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Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling

This product is for the husband or wife who wants a happy, loving, affectionate, satisfying marriage but their spouse does not have the same level of interest in having such a marriage. If you want your spouse to become more friendly, supportive, and loving towards you and more interested in the success of your marriage, then this is the product for you. In different words, if you want the blueprint and the tools needed to create a happy, affectionate, and intimate marriage relationship with a difficult, distant, or obstinate spouse, then this is for you.
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This product is for the husband or wife who wants a happy, loving, affectionate, satisfying marriage but their spouse does not have the same level of interest in having such a marriage. If you want your spouse to become more friendly, supportive, and loving towards you and more interested in the success of your marriage, then this is the product for you.

If anything and everything you do is “wrong” and makes your spouse upset at you, then this is the product for you. This is a particularly useful product for those whose spouse either will not go to marriage counseling or if they do, they will not participate or cooperate. And, this product is especially effective for those who have been to marriage counseling but did not get the results they were looking for.

In particular, this product is focused on the result of you getting the happy, loving, and satisfying marriage that you want — one where your spouse is as interested in the success of your marriage as you are. This is the marriage solution you are looking for when your marriage:

  • Is not working very well.
  • Seems to be falling apart.
  • Appears to be quickly coming to an end.
  • Is void of love, affection, respect, or appreciation.
  • Has too much bickering, arguing, and fighting.
  • Is in a trial separation.
  • Is nothing more than two individuals living separately in the same house.

This marriage solution consists of four components:

  1. A “Workbook” that reveals the secrets of happily married couples…what they do and how they think. It is also designed to get BOTH you and your spouse interested in the success of your marriage.
  2. A private forum loaded with solutions for specific problems and issues. And, if there is not a solution already there for your problem or issue, then you can post a question and get a customized solution that is specific to you.
  3. After both you and your spouse are interested in the success of your marriage, and, after you have addressed the problems specific to your marriage, the “Fresh Start” manual gives you marriage success wisdom in easy to digest “bullets”.
  4. Phone and email access to Calle Zorro for any help, guidance, advice, or support you need beyond what the previous three components offer.

Now, if you want more information about this product, here is the long description…

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in a chair…your computer is in front of you…and in the back of your mind thoughts about your marriage are swirling. Maybe those thoughts are about:

  • The direction your marriage is going…the downward slide that seems to be happening in spite of your best efforts.
  • How stale, dissatisfying, and unfulfilling your marriage has become.
  • How disconnected you and your spouse are.
  • The loss of love…the lack intimacy…the absence of closeness.
  • The significant disappointments you have experienced in your marriage.
  • The unhappiness and resentment you feel towards your spouse…or maybe that they feel towards you.
  • The hurt, pain, and bitterness you feel in your very soul because of your spouse’s actions and behaviors.

As thoughts of your marriage swirl through your mind…maybe it is some of these thoughts I just listed…maybe it is some other ones I did not list…either way, imagine that a stranger walks up to you and says the following:

“Friend, I know of a system that will show you exactly how to get the kind of marriage you really want…a marriage system that is like being able to push a big red button and when you do, it will:

  • Zap away everything bad that is happening in your marriage.
  • Enable you to start afresh and anew…letting you start over brand new from a clean slate.
  • Recreate and remake everything that is salvageable into something fresh and wonderful.
  • Create a marriage like you intended to have when you first got married.

Is this something you want and would you like for me to tell you more?”

If your response to the stranger’s question is along the lines of, “Yes, that is something I want…tell me more…I am listening…” then here is what I (Calle Zorro) can tell you…


Except…we are not really strangers…that is because there was a time when every unhappy, unpleasant, unwanted bullet I listed out above was true in my life.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case…NOW, I have an incredible marriage…one of the best of the best…and this is true because I finally said, “Enough is enough! I cannot take this anymore! I want the kind of marriage that I have always wanted…and one way or another, I am going to get it!!!

And, with that ultimatum to myself, I began searching for the answer to this question:

“What is it that those husbands and wives who have a PERFECT MARRIAGE do?”

I was not interested in what the average married person did because most everywhere I probed, married people were unhappy and dissatisfied…and longing for something better! In fact, many of them were in the realm of broken-hearted, hurting, crying, and devastated.

Further, I did not care what the best-seller marriage relationship books had to say because all the unhappy and hurting married people had those books on their shelves.

All I wanted to know about was, “What do those few, rare men and women who have a perfect marriage do?” What was their conscious and subconscious thought-processes, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and actions?

I am happy to tell you, I found the bona-fide way to get the marriage you really want…and when you apply what I discovered to your marriage, you will get a marriage that becomes filled with LASTING love, connection, satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, excitement, passion, and intimacy.

Now, let me tell you…it took me 15 years of ongoing searching, finding, interviewing, compiling, testing, and reworking to come up with this system…and what took me years to discover, you can get right now…and start benefiting from it right away.

What I discovered will work for you too if it is the case that you:

  • Have a marriage that is mostly ok but you would still like to ramp up the level of love, affection, appreciation, and respect between you and your spouse.
  • Wish your spouse had more interest in you and your marriage and less interest in things outside of your marriage.
  • Are not ready to file for divorce yet but your marriage is definitely unhealthy…with lots of fighting, arguing, and bickering.
  • Have “checked out”. You and your spouse have fought for so long that you have just decided you are not going to fight any more. You are essentially two individuals leading separate lives but living in the same house…often for the sake of children…sometimes for money reasons.
  • Are still with your spouse but the marriage seems to be quickly coming to an end because either you or your spouse is no longer interested in the success of the marriage…one of you no longer cares enough to even try to work things out.
  • Are separated on a trial basis. Either you, your spouse, or both of you are pretty sure a divorce is the “answer” but you just want to be sure that you are doing the right thing first.

Did you find your “marriage” in the above list?

Whether your marriage just needs a little tune-up and refreshing … or is in need of a healthy makeover … or is in drastic need of a miracle, this is a fantastic option for you and your spouse.

Let’s find out why it is…

In a normal marriage counseling setting, you and your companion spend a lot of time (and money) telling the counselor about all of your marriage issues, problems, and difficulties…and there is a lot the counselor does not know so he or she asks for lots of clarification and more detail…and you and your companion get to explain and rehash all the troubles, problems, issues, and unpleasantness of your marriage even more.

And, as you tell your side and your spouse tells their side, the division grows…and even though the counselor is supposed to “mediate” away the division…just the “discussing” and “analyzing” of issues and problems serves to keep them alive…and nothing’s any better…no problems have really been resolved…and the whole thing DEGENERATES into “fanning the flames” of negative emotions and hurt feelings.

Sadly, with the heavy emphasis on “labeling” and “diagnosis”, too many people leave marriage counseling with their marriage in worse shape than it was before they went.

But not always…there are exceptions…this is one of them…

With this system there is no need to “make the fire even hotter” by diagnosing, discussing or analyzing what both you and your spouse already know.

With this system, you find out how to begin fixing, enhancing, and improving your marriage with “cool heads” and “neutral emotions” right from the get-go.

Moreover, this system does NOT ask you questions like, “So, what seems to be the trouble?” Those kinds of questions do nothing but take you and your companion right into EXPERIENCING even more of the problems that are already upsetting you.

Permit me to illustrate with this short analogy…

Imagine that you are in a semi-dark room and you want to brighten it up by turning on the light. And, imagine that although you can see there is a light fixture hanging from the ceiling, there are no light switches on the walls nor is there a pull-string attached to the light.

Obviously, since there is light on the ceiling, there has to be some way to turn it on — but whatever that way is it is not obvious or intuitive to you.

Now, as you imagine yourself in that situation, is there any benefit in talking about why it is too dark in the room? Is there any value in asking whose fault it is that the room is not as bright as you want it?

Of course not! Such questions would be useless nonsense.


What would be useful is for somebody to tell you or show you what the “secret” is to turning on the light that is hanging from the ceiling.

This system I am going to tell you about takes the “useful” approach…it shows and tells you how people who have happy, loving, satisfying, and fulfilling marriages GET that kind of marriage — so you can “flip the light on” in your marriage and get what you want too.

That raises this important point…

In my searching and seeking that I mentioned earlier, I discovered something that caught me completely off-guard. I had always assumed that happily married people had just always had a happy marriage. But, in the real world, what I found was that people who are in a loving, happy, satisfying marriage did not just happen to “land” in one of those. They did not just happen to get “lucky” and marry a perfect spouse. They did not win a “happy marriage” lottery. They did not just always “know” how to do the right things in the right way.

At one point, their situation was similar to yours…

You think your spouse is “stubborn”? Their spouse was stubborn too — and they were still able to GET the marriage they wanted.

You think your spouse has “issues”? Their spouse had issues too — and they were still able to GET the marriage they wanted.

You think your marriage is “hopeless”? Their marriage was hopeless too — and they were still able to GET the marriage they wanted.

The whole deal is…all happily married people reached a point where they decided to learn certain things…they decided to begin doing things in a certain way…a useful, productive way…and the result was that they were able to GET the marriage they wanted — and you can too.

When you know what happily married people know, when you do what happily married people do, THEN you can have what happily married people have.

Maybe just now you are realizing…it is important that you find out what happily married people know and do…so you can get the marriage you want ASAP.

I think now is a good time to tell you this…

If you are a normal person, it is really important that you get the loving, happy, and satisfying marriage you want. And, because that is important to you, you should know that…

This system is NOT just a bunch of advice.


Let me repeat that…this system is NOT a bunch of dry, boring advice.

This is NOT a bunch of weenie suggestions.

If things are the way I think they are for you…what you need is something very different…you need…


Now, I am going to draw a line…I am going to separate from the “crowd” and stand alone…

From what I have seen…and probably what you have found too…other marriage relationship help options and offerings are simply too shallow, too thin, too weak.

Oh sure, you can usually get a few good pointers from them that you can take away and use. But for the most part, when you boil everything down to their essence, these other options and offerings tell you:

  • Be better friends with your spouse
  • Go out on a date once a week.
  • Be more considerate of your spouse

And, the counseling world’s all time favorite…

  • Learn to communicate better with your spouse

Well, all of those bullets are true…all of those make sense…and you already knew all of that.

I do not consider those bullets to be solutions…and I am guessing you do not either!

I believe you need something deeper…and I am guessing you do to!


As I pointed out earlier, you DO NOT need DIAGNOSIS. As I am saying now, you DO NOT need simplistic ADVICE.


And, solutions are exactly what I am committed to giving you.

With this system, I will NOT waste your time with shallow friendship, date, or communicate advice that you already know.

I want to make sure it is clear…that you fully understand…this system IS different. What I reveal in this system is NOT stereotypical marriage counseling advice.

If you want “traditional” marriage counseling then this is NOT for you because I am not willing to give you “traditional” results.

The people who study such things assert that the success rate in traditional marriage counseling may be as low as 20% … and I believe you deserve a better chance than that.

I am telling you, when it comes to YOUR marriage getting the help it needs, different is definitely good!

Now, let’s move to a different consideration…

It may be that you have just about concluded…or maybe your spouse is actively concluding even as you read this…that there is no hope for your marriage. It may be that you and/or your spouse feel like you have given your marriage chance after chance and nothing is better. If so, here is your good news…

You have not yet given your marriage the RIGHT chance!

Here is a fast illustration of what I mean…

Imagine for a moment two American Bald Eagles sitting in front of you. The first one is a grown but YOUNG eagle who has never really suffered anything beyond its mother kicking it out of the nest.

In your imagination, how does that young eagle look?

The second one is an OLD eagle…one who has survived many narrow escapes…one who has suffered through tough times…one who has endured the painful, life-threatening molting process.

In your imagination, how does that old eagle look?

Well in your imagination, you probably pictured the young eagle as strong, smooth, and sleek. And, you probably pictured the old eagle as weak, tattered, battered, and scarred.

But, in real life, that is NOT how it is. In real life, the “prettier” eagle is the OLD one who has been through hard, trying, and unpleasant times. The old eagle is FAR more beautiful than the young eagle. And, not only is it more beautiful, it can fly higher, see farther, scream louder, and hunt better than the young eagle.

It is completely the opposite of what you would expect…and there are many such examples found throughout nature where something is more beautiful AFTER it has endured and survived trouble and hardship.

And, this counter-intuitive phenomenon applies to your marriage. It may be that up to this point in time, you have just suffered, survived and endured in your marriage. But now, at this time, you CAN create the marriage you want that is beautiful, amazing, and wonderful.

Now, let me now tell you exactly what is in this system so you can “know it will work for you”…

There are four (4) components to this system and each component is designed to serve you in a specific way…

1. Get The Secrets Of Happily Married People

First, there is the “Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling Workbook“.

This workbook is specially designed so that as you go through it, you consciously and subconsciously learn and absorb the mindset and behavior of people who are in a happy and successful marriage relationship.

And remember, once you “know” those things, THEN you will be able to use them to your advantage — so that you can begin to get the marriage of your dreams.

As you go through this workbook, you will begin to realize…with excitement…that you really can have a happy, loving, and satisfying relationship.

Both you and your spouse will become inspired and motivated to achieve the success that is now possible in your marriage…possible because of what you get from this workbook.

Moreover, contrary to what you might expect, this workbook is quite interesting…it is a mixture of unusual information and unexpected questions…it is all rather stimulating…it will remind you that learning is fun when it is structured in the right way.

It is really kind of an amazing journey through this workbook…as you go through it:

  1. You begin to understand things about yourself and your spouse that you never understood before.
  2. You begin to understand why your attitude and behavior…and your spouse’s…is what it is.
  3. And most importantly, you gain the ability to move, shift, and change both your own and your spouse’s attitude and behavior for the better.


By the time you finish the journey, you will have fully learned all you need to know so that the loving, happy, pleasant, satisfying marriage you really want can begin to blossom and bloom.

Let me assure you that with this system, getting the marriage you really want is NOT a mere possibility. Rather, it IS a high probability.

Here is the thing…

Knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness are what increase capability which is what increases one’s power to get what one wants.

On your side, this “Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling Workbook” WILL help you gain the knowledge, understanding, insight, and awareness you need to get the happy marriage you want.

As it pertains to your spouse, this workbook will equip you to inspire and motivate your spouse to love, respect, and appreciate you in the way you want them to. By “equip” I mean that you will learn how to do things in a way that gets results for you — results that you WANT.

Now, I am NOT telling you that this workbook will empower you to transform your spouse into a perfect little angel who always does everything exactly as you want them to and who never does anything wrong.

But, I AM telling you that you can get the loving, happy, satisfying, fulfilling marriage you want AND you can get your spouse to love, respect, and appreciate you in the way you want them to.

You really can!

One thing I have really learned through all the years I have been doing this is that what people think is the problem in their marriage is RARELY what the real problem is.

What they think is the problem is actually causing them to look AWAY from the real solutions. And, the longer they stay married, the FURTHER they move away from the solutions.

That is why they stay stuck!

That is why their marriage gets more and more unhappy, unpleasant, and dissatisfying.

And, that is why the unusual information and unexpected questions contained in this workbook is important to you.

Think of this workbook as a special set of “eye-glasses” that opens your eyes to the secrets of how to get the loving, affectionate, and happy marriage you want.

Think of this workbook as a tool for getting your marriage “unstuck” and moving forward in a positive direction.

Think of this workbook as the “missing pieces” to your marriage puzzle — and finally, you can complete the picture and regain the joy that is been missing for quite some time.

Bottom line, this is what you need to overhaul, recreate, reform, renew, rejuvenate, renovate, restore, and transform your marriage. This is what you need to transport yourself into the kind of marriage that you really want.

Now, there is a lot more I could tell you about the workbook but you need to “know that this will really work for you” so let’s move to the next component…

2. Address And Resolve Specific Marriage Problems And Issues

Along with the “Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling Workbook”, you also get access to a “Private Marriage Counseling Forum” where the sole focus is on helping husbands and wives get the happy and satisfying marriage they both desire and in particular, resolving specific problems and issues.

Here is the reason this forum is important to you…

I could give you a BIG book that lists ALL of the problems that married people deal with. And if I did that, you would have a big, thick book about a whole bunch of problems that you DO NOT have, right?

And, what if I happened to miss a problem that you do have…the book would be lacking, would it not?

That is why you get access to the forum instead. With the forum, you can quickly do a search for all the discussions about your particular problems and quickly and easily learn about that which is relevant to you.

So, for example, if you and your spouse have trouble related to money, you would simply do a search on money, finances, and/or financial and you would immediately get back every discussion about this topic.

Or, if your troubles revolve more around intimacy, then you would do a search on intimacy, sex, and/or lovemaking and you would immediately get all of the information that is pertinent to that subject.

But, if you happen to search and cannot find anything that is relevant to you, then you simply post a question about your situation and then sit back, relax, and let the rest of us answer you with solutions.

This forum is your back-end support system. This forum is how you MULTIPLY how powerfully the workbook works for you.

Of course, if you want to enhance your marriage even more, you can read and learn from the questions and answers that other people are asking and getting.

Either way, what is most important is that you can get customized help that is specific to your situation. The workbook reveals to you the secrets that happily married people know and do. The forum gives you specialized help for specific problems. In the event that there is some specialized help you need in your marriage, the private forum is your way of making sure that you get that help.

But, the “Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling System” does not stop there. The third component is…

3. Get Live, 1-On-1 Help And Support Through A Private Hotline To The Author

Sometimes, you need to talk to a REAL person…and not just any old person…but someone who has the experience, expertise, and insight to really help you take your marriage to the level of happiness and satisfaction you dream of. That is why you also get:

Direct phone and email access to me!

You can ask me all your questions and get the very best of answers straight from me.

If it is your preference, you can drop me an email…say to bounce an idea off of me. Or, if you would rather, you can pick up your phone and call me…perhaps you want me to talk you through a tricky spot.

And I promise you…I will not delegate your emails to an assistant and I will not have my secretary call you back.

You get direct 1-on-1 time with me. And, best of all for you…I will not charge you a penny for my time. It is INCLUDED as part of the system. Whether you need me for ten minutes just once or ten hours over the course of two months.

Now, you may be thinking, “This sounds like it is too good to be true” BUT IT IS NOT.
That is because In my view of the world, I cannot fully help people unless I make myself fully available to them.

I have dedicated my life to helping people get the kind of marriage they long for…to empowering others so they too can have a happy, satisfying, fulfilling, and intimate marriage like my wife and I enjoy together…this is my part in making the world a better place…and I cannot give any less than my very best.

There is one more component to this system…

4. Start Over With A Happy, Loving Marriage Relationship

In addition to the workbook, the private forum, and direct phone / email access to me, you also get a special manual entitled, “Give Your Marriage A Fresh Start“. Like everything else in this system, this manual is unique.

Once you and your spouse are committed to the success of your marriage and you know what happily married people know (the workbook) and you have resolved the problems specific to your marriage (the forum and phone / email marriage counseling), THEN it is time to hit the “restart” button on your marriage — it is time to start over by doing the right things so that you are able to KEEP YOUR HAPPY, LOVING MARRIAGE.

Let me explain what this manual is like in this way…if you were to go buy and read the top 25 marriage relationship books, you would ultimately be able to summarize each book into 2 – 3 core concepts.

Well, that is what this manual is like…I have eliminated all the fluff so that all that is left are bullet points of core marriage concepts that are important for you to know…good, solid information about having and enjoying a happy, fulfilling marriage in bite-size chunks that are easy to process and digest.

This manual is something you can easily scan and browse through any time you have a few spare seconds…at breakfast, in the bathroom, at a stoplight, etc. and be able to benefit your marriage with what you read in those few seconds in the same day.

Some of the information in this manual you may already know and some of it may be new to you. Either way, what is important is that you have this additional information so that you and your marriage can benefit from it.

Okay, let’s talk about what is probably a big concern of yours…your spouse!

Do You Have An Uncooperative Or Uninterested Spouse?

Probably, you have noticed that I keep talking about you getting the marriage of your dreams and yet, by definition, there are two people involved in a marriage…which means your spouse has the potential to be a problem, right?

And especially, if your spouse has refused to go to traditional marriage counseling in the past…or if they have went but refused to cooperate…or if they went for “your sake” but not theirs, then it seems highly probable that your spouse is likely to be a significant “block” to you getting the marriage you desire in this situation too, right?

Well obviously, neither you nor I can “force” your spouse to do anything.

But, I can tell you that with this system, you get some high-powered influence and persuasion techniques that ARE going to effect a major shift in your spouse’s awareness, perspective, and attitude.

Moreover, I explain how to get compliance and participation from your spouse even when he or she does not want to comply or participate.

In short, with this system you are going to learn some powerful techniques for driving and directing your spouse to a good end-result with you..

So, do not let yourself be concerned about your spouse. I am completely confident that between you and I, we can bring your spouse around to helping you and supporting you in creating that happy, satisfying marriage that you desire — and that they desire too even though it may not seem like it right now.

And, if we cannot, then you can know for sure that you gave your spouse every chance to be a part of the happy future that you are going to have. You can rest easy with a completely clear mind and conscience that you did everything that could possibly be done for you, your spouse, and your marriage…and you can make the appropriate decisions and plans accordingly.

Now, one last thing…

I have always found it odd that the four most important areas of life – spiritual, health, marriage/family, and financial – are the areas that most people know the LEAST about.

People can tell you all about the latest local or world news, certain sports statistics or the latest gossip about some celebrity. But, if you asked them about how to be successful in the most important areas of life, many of them could not give you a solid or workable answer.

In all the schooling that people go through, many of them come out of it having learned a lot of trivia and hopefully some kind of trade skill – but they learned very little about the most important aspects of life.

Even more odd is that there are those who think they should instinctively know everything about these important areas of life…that they should not need any help or training in these areas…that they somehow “fell out of the womb” knowing everything they needed to know in these important areas.

And yet, these are the same people who experience the highest levels of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in all the important areas of their life…and especially in their marriage. These are the same people who get to suffer the loss, harm, destruction, and pain of divorce.

Here is the point…


That is because you can get your marriage working for you…the way you want it to…in the privacy of your home…without having to go to some stranger’s office…simply by getting this “Do-It-Yourself Marriage Counseling System“.

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