Husband, Tired Of Plain, Boring, Uninspiring Sex With Your Wife?

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Are you a husband who wishes your wife was more affectionate and more intimate with you?

Are you a husband who is tired of plain, boring, uninspiring, unenthusiastic sex with your wife?

Do you wish there was more real enthusiasm, feeling, passion, excitement, and closeness when you and your wife make love?

As you think about wanting a better kind of marriage relationship with your wife, consider the following…

As a wife observes and interacts with her husband, she is ALWAYS asking herself two questions:

1. Can I trust him?
2. Is he attractive?

Of course, these questions are mostly at a subconscious level…but the answers are readily manifested in a woman by the feelings she has towards her husband. And more specifically, by the degree of closeness, affection, intimacy, and passion she exhibits towards her husband.

As a wife watches the way her husband operates…as she watches how he interacts with her…as she watches how he interacts with any children they have…as she listens to what he says…or doesn’t say…as she watches the choices and decisions he makes…as she watches the directions in life that he takes…as she watches the people in his life and gauges their quality and caliber…and particularly who is coming in and who is going out of his life and their life…as she watches dozens of patterns, attitudes, and behaviors that all reveal what kind of man she is with, she develops a FEELING of whether she can trust her husband.

As a wife looks at her husband’s level of manliness and masculinity…as she looks at his level of strength and courage…as she looks at his level of lovingness, consideration, and empathy…as she looks at his achievements and accomplishments…as she looks at his abilities…as she looks at his growth and development…as she looks at his abilities and results in the areas of their relationship, their children and family, money, health, and spirituality…as she looks at dozens of features and characteristics in her husband that are manifested in all kinds of ways on a daily basis, she develops a FEELING of whether her husband is attractive and sexually desirable or not.

And, LOGIC will not ever change how a wife feels in relation to her husband. The only thing that will change her is when the husband learns how to change the FEELINGS that he is generating within her towards himself and towards herself.

As a husband, have you ever told your wife your wife in some way that things need to step up in the sex department?

Most husbands have…and NONE of them got any results that lasted…and in most cases, the situation got even worse.

Why is this?

It’s because the husband is interacting with his wife on a logical level.

Everyday this plays out…a husband wants more sex…and the real kicker is that HIS WIFE WANTS MORE SEX TOO…but he is on a logical level and his wife is on an emotional level…and neither of them know how to come together onto the same level.

And, the problem is that the wife simply cannot get to the sexual place her husband wants her to be at…and that she WANTS to be at…because her passion, her desire, and her body respond to the feelings she has about her husband. She goes by her feelings…no matter how right or wrong…no matter how correct or incorrect…no matter how accurate or misguided they are.

A wife is like a deer…a deer pays very little attention to what it sees…it goes by what it smells. A deer doesn’t trust its eyesight but it implicitly trusts its sense of smell. It’s the same with a woman. She doesn’t trust logic, explanation, analysis, or argument — ALL OF WHICH IS WHAT THE TYPICAL HUSBAND IS SPEWING AT HIS WIFE ON AN ONGOING BASIS — all of which only makes the woman FEEL even worse in relation to her husband.

And to her husband’s sexual detriment, she trusts, responds to, and goes by her feelings…even if they aren’t the feelings that she wants.

The point is, unless and until a husband learns how to generate good feelings within his wife towards him and towards herself, he will continue to experience lovemaking sessions that are dispiriting…he will continue to have a wife who has low sexual desire FOR HIM…and that is evidenced by his wife’s lack of interest, passion, and desire before, during, and after sex.

Perhaps you know how unsatisfying, ungratifying, and disheartening this kind of sex is. If so, you should know that you CAN learn how to create the kind of sexual encounters that you DO want to have with your wife. Those men who enjoy a high-quality, high-frequency sex-life learned how to do it and so can you.

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