-listed questions could be life-altering for you ... and realistically, several of them WILL BE life-altering for you.

But, there is more to this eBook than just the bullets listed above ... there are more secrets revealed inside this eBook that are so powerful that I am not going to spoil them here.

Now, I realize these are pretty strong claims. I realize that if you do not know me, you may not believe me. But, I still boldly make these claims because at one time, I was the guy seeking answers to purpose and money.

I read anything and everything I could find on the topic of purpose and money. And, wherever I could find a man of purpose or money (and in a few rare instances, a man of both purpose and money) ... who would talk with me ... I questioned and probed his mind to learn all I could from him.

And, you know what?

Not one book or person was able to help me answer my questions about purpose and money. But, over time, I was able to piece together a cohesive whole ... and once I did that, my life was forevermore altered for the better ... and I am completely confident that yours will be too.

I know ... another strong claim ... but I KNOW that what is inside this digital book defines exactly what men of purpose and money think and do ... and you might as well join me in their ranks!

Now, here is the best part: the WORKSHEETS.

These worksheets are specifically designed to take you from where you are RIGHT NOW ... which is probably a vague, ambiguous, ethereal, confused, muddled sense of what your purpose is ... to EXACTLY what your specific purpose is ... and how to begin fulfilling it RIGHT NOW.

Moreover, the worksheets will EMPOWER you with complete CLARITY and UNDERSTANDING of what you can do RIGHT NOW to attract opportunities to you and money into your hands.

Now, consider these three questions:

1. How is this different from what other people say about purpose?

Simple! This reveals your purpose in life to you RIGHT NOW so that you can begin fulfilling your purpose RIGHT NOW.

In contrast, others who talk about purpose basically tell you that your purpose is something you will understand once you are on your deathbed ... that at the end of your life, you will be able to look back and see how all the parts and pieces fit together and what the meaning of it all was.

Or, they essentially tell you that you have to go up to a high mountain somewhere and meditate for however long it takes for your purpose to be revealed to you.

To me, these commonly accepted viewpoints are not very satisfying or practical.  That is why I wrote "How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money" ... so that men could have a satisfying and practical answer to the question "What is my purpose in life?" ... and they could have it NOW.

2. How is this different from what other people say about money?

Easy! This actually reveals HOW to attract, draw, and GET more money into your life.

In contrast, other books about money basically tell you to think more positively and to be more successful by being more decisive, by managing your time better, by being more focused, and so on. They tell you about saving money, creating a budget, etc. They tell you all this "stuff" but they don't ever seem to get around to explaining exactly how to get more money into your life.

But, in "How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money", I skip past all the "stuff" and I just simply tell you how to attract more money into your life.

3. Does this have a spiritual or religious orientation?

Yes it does ... a decidedly Biblical / Christian orientation. If you want to be a man of purpose and money, you must be aligned with the source of these things ... God.

A real relationship with God underlying all that you do is a must if you are to fulfill your purpose in life and attain enduring, lasting success. Without God, life is a never-ending chase after things that bring no fulfillment ... every road ends up being a dead-end ... every shadow is lined with fear ... every endeavor ends up having no meaning ... relationships turn out dissatisfying and unfulfilling ... there is no lasting satisfaction or peace.

NOTICE: Before you get this digital book, you need to know that "How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money" references scriptures in the Bible and expresses the Christian message.

This is both a spiritual AND a practical / pragmatic digital book. If you are not comfortable with a Biblical and Christian perspective then this eBook may not be for you.

Having said this, the ideas in this book can have a powerful impact on the lives of all men, regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs.

Bottom line, when you start using the concepts and secrets contained within "How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money" your wife WILL KNOW that you are a new, different and more powerful MAN. She will quickly become aware that you are a MAN who is GOING SOMEWHERE. She will notice the ever-growing good that is flowing into your life. And, there is no telling how much your wife will like what she sees in the new you.

Customer Testimonial

"How To Be A Man of Purpose and Money" is a powerful digital book that has come into my life at exactly the right time.

For years I struggled in vain to extract a sense of happiness and personal worth from external sources. I have a great job and have enjoyed incredible career growth. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids. I have a comfortable home with a manicured yard, two cars and more material wealth than any person needs. I have lots of friends, hobbies and cool life experiences. I have all the things that society tells us will make us happy ... yet I was not happy.

In fact, I was the opposite of happy. Two years ago I was miserable, stressed out and ready to walk away from my whole "wonderful" life. The whole thing felt pointless. At that time I prayed to God to help me understand what I had to do to be happy in the world. Since that time, God has led me on a long and winding path of personal growth. He led me to resources that helped me to understand why I was unhappy, and what I had to do to break the cycle of ego gratification that I was living in.

Most importantly, God helped me to understand that happiness is not something that we can get from the world. Happiness is something that comes from within.

This is the core message of "How To Be A Man of Purpose and Money". God put you on this earth to do something special. With this digital book, Calle Zorro will help you to determine what that special something is. Calle will help you to determine what your particular gifts are, and how to use those gifts to their fullest potential. Calle will help you tap into your God given poential, and start living life to its fullest.

If you are tired of chasing your own tail in the eternal rat race of modern life, then do yourself a favour and purchase a copy of "How To Be A Man of Purpose and Money" . Take control of your own destiny and start the journey to true fullfillment.

-- Louie Black
Customer Testimonial

Dear Calle,

I have had this feeling for several years now that something was missing from my life. However, I could not figure out what it was. Just a nagging feeling of unfulfilledness. I have spent my whole life working hard to achieve a nice home, nice cars, a happy family, prestige at my job.

I have reached those goals. Why do I still feel that something is missing?

I must say that I found myself asking these questions. "What is my purpose in life?", "How do I find the inner peace and happiness that I so much desire?", "How do I attract more money?". Finding the answers to these questions seemed impossible.

I have just finished reading "How To Be a MAN Of Purpose And Money", Segment #6 of the "Wife Seducer series.

I TRULY feel that the answers to my questions were right there in front of me. Even if in the back of my mind, I knew I needed a purpose, I had no idea what it was or how to find it. I wish to "THANK YOU" for giving me the knowledge that I had been searching for. I now feel that I not only know what my purpose is, I know what I need to do to achieve it. You have completely inspired me to set and achieve new and exciting goals. Again, THANK YOU.

-- Richard Jungst
Customer Testimonial

Reading this digital book was one of the best things I've done for myself in years.

As a man reeling in an unsatisfying relationship and always feeling that there was something fundamentally wrong with me from the inside. I was desperate for anything to sooth the pain and find a road map to myself.

Having read LOTS of self-help books, I can say with some justification that this is the most spiritual, calming, healing guide that I've ever encountered.

This book provides a roadmap to a building an essentially sound relationship with yourself and all the while unlocking keys to money success. All we have to do is make the time for ourselves to uncover our own issues and work with-in the principles laid out in “Purpose/Money” to correct them.

I've read the book two times in a row, including highlighting, underlining, and dog-earring the pages. This is like a User's Guide to unlocking yourself.

Please savor this book. Race through it the first time, if you must, but read it slowly again to really understand what the author is trying to teach us.

Again, this was one of the best spiritual (for lack of a better word) books that I have read in a long time. There are a lot of books out there about personal growth, building wealth and success, but this one really hit home and was easy to understand. Sometimes it's all in how the message comes across and the author does a great job in doing just that.

I highly recommend Purpose/Money for anyone looking to take an inward adventure into themselves and a more fulfilling successful prosperous life.

And there's a forum with direct feedback from the author and others, that have read or are reading Purpose/Money.

-- Kevin Bowman
Customer Testimonial

"Before reading this book I had a vague notion of what my purpose in life was. This book turned my "vague notion" to 100% CERTAINTY! Now.. I don't have to question whether I am doing the right thing or not trying to fulfill my purpose. It's not just a "hobby" for me anymore.. it is my God given PURPOSE.

Calle has given me a PUSH in the right direction and I am now ACTIVELY pursuing my purpose in life. I'm having fun, making money, and serving others. My wife can't help but notice that there is a new ENERGY around me. It's exciting! I have no doubt that one day very soon.. I'll be getting PAID to fulfill my purpose enough to do it FULL TIME.

Thank you Calle, ALL of your works are inspiring and this one takes it up a notch!"

-- David Bibby

Safe & Risk Free Guarantee
The spectrum of my marriage-help products is altogether a marriage success program and this marriage success program is completely SAFE and RISK-FREE for you to buy. I GUARANTEE I will provide you with the information and support you need to create the marriage you want or I will give you your money back. Here is my specific guarantee:

This MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM … this SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring (eBooks, private online forum, and three phone / email sessions) … will either give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT … or I will completely refund every penny of the money you paid for this program.

Here is specifically how it works: Get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. Read through the eBooks needed for your specific situation. Get involved in the private online forum. Use the three email / phone sessions to talk with me personally. At that point, YOU WILL HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT.

But, if after you have covered all three of these bases (eBooks, private forum, email / phone mentoring), you still do not understand how to create the marriage you want, then you should ask me for a refund – and I will promptly issue one to you.

As you read through this MONEY-BACK, RISK-FREE, GUARANTEE, I hope you realized that this IS safe for you to buy. You can only win in this deal. Either I help you clearly understand how to create the marriage you want or you get a full refund.

And, I will provide you RIGHT NOW … UP FRONT … IN PUBLIC … with the phone number you would call in order to request a refund if this three-part system fails to give the information and support you need to create the marriage you want: (918) 814-3480

Now, on my side, this guarantee is real and I absolutely stand behind it. But, let’s make sure we are both staying grounded in reality…

If your marriage has been deteriorating for years … and you are just now coming to me … because your wife has started sleeping in a different room … or she is talking about separating … or divorcing … or she has ran off with another man … or you are already separated … then I obviously cannot guarantee you the kind marriage you want with your wife if she is already departing or estranged.

Now, if you are in this situation, I CAN tell you that IF ANYTHING will bring your wife back into an affectionate, sexual relationship with you, IT IS THIS SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring.

And, I can tell you that most of the men who have came to me with a crumbling marriage WERE able to recreate an affectionate, intimate relationship with their departing or estranged wife by applying my teachings.

But again, if you are in the late stages of a crumbling marriage, I cannot guarantee you that we will be able to create the relationship you want with a departing or estranged wife.

You would know I was lying to you if I told you anything otherwise.

But, what I am guaranteeing you is that this system of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring will enable you and empower you to create the kind of marriage you want … whether it is with your current wife … or, if it turns out to be too late with her, another woman.

Stated differently, I cannot guarantee WHO the woman will be … but I can guarantee you that I can and will help you create an affectionate, sexual relationship with A woman.

I am guaranteeing you that I will provide you with the information, support, and help you need in order to create the kind of marriage you want.

Moreover, I will give you my very best. I am serious about helping you. I am NOT playing games. This is NOT a hobby or some mere side interest. I am NOT just a marketer pitching a product. I am NOT some guy playing entrepreneur.

Helping men create a happy, sexual marriage IS what I do … it is what I have been doing for a long time … it is who I am … it is my God-given calling and purpose … it is a key part of why God placed me on this earth … and gave me the unique experiences, gifts, and talents He has given me. And, it may well be that divine intervention has caused your path to cross with mine right now … at this specific time.

On your side, get this ONLY if you are going to give it your best too.

Now, notice specifically that this is NOT a “tire-kicker” guarantee. This guarantee does NOT cover buying the program, flipping through it briefly, and then asking for a refund.

If all a guy wants to do is flip through something, then he should go to a bookstore, find the section that contains books on marriage, flip through a few of them, and then leave. It will not cost him anything other than time and travel costs … and he will go home to the same kind of marriage relationship he had before he walked into the store!

So, understand that refunds will only be given in the event that you have, (1) went through the entire set of eBooks, (2) participated sincerely in the private online forum, (3) redeemed your three coaching phone calls / email exchanges with me personally … and, if after all of that, you can honestly say that you still do not understand how to create the kind of marriage you want, then I will absolutely refund your money.

Of course, I have made sure that the ONLY result you can get from this program is a clear understanding of exactly how to create the kind of marriage you want … which means do not get this program unless you want to create the marriage you want.

Another point to clarify: as stated, what I am guaranteeing is that this marriage program will give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about how to create a great marriage. So, disagreement with something I say within the program … or disagreement with some stance or belief that I express within the program … is NOT a valid reason to request a refund. Whether a person agrees with the content is immaterial to its legitimate articulation of marriage principles that are proven to work. So, know up front that no refund will be given for reasons of disagreement over the program’s content.

Moreover, non-use or non-implementation of the program on your part is NOT a valid reason for a refund. This program contains the information that a man needs … along with the support a man needs … in order to be able to create the kind of marriage he wants. Therefore, no refund will be given to a man who does not avail himself of this information and support.

Bottom line, if you genuinely want to create the kind of marriage you really want to have and to enjoy … if you sincerely want to be a man who gets great results with his lady … then get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. From there, do your part … I will do my part for you … and YOU can enjoy the awesome results for the rest of your life.

How Much Time Do You Have Before “It” Happens?

Take a moment to consider the element of time … how much time do you have before something bad happens in your marriage?

What I can tell you is that many men THINK their marriage is in great shape … or that it is in better shape than it really is … and they do not realize how bad things really are in their marriage.

Here is what happens: a woman will generally ACT as if everything is okay all the way up to the point where she crosses over her “threshold” … at which point she does a complete 180 turn-away from her husband and a total rejection of him.

Of course, there are “signs” of underlying problems and imminent danger before a woman blows up on her husband: depression … severe mood swings … aloofness … a decline in sex … or a loss of passion in sex … and many others.

But, because a woman will often continue giving sex to her husband in spite of the issues and problems she has with him inside of herself … because a husband is still getting what he wants from his wife … he ignores … or does not see … the “signs” … and he continues on as if everything is perfectly okay.

And then one day … out of nowhere … some LITTLE something or another will happen … and his wife shocks him with the news that she wants a separation or a divorce … and now, the husband has the huge, difficult, up-hill, failure-is-highly-possible battle of trying to win his wife back when she does not want to be with him nor does she want anything to do with him.

Here is the next thing I must tell you; when there is a lack of emotional AND physical intimacy between you and your wife and when your relationship is steadily eroding away, then you better do something quick to fix and repair your marriage.

Either that, or you better get ready because the disaster of a divorce or an affair is imminent.

Now, you might think that “your” wife would never do that to you … and yet … roughly speaking … statistics prove that out of every two men, one of them is going to experience a divorce.

However, that does not mean the other guy got off without incident. While the exact percentage cannot really be determined, many of the men who do not go through a divorce will experience the bitterness of their wife cheating on them.

Imagine your best friend standing beside you … ONE of you IS going to be the “one” who ends up dealing with a divorce or the betrayal of a wife who has cheated on you.

The question is, will it be YOU or will it be HIM?

Well, if you care about protecting your interests, then YOUR only “protection” is two-fold:

  1. Make sure you know what your wife’s needs are and meet those needs on purpose better than any other man who crosses her path in life.
  2. Think, behave, and operate in a way that is more appealing, attractive, desirable, and sexy to your woman than any other man she knows or meets.

Only when these two criteria are satisfied is your marriage relationship … your home … your family … your children … your future … “safe”.

So again, I ask … is there any urgency to you being able to satisfy these two criteria?

Well, I can tell you that you BETTER be the best “choice” your wife has because if you are not, there IS a ticking “affair-bomb” or “divorce-bomb” with YOUR NAME on it!

When your wife looks around at other men and compares them to YOU … and she DOES DO THIS … you BETTER be such a man that she realizes YOU really are her best “deal”.

And, to make sure you understand this, your wife is NOT rating you based on how successful you are in your career … or how much money you make … or what kind of house and car you have provided her with … or what kind of father you are.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you realize it or not, your wife is assessing, rating, and judging you based upon how good you are at turning her on and invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in her towards you.

And, if you are not consistently invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in your wife, then your marriage relationship is in very real danger … particularly the closer your wife is to menopause.

To go a step farther with this, it is common for me to get a call from a guy who thought his marriage was safe … because he was so successful both socially and financially … but now, he is freaking out because his wife just ran off with some pot-bellied, slob of a guy who still lives with his mom and who has not held down a job in years … and he cannot understand how his wife could trade him for such a loser.

Well, these men just found out the hard way that their wife does not use the criteria to rate and assess them that they thought she did. More accurately, these men found out that a wife generally does not base her opinion of her husband on the criteria that he thinks she uses or that he wants her to use.

So, is this urgent? Yes, it is pretty urgent!

Point blank, do not cheat yourself. Do not put your marriage in any greater marriage risk than it is already in. Instead, say “Yes!” to this offer of help. Get the happy, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, loving, affectionate, and highly-sexual marriage relationship that you really do want.

Are You Hesitating Because Of The Cost?

It is quite odd how many men can spend and waste huge amounts of money on all kinds of frivolous, meaningless things and never think a second thought about it. And yet, when it comes to something important, life-improving, and future-altering, these very same men can become the world’s greatest procrastinators and get hung up over TINY amounts of money.

So, if you are hanging up on the cost of these marriage-improving products, then expand your time-frame beyond the constricted time-frame of just right now … step back and consider the longer-term … do this and realize that this is an INsignificant amount of money compared to the GREATER enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure that comes from having a happy, sexual marriage … one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

But, You Should Pass On This If…

There are some who should just pass on this offer of marriage help. Check and see if you are one of them:

#1: If an occasional Bible reference is something that you do not agree with or appreciate, then this is not for you.

While the subject matter I write about is all about creating an affectionate, intimate, and sexual marriage, I do come from a Christian frame of reference.

On the flip side, my teachings are NOT the watered down, keep letting your wife misbehave and abuse you … while you just love her … kind of fare that you find in standard Christian marriage relationship books. My materials are about creating REAL results in your marriage as quickly as possible.

Bottom line, if you hate God, hate the Bible, and hate the Christian belief system, then you are not going to like this program … and you should search elsewhere for someone whose belief-system is more like yours.

#2: If you are the type of guy who thinks he already knows everything and nobody can teach him anything, then do not waste your time getting this. There is no benefit in you going through this program trying to convince yourself the whole way through that you already know everything there is to know about male/female relationships.

Similarly, if you are the type who is big on how much you know … and not much on applying what you know … then you should just save yourself the hassle and skip this.

If you are not open to learning … if you are not ready to receive … and to implement … then there is no sense in wasting your time or mine. I am serious about helping men create the kind of marriage they want … and if I am going to help you, then you must be open, receptive, and serious about increasing your skills and abilities too.

You can be sure that creating the kind of marriage you want is NOT a mere academic exercise where all you have to do is answer a few questions on a test about something you have heard about before. If that is what you want, then this is not for you.

#3: If you want everything to be your wife’s fault and nothing to be your fault, then you will not be happy with this.

The fact is, there are issues on both your part AND your wife’s part … and we have to start with your part first … then we can deal with your wife’s part second.

But, if you are not ready to accept responsibility for your side of the equation … and to start making improvements on your side first … then you should pass on this.

Similarly, if you want to hold on to excuses for not stepping up and becoming a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants, then skip this because it will mess up your game-playing.

If you are not ready to develop yourself into a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants … if you are not ready to step up to the responsibilities and rewards of being a high-caliber, attractive, desirable man … if you want to hold on to the excuse that you do not know how to get good results with your wife … or any other such kinds of excuses, then you should pass on this because you will have no excuses by the time you finish this marriage program.

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