Two Simple Things Some Men Have Done To Cause Their Wife To Be More Sexual Than They Ever Imagined Her Being

The world over, there are husbands who wish their wife was more affectionate, intimate, and sexual with them.

Let’s talk about that…

In every area of life there is certain knowledge that must be possessed and certain processes that must happen in order to manifest the good we want.

We all know this is universal truth that must be honored and that there are no sustainable bypasses or shortcuts.

For example, what would you think of a guy who did not want to have to do anything in order to eat…a guy who just wanted all the groceries he desired to conceive themselves…grow themselves…care for themselves…de-pest themselves…and everything else that was needed in order for them to grow to an edible stage…then roll into his house…clean themselves…prepare themselves…and then land in a plate on his table…all hot and ready for him to enjoy…all in the timeframe of when he wanted them…

…well, even describing such a scenario is beyond silly isn’t it? We all get that wanting such a thing is total idiocy because that is NOT how the real world works.

And yet, there are husbands all across our world who just want their wife to lay down for them with a dripping vagina at the drop of a hat…or to immediately give them whatever it is they want…all in the time-frame they want her to…without any ADVANCE effort or work on their part…and that is just as much of a lunatic idea as is expecting groceries to magically appear without any work…or expecting children to turn out okay without any real teaching, training, or correcting…or any other example one wishes to plug in here.

As we all know, in the real world THERE IS ALWAYS LEARNING WORK, CARE, PATIENCE, TENDING, DEVELOPMENT, PROCESS, AND PROCEDURE that is associated with producing anything that is good.

Of course, a man can resent the learning and labor that is associated with producing good.

Or, a man can refuse to participate in the learning and labor that is required in order to produce good.

There are many men who have chosen these paths…and they ALL found out that there is a LOT of misery, unhappiness, frustration, disappointment, and/or depression associated with resenting or rejecting the learning and labor required to produce good.

Many a husband continues to resent his wife for not being as sexual with him as he wants her to be…many a husband continues to refuse to learn how to turn his wife on towards him…many a husband continues to refuse to do the work required for his wife to have a turned-on response towards him…

…and these are the husbands who continue to suffer in a marriage that fluctuates between non-passionate…to dissatisfying…to unpleasant…to unhappy…to miserable…to downright insufferable.

Now, let’s go a bit deeper…

We must keep in mind that it is NOT enough to be willing to do certain things in order to bring about the good we want.

Most husbands are willing to “do certain things”…certain things they have self-selected…in an effort to turn their wife on…but they are NOT the RIGHT things that their wife needs in order to be turned on…and so these husbands FAIL with their wife…which leads to them blaming and criticizing their wife for not being turned on…and they end up living in a marriage that NEVER gets any better at best…and at worst, self-destructs.

To illustrate, I frequently have men tell me that they are a great provider but in spite of that, their wife is not very affectionate or sexual with them.

Well, just because a husband wants his wife to be turned on by him because he is a good provider does NOT mean that she is actually going to be turned on by that.

Sure, the normal wife expects her husband to be a good provider…and if he wasn’t, that would definitely create certain problems. But again, just because a wife expects her husband to be a good provider does not mean she is affectionately or sexually turned on by him being that kind of man.

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot…

If the normal husband has children with his wife, he EXPECTS her to be a good mother to their children…but IF she is a good mother…is that going to be enough to turn him on sexually towards her even if she is a gross, over-weight, repulsive woman?

Saying the same thing from a different angle…if a man’s wife is repulsive and gross…is he going to be turned on towards her just because she expects him to be turned on towards her because she is a good mother?

Of course not!

So, really get this: husbands all over the world are wanting their wife to be turned on by what THEY want her to be turned on by…by what they are comfortable doing or giving…and they refuse to learn or do what their wife actually wants and needs in order to be turned on towards them.

Another thing to really get is this: as far as the typical husband is concerned, IF his wife looks good on a physical level, then she IS attractive and desirable to him. But, the inverse is NOT true. If a husband looks incredibly great on a physical level, that means next to nothing in terms of how turned on his wife is towards him. And in fact, it is quite common for a wife to be completely turned off and shut down towards her handsome husband.

Continuing on…a man must also understand there is an endless list of ways by which one can destroy good while going through the process of trying to create it. Knowledge comes into play here too…we must be knowledgeable enough to avoid destroying the very good we are seeking to create.

The point is, a husband can do the things that are “technically right”…but do them in such a way that he STILL ends up with a wife who is turned-off towards him.

There are some husbands who actually know what they need to do in order to turn their wife on…and they are willing to do those things for her…but there is something within them that they do not recognize…something that is weak, needy, non-manly, negative, unattractive, etc. in their mindset and mode of operation…such that these husbands end up destroying or blocking the very good they are trying to produce.

Using a simplistic gardening analogy to illustrate the point: a guy can know that he must remove the weeds from his garden…he can even be willing to remove those weeds…but if he is angrily, resentfully, carelessly, or impatiently hacking at those weeds with his hoe…well, it won’t be long until he destroys the good plants he is trying to grow to fruition.

In the same vein, a guy who is angrily, resentfully, carelessly, or impatiently doing things so that his wife will give him what he wants is soon enough going to have a very turned-off wife…and at that point, it does not matter how much he wants more sex with his wife…he is NOT going to get it…because HE is the one who destroyed the very good he was trying to bring about by HOW he did it.

But, when a man (1) LEARNS what the things are that his wife needs from him in order to be turned on towards him…and he (2) DOES those things in the RIGHT way…well, he is going to discover that his wife is a far more affectionate and sexual woman than he ever imagined her being.

Learning the right things…and doing the right things…these are the two simple things that some men have done to cause their wife to be more sexual with them than they ever imagined her being.


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