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How To Flirt With Your Wife…

Let’s suppose for a moment that you learned the art of being a man who consistently flirted with his wife in a way that she found very enjoyable and fulfilling…

Just how much do you imagine that would impact your marriage relationship for the good?

Well, let me tell you one way it would impact your relationship; your lady would be “turned on” towards you far more than she is now – and that’s something you could handle, couldn’t you?

If so, grab hold of these three elements of flirting:

1. Your wife wants you to show love towards her in HER way – not yours.

What’s “her” way?

Her way is the same way a mother loves a child – lots of warm hugs and pats, lots of interest in what the child is doing, thinking, etc. And of course, this loving is never done in a belittling way – as a superior looking down on an inferior – because that isn’t love – that’s condescension. Rather, it’s a coming together – an interaction based on acceptance and appreciation for each other – exactly as each one is.

That’s something you could do for your wife, could you not? If you really chose to, you know you could just take some time every so often and SET ASIDE everything you want, SET ASIDE everything you’re unhappy about, SET ASIDE all judgment and criticism, SET ASIDE everything except an unvarnished, pure interaction of acceptance, appreciation, and genuine interest.

And, don’t be fooled – you’re not giving up anything nor are you losing out on anything. Here’s the thing, while this is certainly about her, IT’S MORE ABOUT YOU! Fellow, this is self-interest and self-preservation and the more you show the right kind of interest in your wife, the more of the right kind of interest she’ll show in you.

Now, from a man’s perspective, this may not seem all that “sexy” and may not at all seem related to flirting. But, in a woman’s mind it is and it’s vitally important because it opens the door – it opens her mind – it warms her body – it enables her to escalate to the next level of sexual desire…

2. Your wife wants to feel like she belongs to and thereby augments and compliments her husband.

Obviously, your wife doesn’t want to feel like a demeaned, belittled, invaluable, throw-away possession. Nor does she want to feel like she’s obsessively controlled and dictated to like some weak-minded imbecile. But, she very much wants to feel like a prized, valuable, meaningful, sought-after lady – one who is CLAIMED by her husband! She wants her husband to think of her as his chosen one, his first-pick, his one and only lady.

From your own life-experiences, you no doubt realize that far too many men DO NOT generate this feeling in their wife. In fact, they generate quite the opposite…by the way they look at other women, by the way the use their time, by the way they direct their attention, by the way they interact with their wife, by all the little things they do, they leave their wife feeling like she’s in a massive competition, a massive struggle to even stay on her husband’s radar screen.

And, as you might expect, the result is a very non-sexual wife.

Obviously, that’s not what you want. So, ask yourself, “How can I give my wife this feeling of “meaningful belonging” that she so strongly craves?”

Could you tell her just before you leave for the office, in your strongest, most masculine way and with just a hint of a smile, “You’re MY lady and don’t you ever forget it!”

If your wife is in the yard when you drive up, could you cat-call or whistle at her from your car window then hang your head out and say something like, “Hey good looking…I saw you from the road and I just had to pull in and tell you that I want you to be my girl…but, only if you come kiss me on the lips!”

You know within yourself that you could do all this. And, you can do more…you can take these two examples I’ve just given you and extend them in ways that not only show your wife she’s “yours” but also shows her that she’s your prize and that she augments, complements, enhances, and fulfills you.

Also, keep in mind, the way you TOUCH your lady can generate this feeling within her every bit as much and even more so than the things you say. Your big, strong hand in the lower curve of her back is one such touch.

3. Your wife wants to be touched in soft-sexual ways

Given the proper environment and stimulus, a woman is a very sexual being. And, a woman likes it best when her man helps her bring out her sexual side by HINTING at it by words and especially by touch.

A direct breast-pinch or vulva-area grope is NOT a soft-sexual touch!

A soft-sexual touch is gently “combing” your fingers through her fingers and softly grazing your finger-tips across her wrists, the top of her hand, her palms, down her fingers, and matching your finger-tips to her finger-tips.

A soft-sexual touch is light finger-drawing anywhere on her body that she likes except her most intimate areas (that comes later).

A soft-sexual touch is one that lets her know you find her appealing, attractive, and enjoyable.

A soft-sexual touch is one that directs her attention to her own body and its desire for physical expression.

And, with a little self-control, you can give your wife these kinds of touches that she enjoys so much, can’t you?

In conclusion, if you were a husband who understood the art of flirting with your wife in a way that she found satisfying, you’d consistently do these three things:
  1. You’d frequently give your wife her kind of love.
  2. You’d often demonstrate to your wife that you claim her as your most cherished, sought-after prize.
  3. You’d regularly touch her in soft-sexual ways.

And you’d consistently enjoy an affectionate, warm, highly-intimate relationship.

Copyright 2008, Article by Calle Zorro. Permission is granted to reprint this article ONLY if a resource box pointing to is included with it.



Anonymous Steve said...

What crap. So my wife's lack of interest is all my fault? Whatever happened to people being responsible for their own feelings? Plus this doesn't recognize the very real differences from one woman to another. Some women are more sexual than others. I have the misfortune of being married to a wife who, as a previous therapist put it, "is not very sexual" (about the only thing that idiot got right).

Plus the primary purpose of this blog is to sell e-books. If "Calle Zorro" really cared, he'd be putting this out on his blog for free.

November 11, 2008 8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve's missing the point, If you want to turn your marriage around YOU have to change yourself. I've been married for 13 years and my wife never initiated sex. We had a very dark period for about three months when I found Calle Zorro's articles and e-books. I started working on myself, and my now my wife is MORE sexual than she's ever been, and I'm having to keep up with her now. It's totally worth the price of the e-books. Don't you think your wife is worth it?

December 26, 2008 9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve is correct, it's a 2-way street. The author of this "genius" piece of writing seems to think that the origin of problems always begins and ends with the male of the species. What a LOAD of CRAP! Steve's on the money.

Beautiful, lovely prose, but embedded with 100% 1-way street garbage.

It takes TWO (2) to create a situation of either good or ill - NOT just one.

It's amazing to me that you could be a man and write such tripe.

Have a nice day,


May 18, 2009 1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These men are idiots! The author understands women. If people were responsible for their own feelings then Steve would not have become angered or insulted by this article :-)

May 30, 2009 6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What they fail to understand is that in order to change things one must change themselves. The only way you can make a difference in this world is to lead by your own actions. If your marrage is not going well, the ONLY thing you can do is correct your own actions, controlling someone elses actions only leads to pain on both sides.

July 23, 2009 10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve and the rest will figure it out when their wives finally decide to leave mine has. Now I'm changing myself in these ways and more to change her mind and prove that I can again be the man of her dreams. And it is slowly coming together. Read the Love Dare and see the movie Fireproof!


March 19, 2010 1:27 PM  

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