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Happy Sexual Marriage Bundle - Baseline

Happy Sexual Marriage Bundle - Baseline

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Happy Sexual Marriage Bundle - Baseline

The “Happy-Sexual Marriage Bundle“ is the baseline, foundational Calle Zorro package and if you are in a “normal” marriage … one that started out great … but the affection and intimacy has decreased noticeably over time, then this is is a great option for you to select.
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The “Happy-Sexual Marriage Bundle“ is the baseline, foundational Calle Zorro package and if you are in a “normal” marriage … one that started out great … but the affection and intimacy has decreased noticeably over time, then this is a great option for you to select.

This marriage bundle gives you a solid foundation in the two requirements of a happy, sexual marriage relationship:

  1. Understanding what your wife’s needs are and how to meet those needs in a way that is attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy to your wife.
  2. Understanding how to think, behave, operate, interact, and relate in a way that is attractive, appealing, desirable, and sexy to your wife.

Included within this bundle are:

  1. How To Get Your (Disconnected Or Estranged) Wife Back
  2. A Wife’s Letter Of Secrets
  3. How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac
  4. How To Create A More Sexual Marriage
  5. The Marriage Turnaround Guide
  6. What Your Wife Thinks About Before, During, And After Sex…And How To Make Sure She’s Really Into Having Sex With You!
  7. How To Be The Best Lover Your Wife’s Ever Had (And Get Her Initiating Sex More Often)
  8. How To Set Up A Romantic Date That Turns Your Wife On Sexually
  9. Access to the private Married and Happy forum
  10. Phone counseling

Now, if you want more information about this product, here is the long description…

Have you ever wondered what it is that you are supposed to do … that you have not already tried … that will cause your wife to be more loving, affectionate, and sexual with you?

Have you ever wondered what else you could do that would cause your wife to be the way you want her to be with you?

Have you ever wanted something that would just work … that would REALLY work … and would keep on working … that would give yourself the wonderful, satisfying relationship with your wife that you are wanting right now?

Undoubtedly, you believe it IS possible for a husband and a wife to enjoy a happy, loving, affectionate, and sexual marriage relationship together … and yet, after all your best efforts to have that kind of relationship with your wife, you are still in a frustrating, less-than-satisfying marriage … right?

And, does that leave you wondering what the secret is that you are obviously missing given that your marriage clearly isn’t as good as it could be?

If so, you are at the right place! This is what you have been missing. This is what you have been needing. This is where you need to be.

Now, as you probably know, the first secret to success in any area of life is knowing what you DO NOT want … and what you DO want. So, in terms of your wife…

  • Have you had enough of doing without affection, intimacy and sex?
  • Have you decided that you want a happy, loving, friendly, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, and fulfilling marriage with your wife?
  • Have you decided that you want a warm, close, intimate, and highly-sexual relationship with your wife?
  • Have you had enough of the arguing and fighting with your wife?
  • Have you have had enough of the unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disrespect, division, and disharmony between you and your wife?

If yes, let’s move forward together and talk about having a happy, loving marriage … and an affectionate, sexual wife … and, I suggest you watch closely for the “wife secrets” I reveal along the way.

But, before we move forward, consider the kinds of marriage relationship problems other men have overcame with what I am going to tell you about … and how they described their problem in the beginning…

Paul said, “My wife and I have a great marriage in every way EXCEPT sexually.”

William said, “My wife doesn’t get turned on very often but when she does, it’s amazing. So, I want to know how to specifically to turn her on more often.”

Evan said, “My wife will give me sex WHEN I initiate it … but it’s SO frustrating and dissatisfying because she’s obviously just doing me a favor. Right now, my wife thinks of sex as an obligation and I want it to be something she desires.”

Ronnie said, “My wife and I are more like platonic friends than lovers … and it’s definitely dissatisfying living in the same house and being non-intimate. We used to have a wonderful sex life but now we have nothing but cohabitation.”

Bruce said, “I can’t get the sex I want and deserve. I pull my weight in our marriage and show her love and we’re still not making love as often as we should. In fact, I really feel like my wife is just taking advantage of me.”

John said, “I’ve got to do something. My wife is emotionally unhappy. She wants more romance … she wants a “connection” … she wants a relationship like we used to have when we were dating and newly married … and I don’t know what to do.”

George said, “I love my wife and I believe at some level she loves me too but there’s sure not very much “love” being shared between us.”

Joe said, “I’d describe our sex life like this: poor quality and low quantity. My wife says she feels neglected and I KNOW I feel neglected. I just don’t know what it is that I’m doing wrong.”

Randy said, “There’s a definite lack of connection, lack of affection, lack of support, lack of respect, lack of intimacy, and lack of sex in our marriage. ”

Ryan said, “I have a loveless wife and a sexless marriage and somehow, someway, that has GOT to change.”

Tom said, “I want sex more than my wife does … and I don’t care what I do or how nice I am, I can’t seem to get any kind of a response or reaction out of my wife … let alone a sexual one.”

Dennis said, “My wife used to be very sexual but now I can hardly get her to have basic missionary-position sex … she won’t give me oral sex anymore … she won’t even let me give her oral sex. It’s driving me crazy.”

Shawn said, “It seems like my wife and I are constantly bickering, arguing, and fighting … and it’s getting harder and harder … and taking longer and longer … for us to make up.”

Andy said, “As far as my wife is concerned, I can’t seem to do anything right.”

Michael said, “I’d like to work things out between me and my wife but I can’t get her to sit down and have a rational conversation with me … she won’t talk to me and she won’t do anything to help me fix our marriage. She has no interest in me or our marriage.”

Ben said, “My wife seems to have a strong distaste for me. She is frequently rude, spiteful, obnoxious, belittling, and disrespectful towards me. She is quick to express her irritation or anger towards me.”

Scott said, “I don’t think anything has happened at a physical level yet but I know my wife has been having inappropriate conversations with another man.”

Gerald said, “My wife was completely disinterested in sex. I had to beg and plead to get it … and then she turned around and had an affair with another man.”

Allen said, “My wife has cheated on me … and I’m hurt and angry … but I also realize it’s partly my fault that she did what she did … and I do want to salvage our marriage.”

Don said, “My wife wants to leave me … but I don’t want to let her go. I’d like to rescue our marriage … and start all over … the “right” way … but my wife says there’s no hope for our marriage … that things will never change … that we are just two different people.”

But what about you? Did any of the above bullets describe your marriage situation?


Well then, keep exploring forward here because the odds are high that what I am going to tell you about will make a major difference in your life.

Two Requirements To Having An Affectionate, Sexual Wife And A Happy Marriage

Men are generally wired to be logical and rational. If a man has a problem, he will usually try to define the problem so he knows what it is that is bothering him and and then he will try to find or create a solution.

But, that is NOT how women are wired. When a woman has a problem, she will generally just “feel” the problem. She won’t try to define it. She won’t analyze it. She will just keep looping the bad feeling that comes from the problem until it finally reaches a high enough threshold after which she will start moving AWAY from whatever or whoever she blames the problem on.

With regard to your marriage, I am confident your wife has inevitably blamed YOU for her bad feelings and she has progressively moved away from you emotionally and physically … am I right?

Well, if you are still reading this, then I am pretty sure you know all about your wife moving away from you … you know all about diminishing love, affection, and intimacy … and so job #1 is to STOP your wife from moving away from you and get her coming back towards you.

Here’s the thing; a person will always move towards that which they believe is the best deal for them and away from everything else … and right now, you need to get your wife thinking that YOU are the best deal for her because that is when she will want to give you what you want.

That is why the first thing I will need to help you understand is what your wife’s needs are so you can begin meeting those needs on purpose and begin building value, appreciation, and respect in her eyes towards you.

This is the first requirement to having a happy, sexual marriage.

However, do NOT make this mistake … being the best deal for your wife does NOT mean that you let her use you, abuse you, take advantage of you, or walk on you. It does not mean that you give, give, give while she takes, takes, takes. Virtually every day I encounter men who are bending over backwards trying to get their wife “attracted” to them and the more they try, the more it does not work and the less they get from their wife.

That is why the second thing I will need to help you understand is how you need to think, behave, and operate so that you ARE appealing, attractive, desirable, and sexy to your wife.

This is the second requirement to having a happy, sexual marriage.

When a man is clear on what his wife’s needs are and he meets those needs without weakness or neediness … AND when a man thinks, behaves, and operates in a way that is appealing, attractive, and sexy to his wife, THEN he WILL have a happy, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, fulfilling, loving, affectionate, intimate, and sexual marriage relationship with his wife.

That brings us to this…

So that you can have this kind of wife and marriage … so that you can get the kind of marriage relationship you want with your wife, I have taken what I have learned from my 20+ years of extensive field-research, people-modeling, and marriage-study and put it into a collection of digital books and reports that are specifically designed to help you create your own loving, affectionate, and sexual marriage relationship with your wife.

And, to give you a sense of how different these are compared to the “fluff” material that is commonly available, here are the titles:

  1. A Wife’s Letter Of Secrets
  2. How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac
  3. How To Create A More Sexual Marriage
  4. The Marriage Turnaround Guide
  5. How To Be The Best Lover Your Wife’s Ever Had (And Get Her Initiating Sex Too)
  6. What Your Wife Thinks About Before, During, And After Sex … And How To Make Sure She’s Really Into Having Sex With You!
  7. How To Set Up A Romantic Date That Turns Your Wife On Sexually
  8. How To Get Your Woman Back

Now, here is what you will find inside each digital book…

A Wife’s Letter Of Secrets

First on the list is, “A Wife’s Letter Of Secrets“. Previously, I mentioned my field-research and a part of that was me asking wives these four questions:

  1. “What advice would you give to the husband who wishes his wife wanted sex more often?”
  2. “How does a husband find out what really turns his wife on?”
  3. “What are some specific things that men can do to create a happier, more sexual relationship with their wife?”
  4. “What key lessons or concepts do you think men need to get in the areas of marriage, love, and romance?”

And, through the years, I have extracted some fantastic information from the minds of women and gained incredible insight into their world. But, there was this one particular woman … a woman who answered my questions via a letter … an absolutely amazing letter that literally blew me away. Without a doubt, this woman is hands down the most articulate wife I have ever encountered … and THIS is absolutely the FIRST digital book you need to read as you begin to convert your wife into a loving, affectionate, and sexual woman.

If you have ever thought you would like to get inside your wife’s head and get a good look at the hidden secrets inside, this woman’s letter is your open door. In her letter, this wife has literally bared her soul … so that your marriage can benefit from this.

In all my years of questioning wives, I have never had one be so honest and open about what is really going on inside her head. It is almost as if this wife broke a “code of silence” by the way she exposed things that most wives would completely deny.

To illustrate what I mean, here are some questions this lady reveals the answers to in her letter:

  • Do you know why a wife will cheat on her husband and who it is that she will cheat with?
  • Do you know how any husband can find out what really turns on his wife? (If you have ever wondered what your wife’s sexual hot buttons are, what her fantasies are, and what her true, deep-down sexual thoughts are, then you definitely want to read what this lady has to say.)
  • Are you aware that most men will never know what their wife’s true sexual thoughts are and do you know why? (This lady tells why in her letter.)
  • Did you know that every woman has a “lovemaking fantasy“? Do you know what your wife’s fantasy is? Do you know how your wife REALLY wants you to make love to her? (If you have ever wanted a woman to plainly tell you how to make love to her, you have got to read this.)
  • Do you know why so many wives act as if they are “frigid” and not interested in sex?

There is plenty more this lady reveals in her letter besides. For example, by the end you will know:

  • Five key things husbands need to know if they want more sex with their wife. (Do you know what they are? If not, this lady tells you in her letter.)
  • A wife’s most common romance fantasy.
  • How men turn off their wife sexually without even realizing they are doing it.
  • How you as a man can find out just how sexual your wife REALLY is.
  • The kinds of things that husbands do that shut down their wife’s desire for sex.
  • Why wives build resentment towards their husbands.

I’m not sure which items you found yourself most curious about but I hope you are starting to feel like, “I really need to get this” because this wife’s letter is one of those things that can only help enhance your marriage and your sex-life.

Plus, as you are reading this wife’s letter, you will realize that everything she reveals is something you can easily do to spice things up in your own marriage. Everything she talks about is something that ANY man can do … regardless of his age, looks, or bank-account size.

And, there is another thing that makes this wife’s letter particularly powerful…

In this letter, you are going to get the truth about wives and sex from a wife who is herself in a marriage where her husband gets very little sex.

Yes, you read that right.

Like hoards of other men, this woman’s husband constantly wants to have sex and she won’t give it to him. But, there are very specific and concrete reasons why she won’t … and she reveals what those reasons are and how any man can fix them in his own marriage.

My friend, YOU need to know about these reasons because I am quite sure they apply to YOUR marriage too.

Continuing on … in her letter, this wife reveals this unexpected secret:

  • Her husband doesn’t know that she actually craves sex all the time.
  • Her husband doesn’t know that he is the one who is killing her desire to have sex WITH HIM.

How INSANE is that? Two people living under the same roof and both of them WANTING sex and NEITHER ONE of them getting it?

Based on what this wife reveals in her letter, most of the men who are not getting all the sex they want are in exactly the same situation … they are killing their wife’s desire for sex with them and they don’t even know it … and all the while, their wife is desperately craving sex. This is precisely why so many wives cheat on their husband.

And now, there is no need to live in this kind of MADNESS any more.

In fact, let me reveal a very important truth about women right here…

A woman wants a man that she can have a positive AND a sexual reaction to. And, if the man she is with fails to generate that reaction within her then she WILL sooner or later seek out a different man so that HE can generate that reaction within her!

As you read that, did it occur to you that fixing your marriage is more serious and more important than you first thought?

This letter (digital book) is a fast and easy 12 page read. But, in the realm of “I want a happier, more-sexual marriage” every page is pure “get more sex” gold.

Helping men create a happier, more sexual marriage is my business … it is what I do all day long every day and I was able to ENHANCE MY OWN MARRIAGE WITH THIS LETTER. So, that alone should tell you something.

How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac

Second on the list is, “How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac“. Okay, I admit, that is a bit of an outlandish title and in your current circumstances it may seem completely unrealistic and even impossible to have such a wife … but I assure you it really IS completely possible … you CAN turn your wife into just as much of a nymphomaniac as you want her to be. I KNOW you can because I have helped a whole lot of men do exactly that.

Inside the pages of this digital book, you will find out how to do the things that release desire within your wife towards you. You will get the only real answers to the dual-questions of “How do I create a happy marriage?” and “How do I get more sex?” Along the way, you will get answers to important questions like:

  • What is it that your wife is waiting for you to do so that she can give you incredible sex? (You don’t want to miss this one!)
  • What are the secrets used by every playboy and womanizer that you can use “the right way” on your wife to get sex? (You won’t believe it until you have tried it.)
  • Do you know how to turn your wife’s emotional over-reactions into sexual desire? (This one is really cool!)
  • What does romance really mean to your wife and how can you effortlessly become the romantic guy she wants? (It will finally make sense after you read this.)
  • What are the two simple, effortless things you can do the next time you eat out with your wife that will most likely get you sex when you get home? (At first, you will laugh when you see that it really works. Then, you will cry when you realize how much sex you have missed out on because you did not know this.)
  • What can you do that makes your wife want to give you special treatment, attention, and affection?
  • What’s behind your wife’s emotions and how can you channel her emotions into lots of love and sex?

There is plenty more besides…

  • Do this one technique and you can virtually guarantee that your wife will pull her panties down for you in the next few hours. (I can’t wait till you try this one!)
  • Here is another one … do this one thing during the day, and you will get sex at bed time. (This tip is amazing!)
  • Why your wife gets mad at you and you don’t even understand why she is mad.
  • When you give your wife this secret, she can’t help but want to give you more sex.
  • Another reason your wife does not want to have sex with you right now and how to easily fix it.
  • The kind of relationship that equals a lot of intercourse for you.

Now, I will pause for a moment and share a brief bit of my own background with you. During my growing up years, there were multiple married couples around me who were very unhappy in their marriages … and it impacted me to such a degree that I was very clear on exactly what I wanted when it came my time to marry:

  • I want a peaceful, harmonious marriage!
  • I want a warm, loving, affectionate, and supportive wife!
  • I want a marriage relationship that I can enjoy!

As I got into my upper teenage years … and I began hearing married men everywhere talking about how sexually frustrated they were in their marriage, I updated what I wanted in my own marriage:

  • I want a nymphomaniac wife!
  • I want my wife to be a hot wife with a high sex drive!
  • I want a lot of intimacy in my marriage relationship!
  • I want a horny, sexual wife whose desire matches mine!

But, you do NOT get what you want by accident. You do not “auto-magically” get something just because you want it. And I found that out the HARD way.

Specifically, I married a nice young lady … and in less than a year our marriage was horrible … and after four more years of misery, fighting, and major unhappiness we divorced. And with that, I learned a very valuable life lesson…

You can only get what you want in life when you purposely create it … and the way you create it is a PROCESS of learning the right things and doing those right things on an ongoing basis.

I did not know the right things … I did not do the right things … and it did not matter how much I wanted a great marriage … it did not matter how much I wanted to avoid having a bad marriage … MY LACK of right knowledge and LACK of right action CREATED something I did NOT want … it created the outcome of an unhappy marriage that ended in a painful divorce.

Well, guess what? YOUR lack of right knowledge and right action IS creating what you do not want too!

Anyway, the pain of divorce DOUBLY fueled my IDEAL of having a happy, sexual marriage … and that is when I made a critically-important change within myself … I AM NO LONGER GOING TO “WING IT” WITH SOMETHING AS IMPORTANT AS A MARRIAGE! I knew it was time to acquire the right knowledge … so that I would know exactly what the right things to do were in relation to a woman.

Unfortunately, it turned out that while there was a lot of high-level marriage help information available, there was NOT a deep-level marriage success system that I could just buy and absorb … and so that forced me into a long, hard journey of creating a workable marriage success system. The good news is that now I am easily creating the outcome I want … the outcome of a happy, sexual marriage … and that is what I have to share with you here and now.

Looking back to my first marriage, if I had known nothing more than what is covered in this “How To Turn Your Wife Into A Nymphomaniac” digital book, I would have created a happy marriage instead of a disastrous divorce.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this digital book is. Bluntly, if you do not do the things I teach you in this digital book, then you will NEVER have a happy or sexual marriage.

This digital book is about understanding how to turn your wife on emotionally and sexually towards you … and when you get her turned on like this, she WILL be more affectionate AND sexual.

Stop! Imagine for a moment what it will be like when you get your wife turned on towards you. Can you see how good that will be? Can you feel how wonderful that will be? Can you hear how marvelous that will be?

How To Create A More Sexual Marriage

Third on the list is “How To Create A More Sexual Marriage“. With this digital book I really get into the nuts and bolts of how to be a man who is appealing, attractive, and sexy to your wife. This digital book is about how to think, behave, and operate so that your woman will WANT to surrender to YOU … so she will WANT to give herself to YOU!

Now, I will tell you how this digital book came about. When I first began sharing the results of my “how to create a happy, sexual marriage” system with other men, I found out that in most cases, once a man understood what his wife’s needs were and began meeting those needs on purpose, that was all that was needed for her to open up her affection and sexuality to him.

But, every once in a while, I would encounter a situation where I would teach a man all about his wife’s needs and he would meet her needs and she STILL would not share her affection or sexuality with him. That let me know my system was not complete. That is when I really got heavily involved in “modeling” husbands and wives.

By “modeling” I am talking about digging into the the viewpoints, the perceptions, the beliefs, and especially the conscious and unconscious thought processes of married people.

I had to find out what was going through the head of a man that caused his wife to have a sexual reaction to him.

I had to find out from women what a man did that caused her to want to get sexual with him.

And especially, I had to find out what was going through the head of a woman who “claimed” she did not like or want sex … and you might find this interesting … when a wife is blocking sex in a marriage, I found there are three primary reasons why … and I will share those with you now:

  1. There are some women who have been “trained” by a long line of women to be non-sexual. Now, this does not mean these women are never sexual because they can be VERY SEXUAL … when they want something … like a husband to support them and to give them children … and as soon as they have what they want … they go back to the non-sexual teaching that they were conditioned with by the women in their life.
  2. Sometimes, it is not so much that a woman is trained up to be non-sexual as much as she has really associated into being a mother and caretaker. From her earliest years, she was playing with her baby-dolls, playing bossy mom, and now, years later, she is essentially still playing the same game … except it is with real people now instead of toy dolls. And, unfortunately for her husband, sex is NOT a part of her game.
  3. In yet other cases, a woman is flat out raised up in an environment where she is conditioned to believe that men are there for her to use and abuse … and to give nothing back to. She has been trained to be completely selfish and self-centered and she does not have even a shred of interest in her husband’s interests … and certainly not his sexual interests.

There are other scenarios but these are the most common reasons why a woman blocks sex. Essentially, a woman in one of the above scenarios has buried, denied, and rejected her sexual nature. And obviously, in order for her to open up and embrace her sexual nature, SOMETHING is going to have to cause her to make some changes in her perspective.

So, if you have a wife who:

  • Refuses to meet your needs
  • Resists getting sexual with you
  • Avoids your touches, hugs, and kisses
  • Displays virtually no affection or intimacy towards you
  • Acts as if she has no obligation to give anything back to you

If you have been bending over backwards to make your wife happy and yet she still:

  • Resists or refuses your sexual advances
  • Despises or belittles the idea of sex with you
  • Is everything a wife should be except sexual
  • Just wants to be friends
  • Acts like a “cold fish”
  • Disrespects you and has little regard for you

Then you especially need this digital book, “How To Create A More Sexual Marriage Relationship“.

If you are in a marriage relationship where no matter how good of a husband you try to be … no matter how well you try to meet your wife’s needs … no matter how much you do for her … your marriage continues to be a nearly sexless marriage … then you absolutely must get this right now.

This digital book is for the man who is ready for more affection, more intimacy, more sex, and who is ready to do something about getting it, now. This digital book is your “tool” to crack your wife out of her non-sexual shell.

My friend…

It is time for you to have a happy marriage!

It is time for you to enjoy more sex!

Regardless of what your marriage is like right now, I am confident this digital book is going to be a major eye-opener for you. It is going to turn on some serious light-bulbs in your head. There are a whole lot of things that are suddenly going to make sense for you. You are going to find out how to do the right things in the right way … and get SPECTACULAR results in your marriage!

This may well be one of the important keys you have been missing all along.

Inside this digital book there are full-featured answers to important questions such as:

  • Do you know what the top two things are that turn a woman on sexually?
  • Do you know how to make sure you are the man your wife is sexually attracted to?
  • Do you know what to do if you have noticed your wife paying attention to other men or even flirting with them?
  • Do you understand why your wife would rather watch soaps, read a romance novel, stare at her phone or computer, or talk with her loser friends than be with you?
  • Do you understand why your wife would rather masturbate by herself than have sex with you?
  • Do you know how to get your wife to initiate intimacy?
  • Do you know how to “train” your wife to give you what you want?
  • Do you know how to trigger desire in your wife for certain sex acts that you want more of – such as more oral sex?
  • Are you aware of how to break your wife from associating anything you do with you wanting sex – and to instead just give you sex when you want it?
  • Do you know how to get an unstoppable response going inside your wife’s body such that she WANTS to get intimate?
  • Do you know the best way to bring an end to fights and arguments?
  • Do you know the best way to put a stop to your wife putting you down?
  • Do you know the best way to turn the tables on your wife when she does things to embarrass you so that she ends up being the one embarrassed?
  • Do you know the nine reasons a woman will subvert her desire for sex?

Some other things you will find out inside this digital book include:

  • What to do if you fear you have lost your ability to excite your wife.
  • Whether or not your wife likes “dirty talk”.
  • Different mistakes that men commonly make that put their wife in a non-sexual state.
  • Why you SHOULD disagree with your wife.
  • How and when you should use reverse psychology.

Just from reading these lists, you may already be able to visualize more sex, hear the sounds of passionate lovemaking, and feel wonderful sexual pleasure once again with your wife. I hope you do because that is what this is going to help you create with your wife.

The Marriage Turnaround Guide

Fourth on the list is “The Marriage Turnaround Guide“. Every digital book I have written is important and this one is especially important. Here is why…

The relationship that you and your wife are in right now has been going in a certain direction for a while, agreed?

And, the longer the two of you travel in this direction, the more apparent it becomes that the “destination” is NOT a good one, right?

Well, the pragmatic information contained within this digital book is all about getting your marriage going in a happy and sexual direction … and keeping it going in that direction for the rest of your life.

See here is the thing … it takes no real talent or brains to get a woman to have sex with you once or twice. But, to know how to handle your wife so that she is happy with you and wants to have frequent sex with you year after year after year … now that is REAL talent and brains … that is what separates the MEN from the BOYS … and that is what “The Marriage Turnaround Guide” reveals … how to handle your wife in such a way that a happy, sex-filled marriage becomes a reality and continues to be a reality.

There are two parts to this digital book. In the first part, you will get these answers:

  • What is the #1 characteristic of husbands who enjoy a lot of sex with their wife?
  • Do you know how to get your wife to see something new in you that she can be freshly attracted to?
  • How do you become a man your wife admires and wants to be closer too?
  • Do you know how to spot opportunities to get affection and intimacy … times that your wife really wants sex (although she never tells you verbally) … that the normal husband completely misses?
  • Do you know about this “skill” that your wife dreams of you having … but that she will probably never admit to?
  • Do you know about the common mistake that husbands make … and if you make it, your wife will not only give you NOTHING but she will eventually start flirting with or even having affairs with other men?
  • Do you know how to handle your wife when she plays “games” that suggest, “If you will do _____ for me, then I will give you sex later…” but then after you do _____ for her, your “later” never seems to come around? Do you know how to put an end to this kind of nonsense?
  • What must you “do” to your woman’s mind if you want her to take things to a sexual level?

You will also find out about:

  • An incredibly powerful technique to make your wife realize she does NOT want to be cold, aloof, distant, spiteful, etc. towards you. A few applications of this technique and your wife will clearly realize that she WANTS to be warm, loving, affectionate, and intimate with YOU.
  • How to avoid the “stalemate” that so many men inadvertently create between them and their wife.
  • The process that has created the kind of marriage you have and the process that will create the kind of marriage you want.
  • Make this mistake and your wife will dismiss you as insignificant and not worthy of her sex.

Now, in the second part of this digital book, you will learn all about one critically important subject:

  • How to manage your wife’s mind.

I am going to tell you the truth; your marriage will continue to suffer … your marriage will continue to be less-than-satisfying … your marriage will continue to have problems and trouble … UNTIL you learn to manage your wife’s mind.

Until you learn to manage your wife’s mind, your wife will be “blind” to all the good that you do and she will have 20/20 vision on everything “bad” that you do.

Remember, a woman “feels” … and when your wife has got a clear spotlight on anything and everything you do that is “bad” … but she cannot see anything you do that is “good”, guess how she is going to feel?

That’s right! She is going to feel “bad” towards YOU. And, bad feelings mean no affection or sex.

That is why this digital book needs to be in your “hands” … and the information contained within it transferred into YOUR head.

How To Be The Best Lover Your Wife’s Ever Had

Fifth on the list is, “How To Be The Best Lover Your Wife’s Ever Had (And Get Her Initiating Sex Too)“. This digital book alone may well save your marriage … as well as your self-respect and manhood.

There are two questions that men ask me more more than any others:

  1. How do I get my wife to initiate sex?
  2. How do I make sure I am the best lover my wife has ever had?

These are questions of personal importance to a man, wouldn’t you agree?

I have seen men first-hand who were literally tormented by these questions … and understandably so…

If you are a normal man, you want to share the gift and joy of sex with your wife. And yet, when you are the one who is always initiating intimacy and she never initiates sex, it quickly becomes unbearably embarrassing, humiliating, and frustrating.

Am I right?

Similarly, if you are a normal guy, you want to be the best lover your wife has ever had … and there are few things more painful for a man than picking up on the vibe that he is not as good or satisfying as other men his wife has been with.

Are you with me?

Good! Because this digital book is exactly what you need to make sure you are the best lover your wife has ever had so much so that of her own accord your wife will initiate sex with you.

This digital book is SPECIFICALLY about YOU becoming your wife’s BEST LOVER ever. It is SPECIFICALLY about YOUR WIFE initiating SEX with YOU.

Have you ever wondered how a woman can have such a take it or leave it … and mostly a leave it attitude … towards something that feels as good as sex?

I explain why this is so in this digital book. More importantly, you get to find out how to transform your wife so that she has an “I want sex and I’m going to get it with you” attitude instead.

Have you ever wished you just really knew how to seduce your wife in such a way that SHE was the one who was dragging you to the bedroom?

In this digital book you get the secret to invoking strong sexual desire in your wife so that SHE is the one who wants to take things to the physical level.

Has it ever seemed like your marriage relationship was more of a paternal or maternal one rather than a sexual, intimate one?

By the time you finish this digital book, you will understand exactly how to GET OUT of this deadly trap. Best of all, you will learn what to do so that when your wife thinks of you, she thinks of a man she wants to get sexual with.

There are some rather interesting effects that come from applying the material that is in this digital book. For example, in one place, you will find out about how to flip two things in your wife’s mind and the result is that YOUR WIFE will want to rub her body on YOU. That would be like a fantasy come true, wouldn’t it?

There is so much more that is revealed…

For example, in another place you will get the mother of all female sex secrets … the one that eludes so many men. This is the secret that takes a NON-orgasmic woman and turns her into a HIGHLY ORGASMIC hot wife!

In still another place, you will read about what must happen in order for you to help your wife reach her highest possible pleasure threshold.

In yet another place, it is laid out for you how to get your wife past the stage where she resists sex and over to the stage where SHE WANTS SEX WITH YOU.

As it pertains to you, this digital book is very “practical” and very “approachable” … it is something you can read today and be a better lover tonight!

Now, in addition to the above digital books, there are three special reports included that may well make all the difference in your marriage relationship.

How To Ensure Your Wife Is Really Into Having Sex With You

The first digital report is titled: “What Your Wife Thinks About Before, During, And After Sex … And How To Make Sure She’s Really Into Having Sex With You!

As part of my field-research, I asked wives what they thought about before, during and after sex.

You are sure to be shocked when you find out what they had to say.

It certainly shocked me.

I am telling you, this is important because you may be making a fool of yourself and not even know it. Even worse, you may be pushing your wife out the door and not even know it.

For example, in some cases, I was able to talk to the ex-husbands of some of these wives and these men told me that when they were making love, their former wife “acted” like she was really into making love … she made all the “obligatory” sounds … she made all the right “moves” … so they thought everything was okay … right up until she filed for divorce and ran off with another man.

So, in this digital report, I explain how you can make sure your wife’s mind is focused on having sex with YOU. You will get answers to these questions:

  • How do you help your wife reconnect with her sexuality?
  • How do you make sure your wife falls into bed HORNY?
  • What is the difference between meaningless sex and amazing lovemaking?
  • When should you make love to your wife?
  • What should you talk about that will turn your wife on?
  • How do you touch your wife in a way that gets her excited?

How To Set Up A Romantic Date That Turns Your Wife On Sexually

The second digital report is titled: “How To Set Up A Romantic Date That Turns Your Wife On Sexually“.

This digital report is especially interesting … men know that they need to “prime the pump” by taking their wife out on a date. The trouble is, most men go on dates with their wife that gives them the LEAST chance at having sex with her.

Let me ask you … have you ever taken your wife out on a date … where you tried to be as charming as you could … where you spent a boatload of money … and yet, by the time you got her home, all she seemed to want was to go to sleep?

Here is what I am guessing; I am guessing you have called her a few choice names under your breath every time she has done this to you, right?

It may even be that you have had more than a few “fights” that were everything short of a “knock-down, drag-out”, no?

Would you like to find out why your evening ended non-sexually?

In this digital report, you are going to find out exactly what it is that you did wrong. More importantly, you are going to find out exactly what it is that you need to do so that your wife is wide awake and ready for sex when you get home from your next date.

Specifically, you will learn the answers to these questions:

  • What are the three components of a romantic setting?
  • How do you set up a date that plays YOU on your lady’s heart strings?
  • How do you push your woman’s romantic buttons?
  • Do you know how to “melt” your wife into your arms?

Can you say, “No more unsuccessful dates that end in failure for me“?

How To Get Your Woman Back

The third digital report is titled: “How To Get Your Woman Back“. If your wife has significantly moved away from you … as in she is in a separate bedroom … or she is talking about leaving … or she is talking to and flirting with other men … or even if she has already left, then if anything can humanly save your marriage, this is it.

This digital report is my specific 6-step process that teaches you how to get your wife back in love with YOU.

Some examples of what this digital report reveals includes:

  • Do you know what to say right now and in the future?
  • Do you know what to do right now and in the future?
  • How do you stop pushing your wife further away from you?
  • Why does your wife find you unattractive now (it has nothing to do with your looks) and more importantly, how do you reverse this into attractiveness?
  • How do you get your wife to give you one last chance and how do you make sure you get it right when she gives it to you?

Now, I want to emphasize, this IS a process. It will take time. For a wife to reach the stage where she has separated herself from her husband means she has significant hurt and pain in relation to him and it WILL take time for that to dissolve and heal.

Get Customized, Personalized Help In Your Marriage Relationship

At this point, I need to make something very clear … this is NOT about pitching some digital books and digital reports at you and then telling you, “Good luck, hope it works out.” ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is NOT how I do business. That is NOT how I help you get what you want in your marriage.

The digital books and digital reports reveal what to do, why you do it, and how to do it … they give you the understanding along with the strategies, tactics, and techniques needed to end up with a transformed wife. But, there may be times when you need more than that … times when you need customized help … help that is specific to YOUR situation and circumstances.

That is why you need to know that an IMPORTANT PART of what you get is ACCESS to the:

PRIVATE “Married And Happy” Forum

This is your back-end support depot … this is the “place” where you get any personalized help you need.

First, this is where you get full-featured, personalized help from me personally.

Second, this is where you get to interact with and get help from other men who have already used the information contained within these digital books and digital reports to create a happier, more sexual marriage for themselves.

And, I am telling you, some of these guys are SUPER SHARP! Some of the insight they share with guys who are in all kinds of marriage situations just amazes me. In other words, these are guys who are serious about having a loving, affectionate, sexual wife and what they have to share is significant and meaningful.

Now, just so you have the right idea … this forum is NOT like other forums I have seen on the internet. In other forums, there is a bunch of nonsense … there is thread after thread of people “flaming” each other … there is post after post of people bickering and feuding as they try to prove they are right and others are wrong … there is spam post after spam post … if you have been on other forums, you probably know what I am talking about.

I can assure you … the private Married And Happy forum is NOTHING like that. Everything on this forum is positive, up-beat, encouraging, supportive, and helpful. This is a community of quality men who want help and who want to be a help.

But, more importantly than all of that, this forum WILL change your marriage relationship and your sex-life for the better. You cannot help but be enlightened in all sorts of useful and important ways as you browse around the forum.

Think of it like this: the digital books and digital reports give you a master’s degree in marriage relationships. The forum gives you a doctorate’s degree.

Bottom line, this IS a very special place and for the sake of your marriage relationship, you really must experience it.

Also, this may or may not be important to you but just in case it is … this is safe, private, and secure. You can be as anonymous as you want to be. You can get all the help you want without anyone knowing “who” you really are.

Now, consider what this private forum means to you in terms of you getting the happy and sexual marriage you want … is it starting to sink in that this is the real deal for you?

Here Is How You Can KNOW FOR SURE This Is No Joke…

Following are some side comments men have made in the Married And Happy Forum as they talk amongst themselves about the happy, sexual marriage they have created … or are in the process of creating … based on what they have learned from the digital books and digital reports I have been telling you about:

Customer Testimonials

“For the first time in a long time she wanted it as much as I did.”

“She surprised me with a Hotel room and dinner for the night. I just got Home and had to share it with you guy’s. Keep in mind that just three weeks ago, this woman truly hated everything about me. Keep reading Calle’s book’s and stay on this forum.”

Calle’s material is simply the best thing there is about marriage and man/women relationship on the face of this earth. Also, I have studied a lot of subjects and I can state that the insights on these books is just amazing.

“This stuff does work if you give it a chance. I’ve come further in one month then in the entire two years I tried to handle it myself.”

A special thanks to Calle Zorro for making a revolutionary positive impact in my life, and the lives of so many others.”

Now, after finding Calle Zorro, I have a wonderful marriage to a beautiful and smart woman.”

“I can say now after six months of applying the strategies here my marriage and home life with the kids etc. is MUCH more fulfilling and calm and together and my wife and I are TRULY back in LOVE! Thanks for everyone’s stories, triumphs, and failures, because we all learn from them.”

For all you Men that aren’t sure about these books. This is for real. After 28 years of marriage and 18 months of pure hell with zero sex. I read these books. In the last three weeks. I have went from being in handcuff’s to her asking me if I wanted sex. I thought this was the coldest woman on the face of the earth and it was completely over. Thanks to Calle’s books things are looking up. Thank you Calle.

Thanks Calle for your passion, wisdom, and dedication to your art and work. You are not just making men happy, but women maybe even more so.

“We can never thank you enough, Calle. Right now, my wife is planning to surprise me in some way sexually … She NEVER wants sex when the kids are awake… this is REAL change.

“Calle’s posts? “Mind-blowing”. There are no words good enough to express my gratitude for these inputs, many, many thanks guys.”

“I think that Calle’s material is mind opening”

“you have come to the right place. There are lots of people that will give you very good advice, and Calle’s posts are always mind-blowing.”

“Without Calle’s guides I’d have been clueless! Calle’s guides should be mandatory reading for all men.”

Just do what Calle recommends and you will be happy again.

“Thanks Calle, my wife thanks you to but doesn’t know it.”

“BTW, your program is the best and makes the most sense out of the others I have bought. How do I know? I have not referred to the others since reading yours!”

“This forum and organization built by Calle really helped me”

“I didn’t know…until I started reading Calles books. Today things are different.

“If you haven’t already, please email or call Calle. His advice and approach is dead-on.

“Now almost a year later, we are happier than ever.”

“We came very close to a divorce, instead now we are working together for the future. Calle…..Thank you ”

“this post was amazing, great information … excellent cross analysis by the master Calle”

“I’m studying Calle’s material, again. Every time I read it I find something new.”

“definitely read all Calle’s books.”

These books work

“thanks to Calle’s books we are better than ever.”

“Thank you Calle, I would have never put this together on my own.”

“Calle, you’re a terrific guy. I really appreciate it.”

Definitely follow Calle’s advice.

These exact statements are in the Married And Happy Forum … and hundreds more just like them … written out by men who have already SUCCEEDED … or are succeeding … using the very digital books and digital reports I listed out above.

And, when you get into the forum, you can find these exact quotes and many others just like them peppered throughout the entire forum. I tell you this so that you can know everything I am telling you IS real.

My friend, there is still more…

An Open Line To A Marriage Relationship Expert

This should be the clincher that lets you know this is the real deal in terms of you getting the kind of marriage relationship you want

If the digital books and digital reports do not give you what you want … if the private forum does not give you what you want … then you are free to email or call me up to 3 times at no additional cost and I will work with YOU personally, one-on-one. (Should you need more than 3 calls or emails, I am still available to you for a nominal fee.)

When it comes to creating a happy, sexual marriage, I am the expert! I am the guru! Now, I do NOT say this out of arrogance, ego, or false-pride. I humbly say it because it is true.

The fact is, there is nobody else in the world like me. By the time you get through my materials, you WILL know for yourself that this is true … you will join the ranks of those who say my materials are “amazing” and “inspired”.

So, what is behind my claim that I am THE expert in creating an affectionate, sexual marriage?

I have devoted nearly 25 years of my life to finding deep, meaningful, powerful answers to one SINGLE question: “How does a man create a happy, loving, affectionate, and sexual relationship with his wife that lasts?

When you devote this much time to a single question, you become THE expert! And YOU have access to me as your personal, private marriage relationship mentor!

That is REALLY really worth something because I HAVE a happy and a highly-sexual marriage … and that is the way it has been for over 17 years now … and you can undoubtedly benefit from having someone “in your corner” helping you get the same kind of marriage.

Permit me to emphasize what I just said. Not only do I help men create a happier, more intimate marriage, I ACTUALLY HAVE A HAPPY, SEXUAL MARRIAGE. I say this because it astounds me how many relationship coaches and marriage counselors COME TO ME to get help in their own private relationships.

Now, I will admit that in the beginning I was merely creating a marriage success system by which I could craft the kind of marriage I wanted personally. But through the years, it has grown into a comprehensive system that has helped thousands of men from all over the world because THIS SYSTEM REALLY WORKS!

How Is This Different Or Better From Other Options?

You may be wondering, “How is this different or better than other available options?” If so, I will answer with a short story…

As I mentioned previously, my first marriage lasted for 5 years. But, it was VERY APPARENT to me by the second year that I was in trouble if something did not change. So, I went looking for help in the form of marriage counselors and marriage relationship books.

They BOTH made things worse!!!

By “exploring” and “discussing” our issues, the marriage counselors only caused my now-ex-wife to feel even more strongly about all the negative feelings she was already feeling. The result was that by the time these counselors finished with their “intervention”, my now-ex-wife was absolutely convinced that she should divorce me.

With regard to the books, their “damage” was somewhat less … but they were still damaging. I will tell you why … if you were to go read the popular marriage relationship books, here is what they would tell you:

  • Be nice to your wife.
  • Buy her flowers from time to time.
  • Write her love notes on a regular basis.
  • Take her out on dates.
  • Learn to communicate with her better.

Well, I ALREADY knew all of this … and probably you do too. And, on the surface, these may seem like reasonable and appropriate things to do … but when it comes to turning your marriage around, they can actually be the worst things you can do. For example:

  • Have you ever had your wife “attack” you for wanting to go on a date with her … where she is incensed over you wanting to “waste” money on a date when there are “more important” issues to address? (And of course, she cannot ever seem to articulate exactly what the “more important” issues are.)
  • Have you ever asked your wife out on a date … and she just got mad at you and turned you down? (And you are left scratching your head over why she got mad when you were just trying to connect with her?)
  • Have you ever written your wife a nice love note … and then discovered that she immediately trashed it?
  • Have you ever bought your wife flowers only to have her throw them back at you when you handed them to her?
  • Have you tried being nice to your wife … and the more you try to be nice, the more distant your wife gets and the worse your relationship gets?
  • Have you ever tried to “communicate” with your wife only to have it end up in a big argument or fight that made the situation even worse?

Well, I have had all of these happen to me. With my best intentions and my best efforts, I still got bad outcomes from following popular marriage relationship advice.

Now, I am not suggesting that you should not be nice to your wife or that none of the things I listed out from popular books have any merit.

But, I AM asserting that WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH A NON-SEXUAL WIFE, there are much deeper issues that you better understand and have a handle on … and know how to PROPERLY address … or your wife WILL become more and more non-affectionate and non-sexual with you when you try to use these things.

Here is a for instance I will give you: in a strained relationship … when a husband is trying to “communicate” with his wife, all he is usually doing is generating even worse feelings within her towards him because he does not understand … actually, he is not even aware of … the deeper issues … and his wife recognizes that and it causes her to shut down towards him and to withdraw from him even more.

Understanding what the deeper issues are and how to properly address them IS the difference between success and failure in YOUR marriage … and THAT is what makes me different and better than other options: I KNOW what the deeper issues and principles are that others completely miss or gloss over … because they do not really understand how a woman’s mind works … or, they do not know how to express what is in a woman’s mind in a way that makes sense in a man’s mind.

Without a clear understanding of these deeper issues and principles … without an actionable understanding that makes sense in YOUR mind … anything you try to do to improve your marriage is likely to work against you. But, with my marriage success system, you will find out exactly how to get your wife to be more affectionate and sexual because I give you the actionable understanding that you have been missing all this time.

Here is the next thing…

With OTHER options, you can attempt to learn from a book (or several books) … and good luck … hope that works for you … because that is all you get … you are all by yourself with no one to help you or answer questions for you.

Or, you can pay thousands of dollars for private counseling.

Or, you can pay thousands of dollars for a non-personalized public seminar (plus downtime and traveling costs).

In contrast, with THIS program…

First, you get the full-featured, comprehensive program in both digital book format…

Second, you get to interact with other men who have already used this program to create the kind of marriage they want … or who are in the process of creating such a marriage…

Third, you get private consulting with me, the author of the program.

In other words, this IS different because this is a three-dimensional (3D) program that provides you with the information, support, and guidance you need in order to get to the good outcomes you are wanting with your wife.

Safe & Risk Free Guarantee
The spectrum of my marriage-help products is altogether a marriage success program and this marriage success program is completely SAFE and RISK-FREE for you to buy. I GUARANTEE I will provide you with the information and support you need to create the marriage you want or I will give you your money back. Here is my specific guarantee:

This MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM … this SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring (eBooks, private online forum, and three phone / email sessions) … will either give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT … or I will completely refund every penny of the money you paid for this program.

Here is specifically how it works: Get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. Read through the eBooks needed for your specific situation. Get involved in the private online forum. Use the three email / phone sessions to talk with me personally. At that point, YOU WILL HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO CREATE THE MARRIAGE YOU WANT.

But, if after you have covered all three of these bases (eBooks, private forum, email / phone mentoring), you still do not understand how to create the marriage you want, then you should ask me for a refund – and I will promptly issue one to you.

As you read through this MONEY-BACK, RISK-FREE, GUARANTEE, I hope you realized that this IS safe for you to buy. You can only win in this deal. Either I help you clearly understand how to create the marriage you want or you get a full refund.

And, I will provide you RIGHT NOW … UP FRONT … IN PUBLIC … with the phone number you would call in order to request a refund if this three-part system fails to give the information and support you need to create the marriage you want: (918) 814-3480

Now, on my side, this guarantee is real and I absolutely stand behind it. But, let’s make sure we are both staying grounded in reality…

If your marriage has been deteriorating for years … and you are just now coming to me … because your wife has started sleeping in a different room … or she is talking about separating … or divorcing … or she has ran off with another man … or you are already separated … then I obviously cannot guarantee you the kind marriage you want with your wife if she is already departing or estranged.

Now, if you are in this situation, I CAN tell you that IF ANYTHING will bring your wife back into an affectionate, sexual relationship with you, IT IS THIS SYSTEM of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring.

And, I can tell you that most of the men who have came to me with a crumbling marriage WERE able to recreate an affectionate, intimate relationship with their departing or estranged wife by applying my teachings.

But again, if you are in the late stages of a crumbling marriage, I cannot guarantee you that we will be able to create the relationship you want with a departing or estranged wife.

You would know I was lying to you if I told you anything otherwise.

But, what I am guaranteeing you is that this system of information, help, guidance, support, and mentoring will enable you and empower you to create the kind of marriage you want … whether it is with your current wife … or, if it turns out to be too late with her, another woman.

Stated differently, I cannot guarantee WHO the woman will be … but I can guarantee you that I can and will help you create an affectionate, sexual relationship with A woman.

I am guaranteeing you that I will provide you with the information, support, and help you need in order to create the kind of marriage you want.

Moreover, I will give you my very best. I am serious about helping you. I am NOT playing games. This is NOT a hobby or some mere side interest. I am NOT just a marketer pitching a product. I am NOT some guy playing entrepreneur.

Helping men create a happy, sexual marriage IS what I do … it is what I have been doing for a long time … it is who I am … it is my God-given calling and purpose … it is a key part of why God placed me on this earth … and gave me the unique experiences, gifts, and talents He has given me. And, it may well be that divine intervention has caused your path to cross with mine right now … at this specific time.

On your side, get this ONLY if you are going to give it your best too.

Now, notice specifically that this is NOT a “tire-kicker” guarantee. This guarantee does NOT cover buying the program, flipping through it briefly, and then asking for a refund.

If all a guy wants to do is flip through something, then he should go to a bookstore, find the section that contains books on marriage, flip through a few of them, and then leave. It will not cost him anything other than time and travel costs … and he will go home to the same kind of marriage relationship he had before he walked into the store!

So, understand that refunds will only be given in the event that you have, (1) went through the entire set of eBooks, (2) participated sincerely in the private online forum, (3) redeemed your three coaching phone calls / email exchanges with me personally … and, if after all of that, you can honestly say that you still do not understand how to create the kind of marriage you want, then I will absolutely refund your money.

Of course, I have made sure that the ONLY result you can get from this program is a clear understanding of exactly how to create the kind of marriage you want … which means do not get this program unless you want to create the marriage you want.

Another point to clarify: as stated, what I am guaranteeing is that this marriage program will give you clear knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness about how to create a great marriage. So, disagreement with something I say within the program … or disagreement with some stance or belief that I express within the program … is NOT a valid reason to request a refund. Whether a person agrees with the content is immaterial to its legitimate articulation of marriage principles that are proven to work. So, know up front that no refund will be given for reasons of disagreement over the program’s content.

Moreover, non-use or non-implementation of the program on your part is NOT a valid reason for a refund. This program contains the information that a man needs … along with the support a man needs … in order to be able to create the kind of marriage he wants. Therefore, no refund will be given to a man who does not avail himself of this information and support.

Bottom line, if you genuinely want to create the kind of marriage you really want to have and to enjoy … if you sincerely want to be a man who gets great results with his lady … then get this MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM. From there, do your part … I will do my part for you … and YOU can enjoy the awesome results for the rest of your life.

How Much Time Do You Have Before “It” Happens?

Take a moment to consider the element of time … how much time do you have before something bad happens in your marriage?

What I can tell you is that many men THINK their marriage is in great shape … or that it is in better shape than it really is … and they do not realize how bad things really are in their marriage.

Here is what happens: a woman will generally ACT as if everything is okay all the way up to the point where she crosses over her “threshold” … at which point she does a complete 180 turn-away from her husband and a total rejection of him.

Of course, there are “signs” of underlying problems and imminent danger before a woman blows up on her husband: depression … severe mood swings … aloofness … a decline in sex … or a loss of passion in sex … and many others.

But, because a woman will often continue giving sex to her husband in spite of the issues and problems she has with him inside of herself … because a husband is still getting what he wants from his wife … he ignores … or does not see … the “signs” … and he continues on as if everything is perfectly okay.

And then one day … out of nowhere … some LITTLE something or another will happen … and his wife shocks him with the news that she wants a separation or a divorce … and now, the husband has the huge, difficult, up-hill, failure-is-highly-possible battle of trying to win his wife back when she does not want to be with him nor does she want anything to do with him.

Here is the next thing I must tell you; when there is a lack of emotional AND physical intimacy between you and your wife and when your relationship is steadily eroding away, then you better do something quick to fix and repair your marriage.

Either that, or you better get ready because the disaster of a divorce or an affair is imminent.

Now, you might think that “your” wife would never do that to you … and yet … roughly speaking … statistics prove that out of every two men, one of them is going to experience a divorce.

However, that does not mean the other guy got off without incident. While the exact percentage cannot really be determined, many of the men who do not go through a divorce will experience the bitterness of their wife cheating on them.

Imagine your best friend standing beside you … ONE of you IS going to be the “one” who ends up dealing with a divorce or the betrayal of a wife who has cheated on you.

The question is, will it be YOU or will it be HIM?

Well, if you care about protecting your interests, then YOUR only “protection” is two-fold:

  1. Make sure you know what your wife’s needs are and meet those needs on purpose better than any other man who crosses her path in life.
  2. Think, behave, and operate in a way that is more appealing, attractive, desirable, and sexy to your woman than any other man she knows or meets.

Only when these two criteria are satisfied is your marriage relationship … your home … your family … your children … your future … “safe”.

So again, I ask … is there any urgency to you being able to satisfy these two criteria?

Well, I can tell you that you BETTER be the best “choice” your wife has because if you are not, there IS a ticking “affair-bomb” or “divorce-bomb” with YOUR NAME on it!

When your wife looks around at other men and compares them to YOU … and she DOES DO THIS … you BETTER be such a man that she realizes YOU really are her best “deal”.

And, to make sure you understand this, your wife is NOT rating you based on how successful you are in your career … or how much money you make … or what kind of house and car you have provided her with … or what kind of father you are.

Whether you believe it or not, whether you realize it or not, your wife is assessing, rating, and judging you based upon how good you are at turning her on and invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in her towards you.

And, if you are not consistently invoking a connected, intimate, and sexual response in your wife, then your marriage relationship is in very real danger … particularly the closer your wife is to menopause.

To go a step farther with this, it is common for me to get a call from a guy who thought his marriage was safe … because he was so successful both socially and financially … but now, he is freaking out because his wife just ran off with some pot-bellied, slob of a guy who still lives with his mom and who has not held down a job in years … and he cannot understand how his wife could trade him for such a loser.

Well, these men just found out the hard way that their wife does not use the criteria to rate and assess them that they thought she did. More accurately, these men found out that a wife generally does not base her opinion of her husband on the criteria that he thinks she uses or that he wants her to use.

So, is this urgent? Yes, it is pretty urgent!

Point blank, do not cheat yourself. Do not put your marriage in any greater marriage risk than it is already in. Instead, say “Yes!” to this offer of help. Get the happy, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, loving, affectionate, and highly-sexual marriage relationship that you really do want.

Are You Hesitating Because Of The Cost?

It is quite odd how many men can spend and waste huge amounts of money on all kinds of frivolous, meaningless things and never think a second thought about it. And yet, when it comes to something important, life-improving, and future-altering, these very same men can become the world’s greatest procrastinators and get hung up over TINY amounts of money.

So, if you are hanging up on the cost of these marriage-improving products, then expand your time-frame beyond the constricted time-frame of just right now … step back and consider the longer-term … do this and realize that this is an INsignificant amount of money compared to the GREATER enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure that comes from having a happy, sexual marriage … one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

But, You Should Pass On This If…

There are some who should just pass on this offer of marriage help. Check and see if you are one of them:

#1: If an occasional Bible reference is something that you do not agree with or appreciate, then this is not for you.

While the subject matter I write about is all about creating an affectionate, intimate, and sexual marriage, I do come from a Christian frame of reference.

On the flip side, my teachings are NOT the watered down, keep letting your wife misbehave and abuse you … while you just love her … kind of fare that you find in standard Christian marriage relationship books. My materials are about creating REAL results in your marriage as quickly as possible.

Bottom line, if you hate God, hate the Bible, and hate the Christian belief system, then you are not going to like this program … and you should search elsewhere for someone whose belief-system is more like yours.

#2: If you are the type of guy who thinks he already knows everything and nobody can teach him anything, then do not waste your time getting this. There is no benefit in you going through this program trying to convince yourself the whole way through that you already know everything there is to know about male/female relationships.

Similarly, if you are the type who is big on how much you know … and not much on applying what you know … then you should just save yourself the hassle and skip this.

If you are not open to learning … if you are not ready to receive … and to implement … then there is no sense in wasting your time or mine. I am serious about helping men create the kind of marriage they want … and if I am going to help you, then you must be open, receptive, and serious about increasing your skills and abilities too.

You can be sure that creating the kind of marriage you want is NOT a mere academic exercise where all you have to do is answer a few questions on a test about something you have heard about before. If that is what you want, then this is not for you.

#3: If you want everything to be your wife’s fault and nothing to be your fault, then you will not be happy with this.

The fact is, there are issues on both your part AND your wife’s part … and we have to start with your part first … then we can deal with your wife’s part second.

But, if you are not ready to accept responsibility for your side of the equation … and to start making improvements on your side first … then you should pass on this.

Similarly, if you want to hold on to excuses for not stepping up and becoming a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants, then skip this because it will mess up your game-playing.

If you are not ready to develop yourself into a man who can create the kind of marriage he wants … if you are not ready to step up to the responsibilities and rewards of being a high-caliber, attractive, desirable man … if you want to hold on to the excuse that you do not know how to get good results with your wife … or any other such kinds of excuses, then you should pass on this because you will have no excuses by the time you finish this marriage program.

#4: These eBooks are NOT the work of a graphical artist where you get a fancy cover page and more pictures than there is content … and if that is what you are looking for, then this is not for you. But, if you want to get working answers to your questions about your wife, if you want to get real solutions to your relationship problems with your wife, if you want to change the entire course of your personal life with your wife, then you definitely want to get this now.

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