How To Solve Erection Problems…

Somewhere along the way, a man will out of the blue begin to have erection problems.

He’ll still have and feel desire for his lady but his penis will simply not cooperate.

He’ll feel embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed, and guilty.

And, his lady will feel just as bad because she now thinks that the man has lost his desire and attraction for her which really rattles her sense of self-worth.

Because it’s going to happen if it hasn’t already happened, let’s explore this phenomenon…

As odd as it may seem, few men seem to recognize the “transition” that happens to them.

For the first part of an average male’s life, an erection is an automatic, requires no effort, instantaneous, kind of thing.

For the first part of the average male’s life, they think how dumb it is that a woman needs to hear the words first, that she needs to be turned on in her head first, before she is really ready for sex.

And then, the transition happens. All of a sudden, things aren’t so instant and automatic.

He thinks something is wrong with him which leads to further anxiety which leads to further erection problems.

At the same time, the lady of the relationship – with all of her own self-doubt – interprets the “malfunction” as something wrong with her.

What we have to consider is that the power of the mind is an amazing thing.

National Geographic magazine has reported more than once on “natives” who woke up on a given morning in perfect health, decided that they had been “cursed” during the night and were dead before nightfall – all because of what they believed in their mind.

Given this example of the mind’s power, is it any wonder that men have erection problems when they don’t understand what’s really happening within their own bodies?

Well, the good news is that most men don’t have a real problem. Nature has just “turned the tables on him”.

In other words, after the transition happens, the average male needs to hear sexual words first. He needs to get turned on in his head first. He needs foreplay. He needs his wife to talk sexy talk to him. He needs his wife to assure him of her love and care for him. He needs his wife to assure him of his value and importance.

He needs all the things that she needed during the first part of HER life – and that he thought was so dumb. He needs all those things that felt like nothing but an obstacle to him getting what he wanted.

The bad news is that if he doesn’t recognize and understand this “transition”, then he will start using the power of his mind in a negative and destructive way such that he will end up having genuine and real erection problems.

But, by understanding what’s really going on and by asking the wife to slow things down a bit, to talk sexy talk, to affirm him, to open up and expose all of her secret sexual thoughts, a man and a woman can have sex that is far more incredible than anything they’ve experienced prior to the transition.

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